Your Feedback for Reading from the Sacred Mountain

Reading from the Sacred Mountain for June 2014We recently began offering a monthly Reading from the Sacred Mountain. During the month of July, we invited our newsletter readers to download the June and July readings for free. We’re excited that more than 550 people took advantage of the offer, and now we’d love to hear from you.

If you were one that took advantage of this experience, please let us know if you found it valuable. Was the message relevant for you? Did it inspire you? Were you able to use the information to support your life? Would you prefer a more personalized version of the Reading from the Sacred Mountain?

If you did not find it valuable, how could the message have been more useful?

Do you have any feedback on our other offerings? Shanta’s mission in life is to support your spiritual awakening, and it is important for her to know how she can best serve you. Thank you for your participation!

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