Communion with Angels Workshop

An experiential, illuminated workshop to help you gain personal access to the Angelic Dimensions. This is the specific work that was given to Shanta in 1990 by Archangel Gabriel to help her receive messages.

In this time together you will:

  • Create an inspired communication to receive answers to your questions in life.
  • Learn ancient techniques to enhance sacred frequencies of energy to use in your life.
  • Harmonize and align your chakra system with Divine Light so you can live in radiance.
  • Create a deep connection to stabilize core spiritual energy within your body.
  • Receive a workbook that can be used for your personal spiritual practice

As you become a bridge from Heaven to Earth, your life becomes a radiant demonstration of inspired action, and you experience more love and peace within yourself.

To inquire about the Communion With Angels workshop, contact Shanta at

Shanta Gabriel is the author of the original Angel Messages Book and Cards. Her book, The Gabriel Messages is now available through this website or your favorite bookseller.The new Gabriel Message Cards are the companion for this empowering book and are available through this website. Shanta began her communion with the Angelic Dimensions in 1988 and since that time has inspired thousands of people with her messages from Archangel Gabriel.

Artwork “On Wings of Light” by Atmara Rebecca Cloe:

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