Angelic Light Therapy

Wellness by Atmara
Wellness by Atmara

Angelic Light Therapy is a revolutionary hands-on system of bodywork that can be used alone or combined with other massage modalities.

These certification classes are designed to assist Massage Therapists, Caregivers, Hospice Workers, and all those interested in or practicing energetic healing to:

  • Increase the effectiveness and lengthen the healing effect of their sessions
  • Promote healing, relaxation and well-being in both client and therapist
  • Protect the therapist from injuries and absorption of disharmonious energies
  • Assist the process of bringing mental/emotional systems into greater balance while helping to relieve physical symptoms
  • Creating a connection with the Angelic Dimensions and Nature to promote greater healing and higher energy frequencies

The Angelic Light workshop is divided into three trainings that build upon each other. As Light is activated in the cellular structure, higher frequencies of energy are generated.  When the energy is increased in the cells, patterns of imbalance are gracefully released from physical, mental and emotional bodies.  When imbalances are released, we more easily return to a natural, balanced state.  Many therapists have found that when they have been working in this energy field of balance, they also benefit.  These techniques have assisted many to build a greater sense of well being in their own lives as well as their work.


Shanta Gabriel has dedicated her life to spiritual growth and alternative healing practices. She is the author of The Gabriel Messages which come in a book as well as the new Gabriel Message Cards. She is also author and the original Angel Messages Cards first published in 1994 and the Angel Messages Book and Card Set published in 1997.  She has been a licensed massage therapist since 1978.

She believes that with these healing tools, a massage therapist or caregiver can prevent burnout, injuries, and add more effectiveness to their work. Studies have shown that the average work span for massage therapists is 6-8 years because of the physicality of the work.

Angelic Light Therapy enables this valuable service to be provided for many more years. This work was developed from Shanta’s training with healing masters from India and Hawaii, as well as her extensive work with the Angelic Dimensions. Archangel Michael made a surprise visit to her healing room during a massage in 1988, which began the 20-year communion with the Angels that she shares in her work.

Coupled with metaphysical principles grounded in powerful time-tested procedures, Angelic Light Therapy is a system that can be a solid addition to many forms of therapy, as well as a way to provide energy healing to friends and family. Though centered in spiritual essence, the workshops will be fun and lighthearted, and will provide valuable tools for clear effective results.

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