The Significance of Life

Dear Ones,

The significance of life is to know God with every fiber of your being. You are here to allow the nectar from the Divine spark of life to sweeten you and open your heart to Love. You are here to open your mind to the empowering presence of Divine Light, bringing you the clarity you need in order to bridge heaven and earth so you can live in greater awareness.

The significance of any life is to bring Divine Wisdom into your daily world, relentlessly letting go and releasing all that holds back this flow. With every breath you become the tuning fork that resonates to Divine Purpose working through you. With every thought you receive empowering wholeness into your being. Know that the quality of your future is dependent upon the nurturing of your spirit, and your belief in the significance of a life well lived in loving-kindness.

The significance of this time you live in is found in the global awakening, an evolution of consciousness all over the world. The belief systems that kept people mental hostages are breaking down. The old ways of reacting and behaving are no longer appropriate and the confusion resulting from the scrambling to replace the outdated forms is now rampant. The future is clearly unknown, though acceptance of the present with clear intentions for positive outcomes is a way to plant seeds for optimum life.

Signs of Awakening

As the acceleration of energy on the earth continues, people are seeking out new ways to deal with old issues, and a crack in the closed door of their minds can result. Even a small of amount of light shining through this doorway dissipates the darkness within and hopelessness is lifted. These small actions and shifts in belief attract more and more of the same vibratory energy of hope, and an empowering sense of liberation results. Even if there is not an immediate obvious change in the outward circumstances of your life, a shift has occurred. As the envelope stretches it can never go back to its original shape. When one tries to go back, there is a sense of discomfort, an inner restlessness. This is a clear sign of an awakening within you.

Sometimes this restlessness causes fear. Coupled with thought forms arising from an unknown future, the fear may become so great, it can be all consuming. For many this discomfort is interpreted as a possible disease, which may indeed be created by repetitive thoughts of anxious despair and disempowering action.

Moving through the fear caused by disheveled lifestyles can be a journey requiring faith and a focus of attention, with perhaps the assistance from counselors and therapists trained to help bring the light of awareness into darkness and confusion.

Finding balance in the physical and emotional bodies through lifestyle changes in nutrition and exercise, and taking time to balance the mind can be very helpful. Nature is a great balancer of energy and offers a bounty of beauty in every season that can even be found in a city park, a botanical garden or your own back yard.

Allow Yourself to Be Supported

For inner peace to prevail it often requires your intention to heal the fear behind the restless feelings and anxious thoughts. It also requires a new level of receptivity and a loosening of the fierce independence that will not allow you to ask for help. During these changing times, giving your self permission to receive a new level of support is paramount. People need each other, and they need to know they are loved and cared for. Just giving a smile and a pat on the back can change a disheartened mind, and set forth a chain reaction of loving-kindness. In this way your life is transformed, and you are helping to create peace within you and on the planet Earth.

When you make a choice to love one another by accepting each person’s unique and individual differences, the world begins to transform. The old tenets remain true: “Do no harm,” and “love one another as yourself.” In fact, practicing loving-kindness toward your self is sometimes the most difficult, but this one act can have a profound effect on your capacity for happiness. It is often easier to offer kindness to a stranger than to give it to yourself. Loving acceptance of those parts of your self that are different from others may allow you to express your inherent gifts and talents in a new way. This creative expression can help you to find new resources that will assist you in living a more meaningful life. When you feel more loving toward yourself, your world looks brighter and more hopeful. Loving-kindness begins with your self. If it is easier, however, to smile at a stranger than into a mirror, this action will still affect your inner self in a beneficial way. These feelings, thoughts and deeds all lead to increasing the vibratory rate of your being so you attract more Divine energy and goodness into your life. As synchronicities begin to occur, you will feel a new level of support from the Universe.

If you were to ask for assistance from the Higher Power working in your life, you would be surprised at the changes that begin to show up around you. New thoughts, new ideas, helpful strangers, and perhaps even clear Divine Intervention occurs, with creative solutions you never imagined possible. It begins when you open a small corner of your mind to possibilities, and let go of outdated beliefs about your self and about the way your world operates. Since the old manner of doing most things will not work well anymore, your life becomes easier if you are willing to ask for help.

By taking these small steps to create positive change, your life will feel more significant. You become aware that you are adding value to the world, that a benevolent Universe is supporting you, and above all, you will feel profoundly loved.

And so it is.

Shanta Gabriel
For Archangel Gabriel
Copyright: February 25, 2010

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