The Lion’s Gate Initiation – the next step in your Spiritual Awakening

Lion's Gateway Initiation

A New Partnership for Life

The Lion’s Gateway Initiation – July 26 through August 12

Dear Ones,

We have called this time New Life Awakening – your spiritual journey through human birth into Homo Luminus – becoming an awakened being of Light in the fullness of your human form. You are in the process of incorporating your Divinity and your human-ness as a co-creator in the evolution of consciousness on the Earth.

As with all spiritual journeys, there are initiations, portals through which the devotee must pass in order to incorporate the next level of spiritual awakening. And so it is now as you approach the Lion’s Gateway from July 26 through August 12 – a two-week portal with extreme waves of Light that will activate the coding within your DNA to the next level. This will assist your integration of the 5D imprint that is a part of your Soul’s Destiny, if you are the one reading this work.

When we look at the Earth we see the sparks and flares igniting as the awakening codes are firing within each open heart on the planet. By the12th of August there will be a fireworks display the likes of which we have never seen. The Heavens are celebrating you and honoring your commitment to assist in this planetary awakening.

The Gyroscope within Your Being

To integrate and ground these new light codes, you will need to strengthen the Gyroscope in the heart of your being so you can stay in True Balance. You do this with your preparation and intention, as well as with the assistance of the Masters and Archangels working with you. As you let these Waves of Light clear the last vestiges of old energy from your mental/emotional fields, you will awaken higher frequencies in your physical body while anchoring the power of Light on the earth. Consider the fact that you do this work not only for your own spiritual evolution, but for that of all humanity, even though they may be currently unaware of this opportunity.

As you hold and anchor the new frequencies on the great interconnecting Web of Life, you become a magnetic Beacon of Light. You are attracting your soul community who resonate with the vibration of your being. As you come into contact with these people, you have never felt so at home, and these new frequencies will also have that familiar quality of Home as well. It will nourish you at a whole new level. There are many hundreds of thousands of souls walking with you through the Lion’s Gateway from July 26 – August 12.

The collective consciousness will take a quantum leap into Love as the pure feminine energy expands throughout the world.

A Gift for You: A New Partnership for Your Life

When these codes are fired within your being, a true Spiritual Activist will commit to a designated interval in life that allows the integration of the new frequencies. In ancient times, devotees were required to create an “anusthan” – a special time where they did a specific spiritual practice, through the beginnings and endings of an initiation period to integrate the new teachings. Living in the world has now become a vast spiritual ashram in which your life reflects the ceremonies of initiation. As with ashram life, you are never alone in this process.

Your Soul Community is with you in ever-strengthening numbers, offering boundless support on every level. The Archangels are orchestrating this awakening, and your Angelic teachers and Masters are available to you in a real and personal way as never before. And now there is a new partnership being offered – the nurturing presence of Nature is opening to you in a way you have never experienced.

Flower EssencesThis Gift from Nature is being offered as a reward for your willingness and intrepid spiritual warriorship. This Gift is from the Universal Presence of Nature – the forces who constitute the Earth’s evolution, this great Presence is offering to be your Partner in Life. With the assistance of the elemental forces of Nature, you will be able to walk through the fires of your initiation with Gracious Assistance. The Realms of Awakening Light and the Presence of Nature offer you a powerful Nurturing and Grounding Force to ease the process of this powerful Initiation into Awakening Life.

There are many levels that can be utilized simply and gracefully. Here are a few suggestions:

1. Spend as much time as you can with trees, flowers, gardens, flowing waters and let Nature soothe and nourish your delicate nervous system that has been so over-stimulated by the forces of Awakening Light.

2. Keep live plants and flowers in the place where you live so you can continue to receive from the over-lighting Angels within each plant.

3. Hold the Sacredness of the Earth in your heart and mind. Speak and more importantly, listen to what Nature is offering to you at this time. You are being gifted from the most gracious, nurturing arms of the Mother of all Life. She is offering to hold you and nourish you through your awakening. You are being gifted a sense of Safety in your heart that will assist you in your Earth life.

4. Consider the use of Essences of Flowers, Gem Elixirs and energetic Essences of Light that can bring you into harmony with the essence of Nature. If appropriate, use Aroma Therapy and other supportive natural systems of healing, balance and stability. If you have used them in the past, you will find they have taken on a new frequency of Awakening Light.

5. Most of all, keep Hope, Faith and Trust alive as you walk thorough yet another initiation portal into new life awakening in the 5th Dimensional Realms where you now live. You are so loved and cared for in this process. As Beacons on the Web of Life, you are the ones who are bringing the awakening Light into manifest consciousness, and it is Good.

Stand in the truth of your Heart. Let Beauty, Harmony and Love permeate to the very cellular structure of your being and step boldly through the Lion’s Gateway into the new patterns of Awakened Life that await you. And so it is.

Archangel Gabriel
From Shanta Gabriel
July 15, 2013

Permission is granted to use this post as long as it is used in its entirety with the website and credit is given to the author(s).


Living in Radiance II – 3 Month Program (August, September, October)

Living in Radiance Gyroscopic LifeTo truly live in Radiance during these changing times and live life in Balance as a Gyroscope, the Archangels are calling us to a Program that will bridge Heaven and Earth using the inspiration from the Angelic Dimensions and the nurturing presence of Nature.

This 3-month program will include:

  • Monthly Teleconference
  • Monthly Guided Meditation mp3
  • Monthly Flower Essences
  • Personal Fluorite Octahedron to anchor the energy of our shared Vision and be your Antennae for Truth
  • New Energetic Focal Point that is supported by the Angelic Dimensions and the Universal Presence of Nature to help us create a new flexible, strong and balanced Foundation for New Life on Earth.

I am very excited with the energy of this work that we will be doing together. We have created in the past programs a powerful vortex of energy that permeated into the world a vast resonance of Well-Being, Beauty and Love. We are continuing this process with the added dimensions holding the Universal Presence of Nature in a real and tangible form through the Flower Essences and Sacred Geometry. Registration is open through July 31.

[quote]Shanta, I just wanted to share how much your teleclass has helped in these changing times. My husband’s job is in flux and uncertainty and yet we feel a sense of peace and an openness. The concepts of the divine matrix as an open container and changes bringing benevolent outcomes is really helping. I am looking at the change as an opening for new potentials. My husband needs something new and needs to bring clarity into his life anyway. I’m looking at how I can incorporate my soul purpose into life as well. Expanded perspective is really key now.[/quote]

[quote]Dearest Shanta, I wanted to take a moment and express my deep gratitude to you for holding the space for me these past months during our most recent class. The word that comes to mind is ‘magical’. A beautiful sacred space has opened up in my heart.[/quote]

Learn more and register here


“Next Step” Readings

We have cleared our emotional energy fields and we have made our intentions, and here we are: facing the Great Unknown.

This is a powerful time of great relevance. Because we are not able to have a sense of our forward direction, it is very important to consider only the Next Step. Each step we take leads to the next and forward movement takes place very organically.

When needing to see more clearly what your next step is, a reading to invite the Archangels to work more actively in your life is very valuable. In these readings you will have more information from a physical, emotional and mental level what is occurring and how best to create the Benevolent Outcomes you most want to receive. Prepare for good surprises!

Next Step readings with Shanta are $111 through the end of July. Purchase here.


  1. Dora on October 26, 2013 at 10:25 am

    Shanta, I am so glad you posted this information on the web. Perhaps I am being guided, I am 29 years old now. My spiritual awakening was very abrupt, very quick and I can barelly recognise the person i was in the begining of this year, and the person i am becoming. My relationship fell apart, which actually proved to be a blessing. My heart was healed and my soul is starting to be at peace. God’s calling is very loud and clear, there is no mistaking. I found your story very interesting, because I was very skeptical and avoided spirituality as much as I could, although through out my whole life, God “planted” signs, invitations and “open doors” that pointed towards my path, my true path. It was a shock for me to look back all those years and trace every single sign that pointed to one direction – HOME, my true and only spiritual Home, which is in God’s love.

    The transformation is so abrupt as one of a cocooned caterpillar that months after becomes a butterfly. So here i am, my true self is emerging from the cocoon of lies, years of religious dogma brainwashing and illusions, slowly i am opening my wings to the rays of the sun of truth and love. I do not really know what’s gonna happen tomorrow, I guess I will have to trust my heart, the one place where He lives.

    So it turns out that it took me nearly 29 years to open my eyes and realise that all and everything in me, all and everything in my life, and the person that i trully am in my heart and soul, absolutely all and everything was meant for one purpose – to have faith and trust in God and to serve Him. Now, that is a shock for me, a massive shock ! But it is so strange to realise that the things I have longed for all my life are here: I have longed to be home, i have longed to be loved, TRULLY LOVED, longed to be at peace, I have longed to pray and praise Him, I have longed to feel safe and feel true joy in my heart… In other words, all the things i longed for years ad years i finally found them, and i have found them all in God. So, how can i keep denying Him, because by denying God i will only be denying all and everything i love and wish to have in my life. Dear Shanta, God bless you and thank you for posting your story here. It helps many of us who are going through spiritual awakenings all over the World. Thank you dear God, and thank you Gabriel.

  2. Shanta Gabriel on October 28, 2013 at 9:00 am

    Hello and thank you for your beautiful message. Sounds like a powerful Saturn Return for you and truly wondrous for you to be in such powerful alignment at this time in your life. My life also transformed at 29 and again at 58 when the second Saturn Return occurred. You can really fly like the beautiful butterfly you are now. Don’t forget to stay grounded though, we need your light on Earth. Many blessings, Shanta

  3. Juliana Clark on August 2, 2017 at 6:59 am

    Thank you Shanta, for your kind words , I am also 29, I just feel this ray of light and shine on me when I read this. I got this far and read what I really needed to know, and learn of course it doesn’t always happen in our time. But it happens when we less expect it. 🙂 I got this am excited and I could read this over and over again. Right till the gate closes.. Was getting abit lame for abit.. I believe I was guided by my higher self to get here. It took awhile but I made it. I’m feeling like unloading to reload.. I hope I find this article again xxo

  4. Shanta Gabriel on August 2, 2017 at 10:32 am

    Hello Juliane, thank you for your sweet message. The Lion’s Gate is coming up very soon. I invite you to join our group for a live call at 5:00 pm PDT, 8:00 EDT on August 8. Kelly Beard, my astrologer friend and i will be joining together for that conference call. For more information, please sign up for my newsletter where I will announce the codes, and numbers for the free call. I will also be posting a new message about this year’s Lion’s Gate. Blessings to you, Shanta

  5. Mark S on October 17, 2019 at 6:44 pm

    I saw the gyroscope in meditation and googled it. Here I am. I was born in the Ocean, Grew up in a tree, and now reside endlessly in Infinity . * Many Light filled Blessings *

  6. Shanta Gabriel on October 18, 2019 at 3:34 pm

    Hello Mark, what amazing synchronicity to show up on my site. Especially since this is the older website. More information is available on my new website:

    The gyroscope started showing up in my meditations around 2010, and when I asked Archangel Gabriel he gave us that beautiful explanation that you read. The gyroscope ia a wonderful symbol of Balance and Equanimity available for all who choose to participate. Thank you for your message. Blessings to you, Shanta

  7. Carolyn on August 8, 2020 at 6:01 pm

    I am thanking you for spiritually sharing! MORE!

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