“Today I received the cards and they are amazing. They almost jump out of my hands while I ask questions.”

The Gabriel Message CardsThe Gabriel Message Cards are a powerful and beautiful way to receive your personal message from Archangel Gabriel every day! You can choose a card as a focus point for your daily meditations, at a time when you need special inspiration for a given situation in your life, or for another person. Although each card in The Gabriel Message Cards is elaborated in The Gabriel Messages book, the cards can also stand alone and give you an enlightened insight when you most need it.

Each set contains 56 cards in a beautifully illustrated box. The box front and each card has the same inspiring, glowing picture of Archangel Gabriel as the companion book. These card sets will make a special gift for many different people on your gift-giving list.

The cards are designed to be easy to read and in a size that is convenient to carry with you. When placed in a beautiful bowl or handsome container by the entrance to your home, The Gabriel Message Cards offer lovely inspiration to each person who enters. The cards can be a powerful adjunct to your meditation process as they give you a daily personal message from Archangel Gabriel. The messages magically seem perfect and appropriate for the moment.

“Thank you for your beautiful energy which has, in some way, lead me to find your cards and buy them. I feel so blessed, Shanta; you really must be a blessed messenger of Archangel Gabriel. My wish for you is that you have a life filled with abundance so you can continue on your spiritual path, guiding people like myself.”

“I am one of the individuals who have constantly been trying to get these cards back in circulation. They are a delight to send to friends even just a single card in a note. I also carry them in my purse for people I meet to just pick one as a message for their day. I will be overjoyed to have them back to enjoy myself and share with friends.” –P.T.

“I use the message cards regularly if not daily to access information for my Highest Good. I use them for myself and I also use them as a way to create dialogue with and counsel my clients. The messages are always perfect and appropriate and provide support, wisdom, and a deep sense of being loved and cared for. I am so grateful the cards are in my life. What a phenomenally blessed tool.” –G.W.

“I have three sets of your cards, which I adore and use daily. I have a set sitting in a crystal bowl on my coffee table in the middle of the living room. Everyone who comes into my home picks one up and is always blessed by the message. They are truly inspired and inspiring to all who come into contact with them.” –D.R.


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“I am so grateful the cards are in my life.
What a phenomenally blessed tool.” –G.W.

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