Terra Nova – Fulfilling Your Mission on Earth

Dear Ones,

Much has been said about Terra Nova – the idea of a New Earth where all beings live in Peace while Nature thrives. It is obvious the old ways are passing and a new way of being in the world is in the process of being created. The Earth is perfectly aligned for a Spontaneous Evolution in consciousness. It has never been possible at this level before. But for a more enlightened New Earth to come into being, it takes the awakened presence of those who are aware of this process of transformation and choose to participate. It is essential that this creative process be supported by the power of Divine Love.

You may have noticed that many creations during this time of change carry a certain chaotic element. It is because the consciousness of so many have roots in the emotion of fear. Those who are in a process of awakening their heart consciousness have a vast responsibility to stay alert to any opportunities for the creation of a different form of world. The result of humanity working together to release old mechanisms of fear and embrace a new frequency of being, will come from the power of a shared vision for Peace on Earth, as well as the inner connection within each person to their own Higher Guidance.

Innate within you is the essence of Divine Source energy. As you attune yourself more and more to this higher frequency, a new level of awareness becomes clear. You will begin to trust your expanding intuition and know the greater truth within your heart. The wisdom to know what action steps to take is available through your connection to this Source, and is dependent on your intentions, as well as your attention on gaining greater inner strength.

When thousands gather for prayer and communion with each other, by technology or in person, a new level of Light embraces the planet. There are many masters, angels and ascended beings working with the people of the Earth to create a new way of living before it is too late. The power of this non-physical assistance, when joined with the gathering force of awakened heart-centered beings, is not to be doubted.

Your part is clear. As you rise up in yourself to find a higher form of grace and astute awareness, you become a part of the great Web of Peace encircling the planet. Every person who is awakening is essential to this movement.

You are needed and if you are reading this, you are being called, to participate in this transformative time. As you become more centered and receptive, you will be shown where you need to go, and what you need to do. It may not look like a momentous occurrence to you. As you maintain your daily life, the love you bring to each moment lifts consciousness around you. Your heartfelt prayers for the well-being of the earth make a difference. The compassion you share with others is transformational, and so is your continued developing attunement to the Source of Love within you. All these seeming small actions are essential pieces for the puzzle that is Terra Nova.

Gathering an awareness of your connection to your inner guidance, your most Divine Self, takes a commitment to your own evolutionary process. You may think it requires some diligence, but then perhaps that is one reason it is called a “spiritual practice.” It is like exercising a muscle, and the more often you take your awareness into a higher frequency so that you might have a more graceful connection, the easier it becomes. Soon it is a delicious moment that you look forward to every day. When you hold this connection in your awareness, your questions can be answered, and your sense of who you really are expands. When you can access your connection to your highest Self, you find a place of Peace that is available for you to return to. Your peaceful center radiates to those around you and the Earth is blessed and uplifted.

These teachings are not new, and in fact, masters have been referring their students to this process for thousands of years. Only now, there are many more people seeking this inner connection, and desiring peace on the Earth. It is this personal alignment with Divine Love that can awaken Truth, raising consciousness within you and on the planet. One of the most powerful ways that you can serve the Earth at this time is with your own enlightened heart.

As you allow your heart to be your guide, your actions become more peace centered, and your awareness is filled with the Light of Truth. Rejoice in the possibilities that exist for the Earth during this precious time. Make yourself receptive to the many high-frequency activations that are currently sweeping the world and integrate them into your being. Remember how important your very presence is to this evolution of consciousness. When hearts and minds are attuned to the Oneness that is Divine Love, it sparks new more enlightened activity, and Peace will prevail upon the Earth.

You are loved beyond your capacity to truly know with your mind, but you can feel it in your heart. You can learn to join in the alignment with your most sacred, Divine Self to receive your own answers and be empowered in every area of your life. This is a magical time that can uplift humanity and bring a sense of sacredness to the Earth. Your continued support is invaluable.

Your sacred task is to release any attachment to the appearance of disharmony, but to hold to the love inherent within all things, especially yourself. As you do this it will bring more Light to the planet. This job is yours if you choose. Come, heed the call and rejoice in the New Earth you are creating.

May all beings act from their awakened heart and illuminate the planet with Divine Love.

And so it is.

Shanta Gabriel
For Archangel Gabriel

Copyright: April 13, 2011

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