Temple of Light Guided Meditations with Shanta Gabriel

Imagine having a personal sacred temple that you can enter at any time to connect with divine guidance, receive healing, and align with your Soul’s greatest gifts.

In this set of 3 transformational meditations by Shanta Gabriel, you will be guided to create and access your own Temple of Light.

Journey up the sacred mountain for a walk through flowering meadows, by flowing waters where you will discover a sacred space for the creation of your personal Temple of Light. Feel the blessing of Archangel Raphael in an empowered healing session, and connect deeply with Archangel Sandalphon to anchor your greatest dreams for manifestation.

Using Fields of Divine Light and empowered words that carry the transmissions of the Archangels, these meditations will create deep and practical ways for you to awaken new soul connections within every area of your life.

Learn more about these empowering meditations and listen to a sample at ShantaGabriel.com.

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