Evolution of Consciousness for 2012 – 7 Teleconferences with Shanta Gabriel

Aligning the New Energy Frequencies of 2012

7-week Teleconference Series, January 25-March 7

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We are now living in the year most prophesied, questioned and feared in all of history. What can we do to make sure we live in alignment with our soul purpose in 2012? How do we stay in a peaceful center when there is so much chaos around us?

With so much information available, how do we know what is true for us?

The answers to these questions can demonstrate something that ancient spiritual teachers and modern athletic coaches have in common. When “crunch times” occur, go back to basic disciplines. Going back to basics insures that they become an integral part of your being, so you can use these tools unconsciously and they become available without having to stop and think about what to do.

For this very reason, Gandhi’s last words when he was murdered were “Ram,” a Sanskrit word for God. Gandhi was so attuned to his spiritual practice that he remembered God with his final breath. Often simple, yet powerful spiritual practices are the types of tools that will greatly serve our lives, especially in this time when the intensity of energy has been increasing steadily for over 20 years.

If it is true that energy is neutral, follows thought, and precedes form, then we need to learn how to be powerful energy workers. To be able to direct the available energy frequencies, we’re required to use ancient spiritual techniques and new tools for creating lives that reflect our beliefs in an evolution of consciousness – thereby creating a beautiful, peace-filled world.

What does 2012 hold for you?


Are you excited about 2012 (or perhaps feel some fear or trepidation) but not sure what you want to do differently? Do you want to join with a like-minded community and use the higher frequencies to bring greater peace and harmony to your own life as well as the Earth?

If so, I invite you to join me in a seven-week teleconference, “Evolution of Consciousness for 2012.” I introduced this idea during the holidays and we are now ready to put our time into Grace-filled action for 2012 and beyond. Here is some background from my personal life that underscores the purpose of these ideas.

I feel very fortunate to have been introduced to my guru, Shri Dhyanyogi Madhusudandas in 1977. I met him when I was seeking a spiritual path and a meditation teacher. These desires had been born within me from a lack of satisfaction, coupled with the age-old question, “Is this all there is to Life?”

Asking the right questions always leads to answers. Immediately books came into my possession that opened new doors. I “accidentally” dropped in on a class that changed my thinking about God. Simple words the teacher said gave me a totally new perspective and I was able to pray again for the first time since I was a child. He said, “We are all cells in the mind of God.” Those words dispelled the ideas of an angry god in the sky and opened my mind to metaphysical principles that have served me since 1975.

At the same time I began studying herbal healing in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, and Nature became a prime teacher. When I read Autobiography of a Yogi, I told the Higher Power, “If I am meant to have a Guru, bring him to me.” A few weeks and a clear vision of a path opening before me found me sitting, singing and taking Shaktipat initiation with a master of the science of Sound and Meditation.

If I could distill the teachings of my Guruji, I remember him telling us of the importance of a spiritual practice and meditation every day. He offered mantras to provide a “seed sound” that would connect us to God. This he said was extremely valuable in times of fear or at our own transition from physical life. The ancient teachers believe that what we think about at the moment of our death has ramifications for the journey of our soul. Now we know that whatever we are thinking about at ANY time has ramifications for our life’s journey.

One more simple thing my guru said has given me much hope over the years. He said, “I have meditated in caves for 40 years so you would not have to.” I have taken that to mean that he found many different spiritual teachings and he distilled them for us. I also know, and it has been proven scientifically, that  spiritual teachers and communities doing their spiritual practices has raised the energy frequencies of the earth. This has resulted in less violence in the areas around where they are meditating and praying. So I know all the work that many of us have done spiritually over the years has made a tremendous difference for the planet.

And it is not over yet.

We have an opportunity now to not only change the course of our lives, but to assist the planetary evolution in a big way. We know that all over the world people are working together to bring more Light to the planet for peaceful means. We don’t have to all do the exact same spiritual practice to make a difference. And because the energy frequencies are so accelerated we don’t even have to do hours of meditation and spiritual practices to create beautiful changes in our lives and the world. Obviously our lives are so busy and time feels compressed to the point where fitting hours of meditation and spiritual practice feels impossible.

What is very doable however is to distill spiritual teachings into workable increments. We can use sacred ritual and movement to create powerful tools that will bless our journeys. We can find those spiritual practices that most resonate in our hearts and use them.

This is what the Evolution of Consciousness for 2012 Teleconference is all about. Over the seven weeks, I will share a distillation of information from my teachers over the past 40 years of spiritual practice. You will receive an mp3 recording from every class. I will offer you some very simple, yet powerful techniques that I believe will help you focus and thrive in 2012 and beyond.

Plus now we have the powerful opportunity to align with the new 12-Chakra system as it evolves and to be forerunners grounding this energy for the earth through our beings. We are allowing ourselves to be Lightning Rods for Divine Love assisting our evolution and that of the planet.

More About the Teleconference

The Teleconference Series will have a solid base in the teachings I have received over the years and will be in a transmission style that helps to activate the frequencies in your being with every class.

The class will start Wednesday, January 25 at 6:00 pm PST.

We will meet every Wednesday at 6:00 pm PST through March 7.

Here is an overview of the offerings:

1. Integrate the new 12 Chakra System in our daily lives

2. Align with the Christ Light and the Soul of the Earth within our beings

3. Live from our Spiritual Center of Peace and Harmony

4. Raise Vibrational Frequencies so life becomes enchanting

5. Experience empowering rituals and techniques for releasing past patterns and setting new energy frequencies into heart-centered action

6. Open our Receiving Channels

7. Create a solid spiritual practice that perseveres through changes in 2012 and beyond.

I want to offer a very low price so as many as possible can work with these spiritual principles of Unity and Integration in 2012, so this 7-week program is only $70. Or you can opt to pay $12 per week for 7 weeks (a PayPal account is required for this subscription option for automatic payments).

I look forward to sharing 2012 and this powerful series with you.

Here is some feedback from the first call:

Thank you  for putting on this wonderful class!  I am amazed at the difference I am seeing already.  I am so much more centered, calm, and connected.  I thank the angels for guiding me to you!

What a joy it is to be part of this teleconference series. Just wanted to say a quick thank you for a blessed session tonight. Lucid, powerful.

Thank you for the call this evening! It was an experience of Grace,
 Blessing, and Divine transmission. I am humbly grateful.

And I just wanted to say thank you for the low price.  Everything costs so much these days, including most online teleconferences, that it’s such a huge gift to have a low fee for something of such value!  May blessing be returned to you 1000 fold for your generosity!!!

I want to thank you for the class last evening and tell you I’m so glad you are offering this series.  It was every bit as wonderful and lovely as I’d expected and I look forward to the next weeks.

How to Register and Pay

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Click the button below to make a one-time payment of $70 for the 7-week program.


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