Resolution for 2011 – Remember to Honor DIVINE TIMING

Dear Ones,

Do you feel like you are waiting for your life to happen? What are you waiting for and what is your attitude while you are waiting? So many people seem to be in the process of waiting: waiting for the perfect mate, a new job, to lose weight, a new house, to get into physical shape, to manifest your soul’s purpose or gain enlightenment. It is all so extended into a future that will not be revealed or manifested until you create a positive focus in your present moment. Living within the power of Positive Potential opens the doorways of the mind to allow a greater flow of empowered creative energy to work through you. And it all is a part of the process called Divine Timing.

Notice a stream that meanders through the woods. During the dry season the leaves and other debris litter the creek bed, making it difficult to see a tiny trickle of water that may still meander along the old route. Sometimes it is underground, but the flow is always there. Then the rains come, a great deluge of water comes from the sky, and all the debris is washed away as torrents of water surge through the creek bed. It may even jump the bank flooding the areas nearby causing damage when the flow begins.

Creative energy comes to you like a cascade of water after the storm. There are times when your life may feel as though you are in a drought, and a barren flatness may pervade your consciousness. Then there are times when the flow of Creative Joy is so strong, it is all you can do to use it productively without becoming overwhelmed. How much more empowering would it be to create channels for this flow of Divine Energy by clearing old debris from your mind ahead of time, opening new pathways and setting new boundaries with your intentions and goals. It is as though you provide a course for the water to flow when the rains come again.

Divine Timing

When you honor Divine Timing, you are recognizing an important distinction in the power of creative energy. You see that it has its own seasons of rest and flow. When you are in a plateau and nothing seems to be working for you, it is a time to rest and practice stillness. During this rest period, you gather momentum and create the channels for the energy to flow when the time is right. It is a good time to explore new possibilities and let your mind and heart begin to work together in new ways. It is a time to set powerful intentions that provide you with Joy and Harmony as you align with your Soul’s Purpose. It is a great time to clean out your closets and drawers to get rid of all you no longer need. As within, so without; as above, so below; all the old adages apply in the spaces between creative flow and open plateaus.

When Divine Timing is at work, and it always is, it requires self-discipline and patience. These are uncomfortable words, especially for a soul born in the West. They are, however, prerequisites for the inner stillness that allows you to hear that quiet voice speaking from your soul. While you wait to manifest that which you so desire, how do you spend your time? One of the most profound imperative actions you can take while you are waiting is to create the Sacred Space for your most treasured, optimum future life to occur. In this place of inner sanctity, your pure intentions for what you want to feel become prayers. In this time and space, your soul becomes nourished by the attention you are giving to alignment with your true purpose.

Restore the Temple of your Heart

By sanctifying your quiet time, you also nourish and restore the temple space of your heart, making it more spacious and light-filled. This sacred time will help your soul re-establish a sanctuary within you, where you can go for inner peace and connection to Source. You will enable the Earth to also be sanctified as you do this sacred practice. Creating sanctity within and around you is a key element for bringing a new world of Peace and Harmony into being in the perfect circle of Life.

Many of the great masters have spoken of the requirement to be aware of your present moment, focused with the totality of your being. The truth of this wisdom lays in the impact of your awareness and the energy you bring to the life you are living now. How are you waiting? Is there impatience churning within you like a racehorse at the starting gate? What is your focus of attention as you wait for your desires to come into form? Is it outside yourself into the world of form, seeing only what is “not there” in your perception, the lack of what you want?

Alignment with your most Divine, Authentic Self

You live in a potent time of heightened energy that can be focused into new realms of thought and purposeful action. Declaring yourself “unfinished” without certain events occurring in your life, clouds your perceptions. It delays your observation of what is really working beautifully as your spirit grows and your soul becomes more aligned with its purpose. Your Soul’s Purpose may indeed have an outer manifestation, yet at the same time it will also have an inner purpose. The growth of your soul is oriented toward Oneness with the Divine Presence. It seeks the alignment of your physical, mental and emotional selves with your most True, Authentic, Eternal, and Divine Self. This inner momentum may cause outer uncertainty, fear and often chaos, as these inner and outer alignments take place.

Living in full integrity with your aligned inner self represents a manifestation of your clear intention. You could say your “microcosmic ducks fall into a row,” which allows your outer world to shift and reveal the macrocosmic demonstration of your inner self. Treat this in between time with respect, knowing that pure creativity is afoot, and you are a part of the Divine Timing that exists in the universal presence of All That Is.

Remember to love and honor yourself during this process of evolution. When you are flying to your destination, it does not make you get there faster when you run up and down the aisles of the plane. The inner work on your self, communion with your soul, and alignment with your process of growth will give you a new perspective. Create the sacred space within and around you and remember, without Patience, you will never know the meaning of Divine Timing.

And so it is.

Shanta Gabriel
For Archangel Gabriel
December 29, 2010

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