The Power of Receiving Love

Unconditional Love Rose Mandala by El ~


Dear One,

You are always receiving Divine Love whether you “tune in” or not. Imagine how much greater the love can be when you consciously pay attention to the flow of Divinity within you. This attunement process is not difficult but it takes reminders and awareness to take the steps required, when in the midst of your busy life.

Overflowing love awaits the opening of a door to conscious awareness. When you can slow the forward motion of your life long enough to breathe and receive this love, a level of attunement is there for you. This action will bring you a sense of protection and well being that adds a dimension of joy to daily life. When you allow yourself the moment to receive Divine Love, you can open up your awareness to receive the guidance you desire for any situation in your life.

A rapidly changing world is asking for all people to live from a heightened state of awareness if they want inner harmony. You often have no time for long retreats in natural environments or deep solitude available. When one desires more acute connection to spirit, there needs to be a place of instant attunement. As the frequencies of energy increase on the planet, it can cause disruption in the nervous system as the body adjusts. You may feel as though you are “over-amping” from the flow of heightened energy in your circuits. This feeling can be interpreted as anxiety or the desire for frantic movement. You may have requirements for major life decisions with little information, in short time periods. A deep sense of centered truth and connection to your inner guidance will go a long way to relieving the mind that frets in the midst of the Unknown.

The Breath of the Heart

Taking time to create this deep connection would seem paramount right now. It is often useful to create an imaginary scene, a serene place where you can lift your mind from its burdens of the moment. For many, having a physical action that can be repeated will provide a connection that transcends mind, body and spirit. Doing both can release you into a new conditioned state of harmony in a very short time. When the mind is frantic, bringing your hands to your heart and breathing into the warmth of your palms can begin a process known in physics as entrainment. Spiritually you are attuning your entire being to the beat of your heart, which connects you deeply to God’s Love. As you slow your breaths, you begin to balance your heartbeats and your breath. This rhythmic breathing pattern will begin to calm your mind, and bring a sense of harmony to your body in a short amount of time when it becomes a familiar ritual.

Masters have given mantras, prayers or phrases for centuries to open the heart to God’s love. Using a phrase when you breathe into your heart is offering yourself assistance that brings you into a more centered state. At the time, you may be only able to croak, “Help me Angels.” Even so, know that whatever you say will be enough, if your intention is to receive loving support and guidance in that moment.

Sometimes the most difficult thing for a person to do is be open to receive and allow love and support to enter your life. To have balance, you need to be able to receive as well as give. It is a primary law of the Universe, this balance between giving and receiving. There are legions of Angels waiting to assist you if you but ask. You have a Divine spark of God that links you to your most sacred, eternal self within your being. When you receive this love with full awareness, you will experience a tremendous shift within. This can lead to a sense of harmony and well being in your self. You will know you are protected and cared for eternally. It is all there for you if you allow yourself to receive help. Sometimes the support of the Universe can come in the form of a friend or a family member. It often accompanies a synchronous moment of being in the right place at the right time. Your willingness to receive is the key.

The Practice of Receiving

Imagine how different you would feel if you could truly believe the truth of how much you are loved? What if your body could gain a sense of knowing this deep within your heart? What if your mind could relax knowing you are being guided and protected, cared for eternally? This is possible with a bit of practice. Experiment with this idea by taking a moment often to place your hands on your heart. God’s love consists of Divine Light and pure Intelligence. Breathing this power into your heart as often as you can, starts a connecting process within you, enabling a deep attunement with the Universal principles of Clarity and Wisdom. You can even ask for these qualities of consciousness to be within you. Breathe in Clarity. Breathe out confusion. Breathe in Wisdom. Breathe out frustration. Breathe in Love. Breathe out fear. Breathe in support. Breathe out feeling alone.

Your heart is beating in unity with the heart of God. Receive from the wellspring of Divine Grace from this place within you and you will be receiving guidance and love. You can have a sense of being guided where you need to go. You will know intuitively who to talk to and your inner truth will be more clear. Through this simple process, you have attuned yourself to a higher frequency of energy that allows you to live in harmony and alignment to the Universal flow of Intelligence and Right Action.

If you need words to say, as you breathe into the warmth of your hands on your heart, here is a suggestion from the Angelic Dimensions, Divine Presence, I NOW receive your love and light into my heart. Thank you for guiding and directing my actions and thoughts. I am in alignment with my Highest Good, and I gratefully receive your support.

You can close with a traditional, prayerful “Amen,” or another Thank You. Your gratitude opens doors to receiving God’s Love. This awakening Presence is more available than ever before. Your heart holds the key to the Love and Guidance you are always receiving. It is for you to… Make it So.

Shanta Gabriel
For Archangel Gabriel
Copyright: February 9, 2012

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