Dear Ones,

From the Angelic Dimensions comes a wondrous blessing for this special time. Through Divine Dispensation new realms of Angels are available for your ascension process. These Angels hold the frequencies of the spiritual attributes you most need so you can live in harmony with the increasing energies of these precious times of awakening.

Realms of Angels have been specifically assigned by the Archangels overseeing the evolution of the Earth and each person on the planet at this time. As the frequencies have increased you have gained clear awareness of what you need in your life. This is helpful so you can be open to the fields of Divine Light the Angels hold that provide specific assistance for you now. When you ask for their help, these empowered Angels fill you with the Divine Light that offers the blessing you most need in every situation.

Because these new times have become so confusing and intense for many people, unnecessary fear has arisen in the hearts of humanity. The realms of Heaven recognize the need for very immediate and amazingly simple ways to provide the comfort and solutions you require at this time. It was decreed that new realms of Angels would be opened so the energies of fear will not be so pervasive as the Earth continues her evolution. The Archangels are providing Angelic Assistance for those who want to live in greater Harmony and Peace, and choose to receive and anchor the higher frequencies for the Earth at this time.

To Assist the Eclipse Cycle

It was specifically directed that these Angels be widely recognized for their assistance before the Eclipse cycle begins on April 25. You now have legions of Angels at your beck and call. We have said that the cycle of Eclipses will be the greatest opportunity for mass Radical Transformation that you have ever been given. You will be able to feel your feelings very directly. In order to stay in balance, you will need to use the intensity of the energy in resourceful ways to best serve your soul purpose. Thus you are provided with Angels.

How does this work in your life? What we will say could sound so simplistic that you may be tempted to scoff. We encourage you to open your hearts and minds to receive the Creative Solutions that abound in the higher frequencies of Divine Love. For this simple process, consider the attributes and spiritual qualities that you most need in your life. Those often will be the opposite of what you are feeling, for instance, if you are confused, you need Clarity. There are Archangels who are directly connected to your chakra system so they are intimately aware of the needs within your soul’s blueprint required to fulfill your destiny. It is not necessary that you know each of these massive beings of Light specifically but we will provide an overview to begin this process, with more information following in the next weeks.

[box]Note from Shanta: Tune in for the next few weeks as we feature each of the Archangels represented in the Chakra System, and the heightened level of assistance they are offering in this special time before the Solstice.[/box]

Each Archangel who is working directly with planetary and personal evolution holds the powerful matrix for the expansive spiritual powers of Peace, Divine Union, Wisdom and Healing, the spiritual attributes most desired by those awakening. These Archangels have been spoken of throughout history, but never before has there been such an opportunity to create powerful and graceful transformation through their gifts.

Archangel Raphael

Archangel Raphael holds the Matrix for Divine Love and Healing. When you are in need of healing in any area of your life; physically, mentally, emotionally, or spiritually, you can ask that the Angels you most require be sent to you. For example:

Archangel Raphael, please send me your Angels of Healing for my relationships. Bless me with Angels of Harmony and Divine Right Attitude. Open my heart and the hearts of all concerned to be filled with your healing Love. Help me to remember that I am not alone and that your Angels are here with me now and always. Thank you, and it is so.

Archangel Sandalphon

If you are feeling overwhelmed and frightened by the intensity of the energy which has increased on the Earth, know that Archangel Sandalphon is holding the planet in deep connection with the Presence of Nature. This brilliant Archangel has been called the Soul of the Earth. He is offering the frequency of Stability, of Nurturing and a sense of grounded Protectionso you can release the excess energy from your body that is causing fear and create a new Foundation for life in the world now.

Archangel Sandalphon, please send your Angels of Stability and Safety. Help me to ground the excess energy in my life now so I can build a new foundation of peaceful, calm Agility. I am asking for the Angel of Flexibility as I build a new structure that will help me create an Empowered Life. Please assist me to stand in my Truth. Send me the Angel of Alignment so I can be in harmony with my Soul Purpose. Thank you, and it is so.

Archangel Gabriel

Archangel Gabriel offers legions of angels to assist you in any area of your life having to do with Balance and Divine Union. He offers the sacred marriage of the male and female energies within you as well as any form of Revelation and Communication. He specifically offers Creative Solutions for any area of your life where you feel stuck.

Archangel Gabriel, please send your angels to help me create new ways to establish Divine Union within me. I am asking for an Angel of Trust so I can remember that there is a way through to Harmony in my life. I know that the Angel of Creative Solutions is here to provide higher awareness so I can realize that there is always a solution for every situation causing me concern in my life and in the world. Thank you, and it is so.

Archangel Michael

Archangel Michael is best known for his ability to protect. He is also the Archangel that holds the matrix for planetary evolution and is very available to assist the Lightworkers during this time.

Archangel Michael, please send me an Angel of Protection so I can feel more capable and safe during this intense energy time. Help me to be surrounded by your Golden Light so I feel that my boundaries are strong and appropriate. Please send me the Angels of Strength and Courage so I can have the Faith to follow my heart now. Thank you, and it is so.

Archangel Uriel

Archangel Uriel is best known for the frequencies of Enlightened Perception. He is offering Angels to assist any mental activity and your ability to see clearly in every situation as your 3rd eye is being activated.

Archangel Uriel, Please send me the Angels of Clarity and Expanded Perception. I ask specifically for the Angel of Illumination to open my mind to new possibilities and perspectives. I ask for the Angel of Truth to work with me so my choices in life better reflect what I need to live freely in my life path right now. Thank you, and it is so. 

Archangel Metatron

Archangel Metatron is the vast illumined Presence of Unity Consciousness. He opens the realms of Abundance that are reflected in all of Nature. Archangel Metatron holds the matrix of the Divine Blueprint of Perfection for the Earth. With this empowered assistance you can be assured that you are cared for eternally and all your needs are met with Grace and Ease.

Archangel Metatron, I ask to live in greater Harmony with the Earth. Please send me Angels for my financial situation. Help me to remember that all my needs can be met easily. Send me the Angels of Grace and Financial Stability so I can see that I am abundantly cared for. Thank you, and it is so.

In Conclusion…

This has been a small overview for what is possible if you open yourself to the Angelic Dimensions at this time. You don’t have to remember which specific Archangels to ask for help because they are providing direct access to the Angels that offer you the  spiritual qualities that you most need in your life now. Know that there are Angels of Peace, Angels of Freedom, Angels of Beauty, Clarity, Wisdom, Truth and many more. When you call on these Angels you will be surrounded in Wings of Divine Light that provide your energy field with the quality of consciousness that is missing from your life. If you give yourself time to receive, you will immediately feel a greater sense of Well Being as the emptiness inside you is filled with Divine Light. Remember that God’s Light carries the attributes of Divine Love and Intelligence and provides Divine Order in the world. With this power, surely all that you need can be provided also.

Use your feelings as the clue for what you most need to ask for from the Angelic Dimensions. Your spirit works in and through your heart to give you a sense of what is missing in your being. It becomes a simple task to remember that if your life is in turmoil, you can ask for the Angel of Peace. If you are afraid, you can ask for the Angel of Courage. If you are lonely you can ask for the Angel of your Soul’s Community. If you need money, ask for the Angel of your Finances to step forward. If you are in doubt, invite the Angel of Faith to enter your consciousness.

This may seem unbelievably simple, but miracles are close at hand in these precious times in which you live. The Angels await your invitation to bring into your life the Beauty, Love and Joy that is your Divine Birthright. All the help you need is being offered to you now. It is as close as your thought.

Know that you are blessed and cared for eternally, and all really is well. And so it is.

Shanta Gabriel For Archangel Gabriel

Copyright: April 9, 2013

A Message of Balance from Archangel Gabriel

Dear One,

This is a time for profound and very deep healing.  Just as the earth moves through the seasonal balancing point of Equinox, all of life strives to reach this place of perfect balance.  At the point of balance, the energy in the body aligns with the blueprint of Divine Perfection with which each soul has been blessed.  To be in harmony with your most authentic Divine self is to be in alignment with the place of balance that provides healing on all levels.  This is the true state of Oneness all souls are seeking, even though it may not be conscious.

Refined elements of healing are available to those who are led to a place where they desire balance in their lives.  It takes a surprising level of awareness in the western culture to even realize that balance is what one is seeking in life. Most of the ancient systems of healing understand this principle and teach many ways to reach the place of balance within the mind, emotional state and physical body. The gaining popularity of Yoga, Tai Chi, and Chi Kung are assisting many people to find balance and better health.  As all exists as one body, this balance will greatly assist the health of the Earth as well.

 The Need for Balance

Once the awareness of the need for balance becomes available to the mind, situations often arise in life to be a reminder of that which is missing.  It may appear that suddenly the mental and emotional state is out of one’s control, as if an old relation is jumping out from within the subconscious.  The child self may become more prominent to the great horror of the controlled adult.  Indeed many old patterns and parts of your inner self may be showing themselves to you now. Often your child or adolescent self has felt neglected or unloved in the past but now would like to be invited into your adult world to bring some fun and laughter.   Perhaps these aspects of the self are seeking harmony and balance with your responsible adult self who works so capably in the world. The joyous freedom of childlike wonder brings magic into an overly responsible adult life.  Creative projects, nature settings and other playful activities can help these parts of you to come into greater harmony and balance.  This healthy integration of your mental and emotional selves can bring greater happiness into your daily world.

As your soul seeks balance in life, your physical body can also demand attention.  Disharmony in the body manifests as acute or chronic imbalances requiring your immediate attention.  Most of the time, small signals from your inner self have been ignored and allowed to blossom until they must be addressed before dire consequences result.  To correct an imbalance in the human system, you may be taken to the proverbial edge of the precipice of life.  From there you are given an expansive vision of possibilities so you can make choices, consciously or unconsciously, that bring you to the still point of balance and oneness with your soul’s purpose.  There may be many probabilities for your future self, but it is at this turning point you can make the choice for your soul’s most optimum future.

As the planetary energies continue to shift, change and quicken, all life is being called to integrate these frequencies or perish in the process.  Many people will find it beyond their means to make the inner shifts necessary to find inner balance in this world.  There are many souls ready to complete this incarnation in order to choose another time more harmonious to their needs.  Those beings, making a choice to stay on earth through these times of transformation, will need to seek inner balance, as well as harmony with the shifts in seasons and vibrational frequencies of the planetary evolution now in progress.

You are a Beacon of Light

There are tremendous levels of support available for those who choose to stay on earth through this, often tumultuous, time as a Beacon of Light.  The invisible support of enlightened master teachers, the empowering presence of the Angels, and many beings from the starry realms are making their presence known in ways that range from the subtle to the miraculous.  Every synchronicity you notice in your life is a sign from those planes of existence beyond the human eye.  All manner of assistance is available to your beck and call.  Just remember that it is your frequency of resonant vibration that is the key to your level of attraction, because you attract into your life only that which is in your consciousness.

Alignment with your Divine Self is a demonstration of the balance and harmony within your being.  Seek out this balance on every level within your body, mind and emotional state in order to be receptive to the Divine assistance available to you now. Be willing to ask for the help you need in every area of your life.  Humility in action brings compassion to the self, that part of you who feels powerless in the face of life challenges that may seem overwhelming.  Stories abound of the many souls who felt beaten to their knees until they were willing to cry out for help.  This act opened the way, allowing the Divine to intervene in their lives.  It takes courage to recognize that a human being alone is powerless to make the great change necessary so that life comes into Divine Order and Balance, but as scriptures say, “with God all things are possible.”

Healing takes many forms, and one can never presume to know what is best for another person.  The Divine Spirit working within each being knows the truth of the soul’s path, and each one comes to a time of choice.  When you survey the possibilities of your life, what will you choose?  The next time you find yourself feeling powerless, beaten up by life and confused about your next step, consider all the help that may be waiting for you to ask.  Know that being open to Divine Assistance brings help in ways that may look different than you imagined.  Have the faith to believe you are being cared for in the way most appropriate for your soul’s growth.

This is a Turning Point

Imagine that you are on that figurative mountaintop, a turning point in your life.  You are so elevated, you can see the vastness of the world before you.  It is your time for choices.  There are Angels of Light all around you.  Your soul is calling out for inner balance and connection to that which you hold most dear.  As you surrender to the love your soul is offering, the Angels uplift you in their Wings of Light.  You are enfolded in the power of compassion, grace and mercy. Allow their loving presence to guide you through your next steps in life.  Ask for your true path into harmony and balance to be revealed, then humbly allow yourself be led by your soul and embraced by the Angels of Light.

It is time for all beings to find alignment with their Divine purpose.  When you seek a place of Harmony and Light within your being, the heavens rejoice, and your life becomes a reflection of that still point of Balance, the Equinox of your Soul.

And so it is.

Shanta Gabriel
Copyright: September 18, 2012

Permission is given to post this message as long as it is used in its entirety and credit is given to the author(s).

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