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Dear Ones,

As you open to the Light of this New Year, the power of Divine Love explodes within your being. Without Balance however, on the internal barometer of your emotional state, clear Harmony will not be present in your life.

It is a tussle at times to stay open while you experience often conflicting, sometimes raging, and even bliss-filled feelings and experience within your mind. The answer is to attune to your heart’s wisdom. This takes practice but at the same time, it is the only place where you can find solace in these changing times. When reality blows your mind, your feelings become the ultimate path to your heart.

The new frequencies acting within you are causing an upheaval of new, very strong currents that are affecting emotions. You are navigating a fresh river now, one called Life in the New World. Don’t be fooled by appearances — this world is NOT the same. The new world exists as a shift in dimensions, available, amorphous and malleable energy that reflects enormous power and beauty like you have never seen. It is all supported by the Realms of Awakened Consciousness working for the Earth’s evolution, empowering hundreds of millions of souls who incarnated for this purpose.

What do I call this Experience I am Having?

We are giving you a new mantra for 2013 ~ It’s only Energy! Use it as you will. Know that overwhelming feelings will become the norm within you and all around you. Intense energy frequencies can trigger feelings and when you apply old patterns of thoughts to the feelings, you can let yourself sink into states of mind that are not resourceful. When you neutralize the charge you may be experiencing with the knowing that “it’s only energy,” your awareness will help you to come into balance more quickly.

It is helpful to use your physical body to work off the excess energy by grounding it through focused activity, exercise, yoga asanas, dance, song, playfulness and of highest importance, time in Nature. When you can discipline yourself to take a breath before you react, you will find that the new frequencies are benevolent with neutral intentions. With more awareness, you will find a deep wellspring of Divine Love to nourish you. Staying there will require all the tools of Mastery you have learned to this point. All you have learned and experienced in this life and many others, has brought you to this moment of Choice. If you can apply what you know you know, life will take on a certain graceful flow. You have support to make this happen from the Illumined Realms of the Masters. Your Higher Self can assist your connection when you attune to its guidance.

Without awareness and conscious intention, you will find the opposite of Balance to be true. The Divine Love force is pushing all that is not like itself to the surface. Strong emotions are running rampant within the human psyche now. Despairing hopeless thoughts are causing a sense of powerlessness in many people, which leads to anger unabated. While the energies are so unfettered, you as Light Workers, are required to be a balancing agent for the earth’s peoples. You are so needed. Never doubt that. Your job is to ground the intense frequencies of Light so the excess energy goes to feed and nourish the Earth rather than stir unproductive actions. In time people will become more familiar with the intensity of energy and learn that it is malleable according to their intentions and focus. “Instant Karma” can be a powerful teacher. At the same time, your thoughts, actions, prayers and balanced energy will provide a structure for the New Earth lifestyle of Heart-Centered Action.

What Are You Available to Experience?

The energy frequencies of 2013 are still unsettled and respond instantly now as you create your new life. The next few years will be important for setting into motion the Harmony and Peace that most people desire to experience. On a moment to moment basis you each hold the key to the new world evolving before your very eyes. As you resonate with the Love Force, it brings Harmony and Balance to the Earth. From this place you are a radiant demonstration of an empowered system of being — a human who is blending the Light of the Divine with your physical life on Earth. You will magnetize more of the same to you and many people will be affected. You become a Balancing Agent for the New World.

Hold your frequencies high. Relinquish fear by inviting pure Divine Love to be the active agent of change in your life and in the world. Many are experiencing such a heightened level of change that it frightens them. You who have become friends with the Unknown and who are learning to ride the waves of change, provide a new resonance of Safety and Ease. Your presence allows others to harmonize their energy systems to this new frequency, which will dissipate the overwhelming energy of fear.

The New Earth frequencies are empowered and available. Stepping into the Light of new life is as close as your breath. The support of the Unseen world is holding the space for entry into an exalted space of Love. The more time and focus you spend opening, receiving and integrating these energies, the more they become your norm. There are millions of people experiencing the exalted state of this new life. The shimmering dimensions of the new Earth are becoming stabilized by the conscious presence of so many workers for the Light. You are a part of a community of dedicated souls — hundreds of millions strong — that is powerfully creating the new world as you hold the frequencies of Divine Love together.

The Earth is in a process undergoing Divine Metamorphosis. Your presence stabilizes the new world of Love. Your focus empowers higher frequencies to bring more Harmony and Balance. Your being offers strength and gentle reminders of the Truth within the illusion of polarities and upheaval. Divine Order will prevail and Creative Solutions exist where none is apparent from a lower frequency awareness.

Your Spiritual Toolbox

Your Spiritual Toolbox is filled with all that you need to work quickly in this first quarter of 2013 to set new standards and foundations for life in an accelerated world. Your experience, training and desires are stabilizing your consciousness to know what you need to do. Each of you has a special gift to offer the whole Earth consciousness. In the sacred place within your being, your new life begins as you bring Spirit into matter and sanctify your life. Your dedication has been acknowledged. Gratitude fills the fields of Light that are showering the Earth at this time. You did it. Together you workers in the Light created the shift into multidimensional awareness that was held as only a possibility before. Now the Masters and Angelic beings are assisting the completion of this vast experiment in Unified Consciousness.

Your are a part of an amazingly strong, multidimensional community of souls that are working in harmony and cooperation, blazing new pathways for Peaceful existence on the earth. This community of Light Workers, near and far, hold the keys for manifestation of the New Earth life. Together you enter the temples of the heart to join the Divine Multitudes of Grace awaiting you. The realms of spirit are celebrating your willingness, and offering all manner of assistance, greater than you imagine possible.

Float Gracefully on the River of New Life

The dimensions of Divine Assistance awaiting your invitation and advancement are amazingly pure and available now. When you set your intentions to work in the River of New Life, you step into a stream of pure consciousness. You will find the currents can take you gracefully into directions and ways that fulfill the intentional requirements you set forward as necessary for your new life. When you know in advance what you are available to experience in order to thrive, the Light Fields you are setting become the framework of your life. Choose your river consciously and wisely and let the Divine Currents carry you. There is no need to paddle, only to allow the loving nudges of the Angels who are powering the vessel of your Soul’s Purpose. With their help your way will be clear and graceful.

When you enter into the choppy sections of the rivers, the waterfalls that may throw you off balance or the whirlpools that eddy in the darkness, know you are not alone. Your empowered intentions will encourage your Higher Self to gracefully center your course. If a new tributary enters the river, you will be able to ride the unfamiliar currents with Strength and Ease. If you need to take a different fork in your River of Life, you have unwavering guidance for your inspired heart-centered action.

Be willing to flow with the empowered currents of energy within the river’s surging and buoyant waters, and 2013 will completely surprise you. Sustain your balance with intention, prayer, and heart-centered action. Enjoy the cooperative support being offered to you in a whole new way from others in the Community of Light. All of Life is supporting you on your Soul’s Journey. Know that Divine Love will prevail and all is well.

So be it. Be it so. And so it is.

Shanta Gabriel
For Archangel Gabriel
Copyright: January 5, 2013

Notes from Mt. Shasta by Shanta Gabriel

Does anyone else feel like they are readjusting their molecules after a wild adventure ride in the cosmic amusement park? After spending two amazing months in Mt. Shasta, I am in the San Francisco Bay area again gaining perspective while letting the dust settle. It feels like a game attempt on my part to integrate the life-altering spring that we all have been through.

Archangel Gabriel keeps saying the veils are parting so we will be able to see more clearly. I can hardly wait. Mostly it feels like I have just surfed a big wave, got tumbled in the shore break and now I lay panting on the beach with water still lapping around my ears.

The power of this recent time of celestial events is immeasurable. New portals were opened into dimensions of experience where Truth prevails. The expansion of consciousness which transpired through the mighty Eclipse alignments opened new realms of awareness tempered and refined by Love and heightened frequencies of Venus. ~ Archangel Gabriel

Beginning with the 5-5-5 activation on the Full Moon May 5, the beautiful Wesak moon opened a portal for enlightenment of all beings on the planet. On my first weekend in Mt. Shasta, Tibetan Buddhist monks who had been traveling the world with ancient relics were there at the local center for Wesak to offer blessings to anyone who came to receive, even dogs!

There were many global meditations and gatherings that took place on that day to take advantage of this rare frequency. Numerically 5 is the number for rejuvenation on all planes and the birthing of new life. It is the number that carries the momentum of freedom, change, and new opportunities. All of these frequencies were greatly amplified by the Super Moon and the triple 5 day of May 5, 2012.

Total Annular Solar Eclipse in Mt. Shasta, May 20

The momentum toward the full annular Solar Eclipse on May 20 began building early in the small town of Mt. Shasta. This eclipse could be seen in its entirety from Mt. Shasta. It traveled across the Pacific from Mt. Fuji in Japan and contained a very powerful field of energy. People in interesting clothing began to gather, large crowds were expected as well known teachers held weekend gatherings. The local stores ran out of eclipse glasses early in the week and people became very creative. As the town of Mt. Shasta was filled with people, the place was buzzing with even more energy than usual. Because I did not want to take part in the events with many people, I found out that the path of the sun could be seen right from the front yard where I was staying. Several close friends gathered with me next to the creek to hold a meaningful ceremony on the lush green grass.

We had decided to make it a spiritual experience and created a large altar together. The altar reflected both the masculine and the feminine presence that the eclipse energy also promoted. There was a Balinese butterfly picture that had been used on many altars over the years to reflect the idea of transformation. Each of us brought sacred objects such as crystals, sage, and special clay from the San Diego mountains. I added three of the new Essences of Divine Light (more info later) that called to me. The first essence held the quality of purification for the Waters of the World. We had a bucket of the nearby creek water as a representation of all the waters. We acknowledged that our bodies were also mostly water and were grateful for the purification that we created at the beginning of the eclipse cycle.

At the totality we used the essence called Wisdom of Trees. This represented our alignment with trees in nature, the beauty and grounding that powerful symbol of life offers. At the end of the eclipse, we each took the Essence of Divine Light that unites Heaven on Earth as the powerful dimensional energies we are all experiencing move through us. On that special day, knowing that we were joining many others in spirit, it felt as though together we created a beautiful sacred space to receive as much as we could from the experience and offer prayers for the world.

More Eclipse Details

The first portion on the eclipse released old patriarchal patterns in the grids of the earth allowing the expression of the sacred male to be seeded. I could feel the balance that entered during the eclipse totality at the exact conjunction of the Sun, Moon and Pleiades. Feeling a strong affinity for the Pleiades, there was a connecting link within me that felt as though the opportunity came for all of us to plant seeds of Right Relations in every area of our lives. In the Mayan tradition, seeds of new consciousness are planted every 5,125 years at the beginning of a new Sun cycle. We all said powerful prayers for the Earth during the completion of the eclipse.

The wise and loving energies from the Pleiades have been traditionally honored by many native peoples as higher consciousness beings who have been bringing new dimensional energies to the Earth for thousands of years. They are associated with the pyramids in Egypt, with Lemuria and many of the sacred places around the world, including Mt. Shasta.

The feeling of being in a walking meditation lasted for days, and I was grateful to be in a beautiful, peacefully sacred place where I could spend time near water and big trees at the foot of Mt. Shasta. Dog sitting has the added advantage of offering a friendly companion who enjoys outings in Nature.

Spring is exceptionally beautiful in the alpine area of Mt. Shasta. Living on 5 acres of land, there is green to be seen from every window in the house. It was so nourishing after all the city time I have been spending the past few years. In the evenings I would sit on the balcony listening to the creek and smelling the amazing smells of spring flowers such as lilacs and rhododendron. There did not seem to be anything to do but learn how to BE in each precious moment. It felt as though I was in a near bliss state most of the time.

Make way in your life for new awareness and clarity to manifest. Clear away old thoughts of the way things were or should be, and allow the spark of a new Truth to be seeded in your heart. Nourish and feed this seed with your highest ideals and soul inspired desires. Remember WHO is listening.

When you prepare the fertile soil of your fields of energy, and set the seeds of the deepest truth into your being, all the forces of the universe come to assist your process of awakening into new life – the life that is based on your soul’s awakening of Joy and Clarity of Being. ~ Archangel Gabriel

Another Eclipse and Venus Transits the Sun

Astrologers say that Eclipses bring an interruption of the communication between the electromagnetic frequencies within our bodies and that of the earth. So there is an opportunity to reboot our system as a new calibration occurs. When our frequencies shift we can release old patterns from the past and step into a new life unencumbered. There is a chance to experience a completion and a new beginning simultaneously.

We had another opportunity for that experience on June 4 with a Eclipse of the Full Moon, which almost got lost in the power of the building energy when Venus transited the face of the Sun on June 5 in Mt. Shasta where once again, clear viewing was possible. This event lasts for over 6 hours, during which time the ability of Venus to radiate Divine Love to the Earth was exponentially expanded by the frequencies of Solar Light. Divine Love is the frequency required by our cells to feed our newly expanded DNA. This allows the grounding the fifth dimensional energies within our beings and on the planet.

During the Venus Transit event I was fortunate to be surrounded by beautiful friends from the Sophia community around the world that gathered in Mt. Shasta to share the event. In 1912, Rudolph Steiner created sacred lyrical movements that create a connection between the Earth and the Starry Realms called Eurythmy (Greek for “good movement”). This beginning has advanced into an art form through this group so it creates a sense of heightened consciousness in one who is fortunate enough to have the experience. For three days I danced and sang in a sacred manner with this wonderful community of souls to anchor the power of the Venus Transit within our beings and on to the planet, seeding new life. This powerful connection brought together the Divine Love of the Christ Consciousness and the Divine Feminine with the forces of Nature in a sacred dance of life.

Quan Yin is in the House

Somewhat of interest is a persistent cough in the area of my new Thymus chakra since June 5. Yes, I did catch a chill from dancing blissfully barefoot in the grass in the place where the headwaters of the Sacramento River flow out of the sacred mountain. But trips to the acupuncturist proved that my systems were balanced and I am basically healthy. And it turns out I am not the only one who is experiencing on-going activity in this center. So if that includes you, it is time for us to bring Compassion into the Magnetic High Heart and allow ourselves to feel soothed. Quan Yin is said to be very active at this time on Earth, and the Goddess of Compassion is a powerful ally who can bring a soothing, healing energy into this place in your being.

We need all the compassion we can receive in order to stay centered during the Pluto-Uranus square energy that we are now experiencing. Here is a plug for all those amazing beings who have studied so long to understand the stars. Astrologers seem to have the most brilliant and clear information about the times we are living in. It is important to pay attention because they can really help us explain what we are experiencing on a personal as well as a global level. During the next three years of the Pluto-Uranus squares, part of the intensity of the ongoing waves is focused on Pluto’s need to tear down old structures so something new can be created. This is supported by the Uranus ability to assist us in letting go of whatever we have been holding onto that no longer serves us, even it feels as though the rug has been pulled out from under our feet. Once again, resistance is futile. In fact, those having the most difficulty are the ones who are in the most resistance.

In a different way, Archangel Gabriel also addresses these issues:

Veils part, light activates and new waves of growth set into motion. It is like plant growth. During the time of greatest sunlight, the plants do most of their growing.

This period of time after the portals opened during spring created a momentum of light activation that has been building in power. With the new realms opening in August during the Harmonic Convergence, the seeds that were planted and the activation in the Realms of Light now move into forward motion.

25-Year Commemoration of the Harmonic Convergence

This Harvest is very connected to the Harmonic Convergence commemoration on August 16th and 17th. The completion of a 25-year period that began in 1987 that has changed the face of the world as we have known it. Startling collapse of long-held structures (such as the Berlin Wall and the USSR), and a massive shift in consciousness have been the wellspring of these years. We have seen ancient predictions from many native prophecies, not just the Maya, come into being. And there is more to come. The future is up to us and we are at the decision point. Our focus and our seeding of the new era within our own lives will affect the world. People are gathering all over the world to assist in bringing the frequency of Light to establish a Renaissance of Love for all Life on the Earth. More information about events for this momentous time follows.

Open and receive this completion blessing from Archangel Gabriel:

Harvest time for the awakened human heart is upon you, as you reap all that was sown during the past 25 years, whether you were conscious of your work or not. Since that time the bountiful life of true ascending dreams in the form of pure Divine Love has been building to a crescendo. Like a gigantic waterfall the momentous wave of Christ light blesses the planet. It is time for your massive high heart to open and receive. You are closer than you have ever been and love is the answer to the next wave of experience that completes this momentous and historic year. When you receive from a grateful heart attuned to Divine Presence, veils part, doorways open and true creativity can begin. Prepare the way and veils will part. And so it is.

I look forward to being in communication with you all again. Mt. Shasta is a timeless reality, but now it feels like a very long time has passed while we circumnavigated the astonishing frequencies being downloaded. As we all surf the increasing flows of Divine Light, I will do my best not to wait so long to communicate.

Shanta Gabriel
July 4, 2012