Solstice Empowerment June 21, 2011

Dear Ones,

The Divine Light for this Solstice empowerment acts as a catalyst to carry unified consciousness throughout the planet. Use the observance of this date, June 21, as an opportunity to truly experience the many possibilities opening up during this powerful year of change. The Divine Light available on this day empowers both hemispheres of the earth. It carries a transmission across time and space to awaken the cellular structure of the human body to a higher frequency of energy. The energy carried in the Light stimulates the impulse for mass awakening that was encoded in the DNA of every person born during the evolutionary times that have transpired since 1945. If you are reading this message, you have it.

Receiving the download of the Solstice energy allows a sense of oneness, as well as alignment with the Source of the highest Light there is. Awakened consciousness comes with this deep connection. If you can place yourself in the field of this energy during the activation of this 24 hour period, the resulting consciousness from the transmission of energy can empower your life with a new sense of wholeness and purpose.

These Light frequencies are a part of the massive wave of energy sweeping across the globe. There are no limitations to this energy source so your conscious, positive direction is invaluable. Gather together with others to share the Light and create a conscious connection to a wave of awakening to the One Source of Divinity, Love and Healing. Direct this Light into the world with your prayers and intentions. Receive the Light deeply into your being. Bask in the Light, allow it to recharge your deepest soul’s yearning, then use this gift to serve on the planet.

Drink in the Light, as you attune consciously with the intention to be empowered by this Solstice activation. Absorbing Light with every cell of your body, breathing in Light with every pore, directing your body to use the Light for your healing, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. This activation can be carried into your life to create a blessing of great, unbounded good. Know that the Divine Light massing to download on to the planet on June 21 carries Love and Intelligence from the Divine Source for you to use.

This is a rare opportunity to receive an empowerment, that when dedicated to the conscious awakening of the human heart and mind, can spark the evolution of the planetary being as well. Use this solstice as a catalyst for every area of your life, and for the good of the planet. When you volunteered to be on earth during this precious moment in time, a driving force within your soul was set into motion. The call you hear from within to do something with your life, that restlessness you feel inside, can be answered very simply:

•    Show up at every opportunity to share Divine Light within one another.
•    Create your intention to live in harmony with the Divine Source of all Light.
•    Stay with a daily spiritual practice that receives and uses Divine Light.
•    Join with others in the conscious awakening prayers and direct the energy from the Light into planetary awareness.
These actions create a positive direction for high-energy frequencies that can become very uncomfortable when not used consciously as awakening elements. Here is one suggestion for a prayer you may offer on June 21:

Divine Presence, Masters and Great Beings of Divine Light, Angels and Archangels, Beloved I AM,

Thank you for this opportunity to receive Divine Light into my life and into the world. May I be a pure receiver of this energy, in a way my body is able to integrate and use at a deeper level than ever before. Please bring this Light energy into every cell and fiber of my being to be used for healing and for my evolution. I ask to be a clear and radiant channel for this Divine Light to move deeply into the Earth for the healing of this planet.

May the energy of this powerful Divine Light reach into the heart and mind of each person, and connect them to the awakening consciousness that is transpiring right now on earth. May this awakening of the Light of Peace and Love contribute to raising the consciousness of all beings and assist the evolution of the planet. May all live in Harmony with Divine Love from the Highest Source of Light that exists. Be it so. Thank you.

You will be joining with the forces of Heaven in this process. June 21, 2011 is an opportunity of Divine Awakening in which your soul is being called to participate. The Activation of Divine Light this Solstice Day can create a wave of healing never before experienced.

You are an instrument for Divine Light. This is your chance to shine. Receive Light. Send Light. Be Light.

Shanta Gabriel
For Archangel Gabriel
Copyright: June 15, 2011

Solstice Empowerment Prayer and Meditation to Open Your Receiving Channels for Divine Light

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