Signs and Synchronicity

Cloud Angel
Photo of Cloud Angel taken by Shanta after she asked for a sign on her husband’s wedding day

Finding Your Way through the Mayhem of Life

Signs and synchronicity are living guides to life on Earth. The power of these signals, and what some call “coincidence” is to enlighten our path and reassure us that we are taking the right steps – no matter how radical they may seem.

As these times become more filled with disruptive events and change, we need to become very connected to our inner guidance, in order to function with mastery on the earth. A spiritual practice becomes a practical, empowering tool for inner peace and wisdom in perilous times. I have produced many messages from Archangel Gabriel over the years with a similar message. Like most everyone else, I have been watching the increase of natural disasters and the amazing collapse of economic systems and world governments. I have been observing people who are unable to stay in their homes and jobs, and it is abundantly clear that we need inner guidance more than ever. There is no longer any security in our outer world, and we need to cultivate faith and trust in ourselves in order to find our way.

As a people we immerse ourselves in worldly activities, numb our minds with television, and let worry and fear overtake our mental states. Of course there needs to be an element of responsibility and logical behavior, but if we make clear intentions to follow our soul’s calling, all of the outer plane existence will fall into miraculous order, even if it includes the sometimes dramatic dissolution of life as you have known it. I have seen this repeatedly over the years and after recently receiving some nudges from the Angelic Dimensions in the form of repeating phrases and synchronicity over the past week, it seemed like time for me to come out my hermitage to share with you some of my personal stories of signs and synchronicity. Believe me, I am not advocating that you do what I did. Hopefully you will take intentional steps to take care of your life before it is necessary to go through such radical transformation.

In my late 20’s I first began to notice synchronicity when all of the many varied books I was reading at the time began to carry the same message. They were pointing to a life oriented by a Higher Power combined with clear inner intentional awareness. During that time, events occurred that suddenly freed me to explore these ideas in action. I began an adventurous 7-year road trip, with only my dog for company, in order to find my “true calling and path in life.” During that time I became more comfortable with prayer and began paying attention to coincidental meetings and signs from the road.

My Very First Sign

One of the more humorous, not to mention clear, signs occurred when I was just over 30. I had taken a temporary job that had promised another position in the future. I was not a match for the job or for the location where I was working, and I became very unhappy. One day I was driving from the beautiful mountain hideaway where I lived down into the central valley of California to work. I became increasingly disgruntled as I drove out of clear sunshine into the brown smoggy fog that was normal for the area. I began to pray harder and found myself asking for a sign from God to show me if it was time for me to quit this hated job. I said I was willing to stay if it was in my highest good, but I needed clear guidance. I prayed throughout my 30-minute journey. When I walked into work, I was called into the manager’s office where she promptly fired me. I don’t even remember why it was done, but I do remember trying not to laugh at the blatant and very obvious sign from the Universe that I was not supposed to be there. Of course I found new creative ways to take care of myself, and my life became more harmonious.

From that point in 1975, I did my best to live according to the signals of my heart. Were there times when I did not pay attention? Of course, and times when my desires overcame my inner guidance. This was especially true after I was married and began to give away portions of myself and lose touch with my true feelings. It was all in the name of service to another and keeping peace in my marriage, (blah blah blah), but it had the affect of eroding my connection to the impulse of my spirit in the relationship. There came a time, while living in Hawaii in late 1998, when the signs and signals could no longer be ignored. Throughout a one-year period my outer life began to dissolve a piece at a time. The Angel business I had poured myself and enormous sums of money into for years went bankrupt, we lost our house, my appendix burst, I had a car accident and went into menopause. I was so confused about the future I began to pray for clarity and signs to help me know what to do. The only message I received at the moment was, “Just when did you think you would need faith?”

And Synchronicity and Signs Came into Being

Soon after, however, I was invited to teach a class about Angelic communication in Michigan. While I was there, I visited a retreat center whose spiritual director was someone I knew in the past. He invited me to stay at the center while I sorted my life out and I could feel myself being drawn to the idea. While I had happily lived in Hawaii for over 20 years without a thought to leaving, I was enticed by the peaceful country setting and regular spiritual practice. I knew that it could jeopardize my marriage, so I wanted to be really clear before taking the radical step. I went out to the river on the property to seek guidance. I called on the Divine Presence, my Soul, my higher self and every angel, guide, and master that may have guided me in this life, to come and help me. What was revealed was surprising in its simple clarity. I was told, “you will not fulfill your spiritual destiny unless you come to this place and stay from October 1 through January 15.”

I sat there in awe. Even though it seemed like that was a long separation in a marriage, my husband and I had always given each other time for spiritual retreat. In fact, our relationship began over the months that he was traveling with our guru. So it was not impossible that it could still work, but it did not bode well, considering the shakiness of our marriage after all of the recent losses. As I sat on the bank of the river and let my thoughts unfurl, I realized that all of that clear guidance was in my mind, and maybe my heart, but I needed some clear physical demonstration in order to follow such an extreme path. As I walked away from the river, I asked for a sign that would be unmistakable. I declared that I was willing to follow whatever guidance was revealed to me beyond a shadow of a doubt.

As I continued to walk there came a signal that is still without equal in the years that followed. I was stopped suddenly because I was covered in hundreds of butterflies. They flew to my head, walked on my face, crawled on my arms and my legs, and totally surrounded me. Then just as suddenly, they flew away leaving an light-filled energy sparkling in the air around me. What would you have said? That good old faithless part of me said, “well that was really good but how about just one more little sign.” And there at my feet was a small puddle into which flew two blue butterflies that were then joined by one yellow butterfly. That was what it took for me to totally surrender and trust that I was being inspired by my soul’s presence. God had taken charge and I had faith that no matter what happened, I would be protected, guided and directed from then on. I was allowing my new life to burst into being.

And did we all live happily ever after?

I am not going to pretend it was easy after that day in late 1999, but it was the catalyst for my husband and I to create the lives we were meant to be living in order to follow our unique destinies. He immediately found a new wife, got married a week after our divorce was final, and had a baby a month later. On the other hand, I became a somewhat aged, wandering sadhu, (in India, this is a spiritual aspirant without earthly belongings who wanders in search of enlightenment). In the seven years that followed, not only did I meet a number of great spiritual teachers, I also received inner guidance and lessons that are the basis of my life today. Even though our lives look very different from what we had planned, I have no doubt that my former husband and I are both happier and more fulfilled in all the ways that matter. After our divorce, he told me that he would never have had the courage to do what I did. I can understand where he was coming from, because we had created a beautiful life in the material world that was hard to give up. But for me it had less to do with courage, and more to do with Faith. Many years before any of these occurrences, I had turned my life over to God and had devoted myself to service in whatever form that manifested for my highest good. When the signs were so clear, how could I refute the guidance I had asked for and received so abundantly.

There are times in our lives when our soul’s call for the Divine, in the form of what one of my friends calls “The Lone Arranger,” to step into what appears to be our secure lives. The purpose is to pull the rug out from under our complacency and attachment so we can fulfill our true destiny. We have all committed to completing our soul’s purpose in different ways, and we have lessons to learn. I believe that all that transpires in our lives is working toward that end, no matter what it looks like.

Signs, Signs, Everywhere a Sign

We are living within a compressed time line of tremendous upheaval and change. We can see what is going on in the world and how it often mirrors what we are feeling in our individual lives. All that we trusted to be secure and stable in many ways has been subject to surprising changes we never imagined. In the midst of this upheaval we only have our faith in Divine Guidance and our connection to this Source energy to assist our process and we might feel very separate. Of course we are never really alone, as there are Angels that step into our lives at just these moments in order to guide our paths. We have to invite their assistance, however, so this is really an important part of our process.

What else can we do before our lives start falling apart? One is to gain balance and equilibrium in yourself through a meditative practice and other steps that help you feel harmony within. Sometimes that still quiet voice within is buried in the cacophony that is our mental state, yet the commitment you are making to have inner connection with your Divine Self starts a powerful process in motion. When we take one step towards God, the Universe pours out abundant miracles to support our path. This dedication to knowing your inner spirit allows you to learn to trust your inner guidance. While you are creating a spiritual practice, you are also cultivating faith. You are learning to value your peace so much that you will go to great lengths not to lose your inner balance.

These were some very valuable lessons I have learned during the ten years since the divorce. Another has been the importance of staying present and grounded. Without an awareness of how I am feeling, and what is happening around me, I might miss some of the tremendous opportunities the Universe is always providing for me. I am also allowing myself to be loved and supported on both the physical and non-physical level, reaching out to friends in a new way. I keep my spiritual practice, and give myself time every day to make my intentions for the day and my life. Even if it is only for five minutes, I give myself the gift of silence, and fill myself with Divine Light. I invite into my life my angels and the masters that guide me, and I allow their presence to remind me that I am not truly alone. And most importantly, I ask for signs and pay attention to synchronicity because I know this is one of the best ways for inner guidance to show me I am on track. I do my best to stay very present to whatever is happening in the moment because this is where the opportunities and creative solutions abound.

Here is what Archangel Gabriel has been saying about this process:

Dear Ones,

As the time approaches for mastery of the physical plane, there is confusion in the minds of those who work to bring more clarity to their life path. Extreme measures are often necessary as life’s twists and turns become ever more frequent. A daily check in for energy flow is helpful when it becomes the norm. Often it is necessary to ask for more obvious guidance when life is moving at a such a fast pace. The request for physical signs has been one of the ways people have tracked their progress for millennia. Requesting a sign can provide an obvious designation in moments when extreme clarity is paramount.

There are moments when there is an impulse from within and often a message that repeats in the mind. If you feel you need more clarity, a physical sign can be requested. When this request is sent into the Universe, there needs to be a framework – asking for it to be obvious, as well as a prayer for alignment with your Higher Self, Divine Wisdom, Guardian Angels and Masters. After you have called forth your highest guidance, you know that the demonstration must be trusted. The signs you receive become Relevancy Markers on your Path.

It takes great faith and courage to follow your inner guidance in the face of logic, the need for security and unknown outcomes. But what other way does your Higher Self have to get your attention, except through signs, signals and synchronicity?

Be at peace, and know that all is truly well.

Many Blessings to all,

Shanta Gabriel
For Archangel Gabriel
Copyright: February 24, 2011


  1. Steve Amarant on February 26, 2011 at 7:37 am

    Nicely shared, Dear Shanta. I am glad you are being led to share you divine human journey with Us All. For many years, maybe, lifetimes, the lessons of true faith have touched me in miracles, signs and wonders.
    “Letting go..opening up and Being free. Holy Oneness, Now Reality.” with love, Steve

  2. suzy on February 27, 2011 at 4:19 pm

    Hi Shanta,
    I needed a little lightness today and you gave me more than I expected. Terrific stories. I, too receive synchronicity often but you’re helping me realize that I want to record my experiences so I can return when I need the pat on the back in the physical

  3. Shanta Gabriel on February 27, 2011 at 6:42 pm

    Thank you Suzy. I am sure people would love to hear your stories as well. We really need to remember how closely and with such love that we are being held in wings of Light. Blessings to you, Shanta

  4. Shanta Gabriel on March 1, 2011 at 2:19 pm

    Thank you Steve, what a beautiful response to this message. How delightful that you were the first one. I appreciate your divine journey very much also. Thank you for sharing. Blessings, Shanta

  5. Julie on May 10, 2011 at 12:02 am

    I just wanted to say how much I love your messages and writing. In particular, I used the guidance in this message to receive a very clear sign on next steps within 2 days of reading it! Thank you for everything you do, you light shines through everything on this site and I’m grateful that you’re here.

  6. Shanta Gabriel on May 11, 2011 at 9:45 am

    That is wonderful to hear Julie. We definitely have lots of guidance just waiting for us to listen! Great work! Love and Blessings to you, Shanta

  7. Bob on May 2, 2012 at 11:47 am

    So wonderful to find this particular expression today. And thank you for sharing an aspect of your brave journey.

  8. Shanta Gabriel on May 3, 2012 at 10:27 am

    Thank you Bob. It is fulfilling to share my journey with others, but it is a total joy when there is a response that lets me know people have been touched. That is a gift.
    Many blessings to you, Shanta

  9. michelle lesher on December 28, 2012 at 10:41 pm

    I was told that in our last days there will be many false prophets. The truth is in the book. I was told that i had a calling and it was time to sit still and listen. My Prophet told me jesus loves me like he loved Mary Madeline i was later told that Gabriel was watching over me. I am a firm believer in jesus christ he is my higher power. Sit still well i dont know what will be revealed but i know why. My testimony its not for me its to lead someone like me to jesus because only thru him will we be with our father. Pain abuse and downright cruelty is all i ever knew my faith has brought me to this point now im at a crossroad i have a choice of which path to follow please keep me in your prayers. God bless you and have a happy new year

  10. Shanta Gabriel on January 8, 2013 at 9:27 am

    We are all in a place of Choice, Michelle. It is a very potent time bringing us more clarity and commitment to what we truly believe. You are blessed in your belief systems and love is the key for all of us to move into new awareness and empowerment. There is much clarity in this awakening time. God bless you also in the new year. Namaste, Shanta

  11. Leslie on August 3, 2018 at 11:10 pm

    All i can say is that not only I’m I synchronized…I also have a multi-dimensional synchronous ability…..i feel the ability to mentally maneuver into any realm…..i am literally in a matrix of connectivity….What I communicate to others, they say it’s to deep or complex….But being able to tree myself into anything with a fraction of its entirety or its positional states is simple. For instance, I can vision a persons daily accurances and acquaintances just by the words the say…echoes. I cut to the chase usually by presenting them with their own desired intentions and how they premeditated them…..I suppose I could gain wealth with my abilities…..but I don’t like the disruption of my clarity it brings….so I stay in limbo…waiting for the great awakening and the end of my loneliness. I am like a animal who looks at humans as to say….why are you doing that? You make no sense….

  12. Shanta Gabriel on August 4, 2018 at 10:08 am

    Dear Leslie, thank you for your very interesting comment. I agree there are times recently when limbo seems the only option, however, it also is a time when we can put forth our intentions to have more soul community and sense of well-being. Have you been to my main website, That is where more opportunities for connection with like-minded souls live. Our Light community shares in prayer times, spiritual practice and Full Moon conferences. Everyone finds it very inspiring. Many blessings on your journey. This is not an easy time on the planet but the transitions can be wondrous and inspiring. This is a time we volunteered to be on Earth to hold exalted frequencies for awakening and I know you are very good at doing that. Blessings, Shanta

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