Receiving Light

Dear One,

The time grows near for a quantum leap in energy that will affect all of humanity. Keep affirming peace and use the empowering presence of Divine Light to create harmony in your life. It is not a time of fear and upset, it is a time of glorious awakening. You are becoming free to express yourself at the deepest level of your being.  At this level you stand in harmony with the Angels of Light and Wisdom. Open yourself to this energy of Light, and allow the power of Divine Love to fill every corner of your life.

It is for you to decide how you will live. Ask to live in light and love, and it is given to you. All of life rejoices when a soul turns to the Divine Light. Your job is to let go of the doubt and fear that may block your free expression of what is clear knowledge, and receive light with every fiber of your being. This light holds Divine Intelligence, Love and Truth. As you learn to go deeper into this Pure Light, miraculous occurrences will happen as more synchronous events are attracted into your life by the heightened energy frequencies. When you allow the clear light of the Divine to ring in your heart, you will feel more connection to your inner guidance.

Know that the Light of Divine Love and Wisdom is available to all who are willing to look within. Free expression of this truth is there when there are no doubts to interfere with the process, and you give yourself time to receive from the deepest Sources of your being. This is a time of heightened energy frequencies the world has never known. When one uses Divine Light as a tool for life, growth can be more gentle and free.

We offer you a simple exercise to help you receive more Divine Light. Lift your face and open your arms, ask to be filled with the Light of Pure Spirit. Then allow it descend, sparkling your energy field with Light. Expand your consciousness to receive only God. Ground the physical body and your now sparkling clean energy into the great presence of the Earth Mother. Feel it, see it, allow Light to flow down your spine and legs into the earth. This draws away disruptive elements clinging to your energy field and allows you to exist in the pure light of heightened awareness. Next the breath becomes balanced by breathing in Divine Love to the count of 7, holding this Love within you for one count, and giving back Love into the world to the count of 7. Pause for a moment, and then continue to breathe in this balanced way as you sit in the light of Pure Consciousness. Allow yourself to receive this Divine Light into the very core of your being. When you use this exercise from the Angels every day, you will feel yourself changing from within, and gracefully beginning to shine.

This Light of God expands into every area of life. It creates Divine Order at a cellular level within you and grows outward affecting all existence. These empowering lessons in Truth are gained through inward guidance. Look within, not without – and you will find the way. Grace is there for everyone. All one needs to do is ask – then receive greatly.

And so it is.

Shanta Gabriel
For Archangel Gabriel
February 6, 2010

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