New Moon/Solar Eclipse July 21

On July 21, India will experience the longest solar eclipse in our lifetime. Even though we do not see these amazing events with our physical eyes, we are affected mightily by the energy involved. Eclipses are usually considered “course corrections,” and this one is a powerful tool for liberating ourselves from old attitudes and beliefs that no longer serve us. We can look to the years of 2000-2002 and 1990-92 to see what energies we were personally working with, and bring that history to a completion. The next period of time will be empowering if we can take the time to look at where we have been, and decide what qualities of consciousness we want to bring forward into our lives. For me, it is fulfilling work, harmonious relationships, joy within my heart, and health and happiness in every area of my life. Even though these may seem to be broad in their outlook, these intentions allow the Universe to supply the forms which will most support my soul in the world.

New moons also provide a time for new beginnings. By using the energy provided on the first quarter of the moon, we will be in alignment with the natural flow which is available for our use. It is a good time to set new intentions for life, start new projects and begin again in any area of your life. It will definitely not feel like “rowing up stream” if we use the natural moon cycles to work in our world.

The Gabriel Messages offer practical and inspired wisdom for bringing more balance into daily life. Thank you for joining me in this journey of the soul. Shanta Gabriel

Who is Archangel Gabriel and Why Should We Care?


Have you ever considered inviting an Archangel into your living room?  Neither had I.  But that is what happened back in 1988 when I was frustrated with the direction of my life and praying for my true work to manifest.  One day, without warning, while giving a massage at my home in Hawaii, I sensed a presence heralded by shimmering golden light, with a feeling that the floor was shaking like an earthquake.  When I opened my eyes, there was a being standing at the end of my massage table with wings so grand, they seemed to extend beyond the roof.  Did I fall to my knees and thank God for the answer to my heartfelt prayers?  No! Actually, I was so intimidated by the power of this possible apparition, that I just continued the healing work that I was doing on my client and did my best to ignore the shining presence.  I heard a booming voice telling me that he was Archangel Michael, and this seemed even more strange. The actuality that an archangel would be appearing to me was beyond my capacity to compute intellectually, as well as spiritually.  I had been trained in a tradition that advised against taking visions too seriously.  Plus, I had no history, background, understanding nor even an interest in the angelic realms.

These appearances continued for over a year when I was doing my healing massage work, with me noticing a large winged being, while pretending there was nothing unusual going on.  Although I continued to pray for my path in life, to invite an archangel into my world did not fit any framework I had in my mind. In fact I was afraid I had finally gone around the mental bend in the road to the place my family had been sure I was going for years.  Yes, I was a wanderer on the path of higher consciousness, an explorer of spiritual belief systems, a metaphysical truth seeker, and what some called, a hippie.  Never mind that I was over 40 and still wondering what I was going to be when I grew up.  I just knew that I had a path to follow and work that needed a spiritual calling.  I just was not sure what form that was supposed to take, thus the prayerful calls to the Universe.

Finally in 1990 while meditating in my living room, the now familiar golden light flooded the field behind my eyes, only this time my heart felt like it was melting into a pool of love.  The angel standing before me was nearly faceless the light was so bright, and once again, the traditional wings grandly arched above the cathedral ceiling, but the compassion in his eyes drew me in a new way.  I heard him say that he was Archangel Gabriel and that he had a message for me.  He proceeded to give me a series of exercises that would allow me to receive inspired messages from the light-filled world of wisdom and compassion.  From that time, I began to follow the guidance, receiving messages that filled journals and notebooks with beautiful material over the years.  The relationship I have enjoyed with this beloved being has brought me the absolute knowing that we are not alone in this world, and that our prayers are always answered. It may look a little different than we imagined, but we can have the help we need if we remember to ask, and most importantly, allow it to happen.

Which brings me to the point, with your complex world and busy life, with the numerous, seemingly insurmountable, challenges facing you individually as well as collectively, why complicate your life with archangels, right?  Why should you throw one more thing into the mix of challenges you see before you every day?  Well, because it just might really help, and most of us at this point, do not have much to lose.  I am just suggesting an experiment. Try inviting Archangel Gabriel into your life to offer you some creative solutions to the situations facing you.

I am not suggesting you worship angels, nor am I asking you to give up anything that is really important to you.  This is not a new religion, or an organized practice that negates any of your beliefs in the Supreme Power. It is only an experiment to see if you might notice a change in perception, or a new willingness within to have more clarity and wisdom working in your life.  The archangels maintain principles of consciousness, providing new ways to perceive situations before us.  They freely offer healing energy, protection, more love for to bring grace into our relationships, and a higher level of creativity to use in problem solving, as well as artistic endeavors.  People are asking for creative solutions to seemingly insurmountable problems right now, maybe angelic assistance would be useful.

At other tremulous times in history, there have been historical accounts of visitations from Archangel Gabriel.  When the Israelites were facing death and bondage in Egypt, it was Archangel Gabriel that parted the Red Sea so they could find their way to freedom.  Archangel Gabriel presented Mohammed with a belief system that inspired his life and blessed millions of followers.  When a young woman named Mary heard a whisper in the night, it was Archangel Gabriel telling her about the birth of the Christ Child from within her, so that millions of people could be inspired with Divine Love and Peace.

Does it not seem as though the times we are living in are as confusing, traumatic, and dire as were those historic moments?  If you feel a bit overwhelmed and lost, it may be time to invite this same presence to bless you and open your way to freedom, inspiration and peace.

Archangel Gabriel is a messenger from God, and a link to the communication of wisdom, compassion and balance. He offers powerful keys to inspiration and creative solutions you never imagined. It is possible for each person to connect with these light-filled qualities in a way never before available. The accelerated frequencies of energy on the planet now allow us this opportunity to find new levels of inspiration and guidance.  You may not have the same transmission of messages or visions in the way that I did.  It will be your own experience, inspired by the needs of your soul, and providing the answers to your prayers.

The message that prevails in this offering from Archangel Gabriel is that you now have more access to this powerful presence of love, compassion and wisdom than ever before. The angelic realms await your calling.  All you have to do is ask, and then be willing to receive from the deepest resources of your being.  Perhaps calling on the light of the angelic dimensions can assist the evolution of all beings and the planet as well.  It causes no harm to ask for this light to bless you and your family.  It may even allow a deeper communion with the angels to bless your world.

Shanta Gabriel, July 15, 2009

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