Nurturing Communion With Your Soul


Your focus of attention is what brings forth the manifestation of your soul into daily life.  When was the last time you focused on your soul?  This part of you, which is your most authentic, true, eternal, Divine Self awaits your attention.  With only a small thought, there is a tremendous surge of energy allowing you a deep and benevolent connection to guidance and wisdom.  You can be assured that your soul has your best interest as its foremost intention.  You can know that the most secret longings of your heart are a part of the makeup of its very being.  Trusting in your soul’s guidance can become one of the greatest joys in your life.

When you become enamored with the idea of knowing the pure depths of your soul, it is like a quest that leads you onward.  This forward movement guides your path home to Oneness with all that is, was and ever shall be.  At the same time you will sink ever more deeply inward into the deepest sources of your very being.  Does this not sound delicious?  Allowing yourself to gain a foothold in communion with your soul can assist you in the greatest fulfillment of your spiritual destiny on earth. This is this achievement for which your soul has hungered.  It is that feeling behind your thought, the part of you beneath the one that searches constantly, always leading you onward when you find the next earthly goal leaving you still unsatisfied.

Have you ever heard the old story about the Creator implanting your greatest treasure into the deepest reaches of the heart, where you would never think to look?  In some ways it is very true.  The soul is only available when you go deep within your being and find your own personal, authentic and very beautiful treasure.

It can be the quest of a lifetime and yet truly, your treasure is not hidden to the heart that is open, the mind that is willing, and the spirit that allows itself to receive love.  These are the qualities that spark the soul to pull aside the many veils on the path and gently guide the way into the temple of Grace within your being.  Here the soul will speak to you in a myriad of resonate voices.  As a personal part of your soul’s journey you find those voices that have the greatest resonance and cause your heart to sing with Joy and Gratitude.  The more you listen, the more pure these voices become.  The deeper you trust in your own soul’s wisdom, the more empowered becomes your life path.


Extreme measures are often necessary to awaken the human consciousness in order to hear the soul’s voice.  Your soul waits patiently for your attention, but when the impulse of your original life contract becomes time appropriate, many opportunities begin to present themselves.  These opportunities often come as synchronous happenings, “chance” meetings, or nagging thoughts behind your conscious awareness.  All are meant to get your attention and for you to take time to witness the communication coming to you from your soul.  At the beginning, these impulses may be soft and quiet, but after a while they will gain strength calling on you until finally, all may be stripped away so you have no choice but to listen.

How much more graceful would it be to take your accustomed place on your seat of meditation, and ask your soul for the guidance you need to fulfill your purpose on Earth.  This willingness to receive opens the floodgate of Heaven’s Light.  Your soul awakens your inner connection to the deepest resources within your being, and your path gains clarity and joy.

It is like a muscle that needs exercise to stay strong in order to function in an optimum way.  You may not receive the instant revelation you were hoping for, but with practice and even a small amount of self-discipline, the rewards will be great.  When you begin the spiritual practice of attunement with your soul, consider taking some clear steps to set this intention.


1.  Commit yourself to a minimum of 10-15 minutes every day.  Early in the morning helps the day unfold more gracefully and you will find that you benefit more from this quiet time than 30 minutes extra sleep.  If you are the type that thrives at night, consider taking your meditation time after your day becomes quiet again, and before you sleep as long as you can stay awake to give your full attention to your alignment with your soul.

2.  Make the place where you sit as beautiful as you can, uncluttered and clean.  Light a candle as a dedication to the Light within your soul.  Ask to receive from the deepest sources of your being the guidance you need to fulfill your soul’s purpose.

3.  Consciously breathe in Divine Light from above your head in a sparkling pillar through your body and down into the earth below your seat.  You can use white, gold, purple or even a rainbow of Divine Light. These are all colors that carry a high vibration.  Experiment to find the one that you can resonate with the most.

4.  Have a pad and pen to journal any insights that come to you.  Know that through your actions you are “priming the spiritual pump” to encourage a flow of inspiration.  It is very individual how the guidance will come to you.  There may be a flow of inspiring words, a deep inner knowing, or perhaps you will open a book and the answer will be there.  Having your paper ready just in case thoughts come to you is a useful way to clear your mind, and to let your soul know you are ready to receive insights on your path. Be very open and receptive.  Don’t let your critical mind get in the way of any positive and powerful guidance you may receive.

5.  Sit and breathe in Light with a clear intention to receive inspiration from your soul.  Stay as long as you can.  Know that even 10 to 30 minutes are very helpful and will offer you a sense of wellbeing.  The nurturing your spirit receives helps pave the way to a more fruitful and happy future.

When you give yourself time to receive from the loving presence of your soul, a new joy and peace will awaken within you.  You will feel you are doing what you came on earth to do, even if nothing apparently changes in your outer life at first.  Soon you will begin to attract more opportunities and support you never knew before.  All manner of assistance will bless your path.  You cannot expect it to look a certain way, but if you can continue your intention to receive more Grace, Harmony and Peace in your life, so it will be.

This Soul’s Journey is the one for which you have been called.  You are never alone when you walk the path being shown to you from the guidance within your being. The Heavens rejoice in your commitment to your spiritual path, and you are blessed.  Small steps will have great rewards. Be at Peace.

And so it is.

Shanta Gabriel

For Archangel Gabriel

Copyright:  October 21, 2009

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