New Moon/Solar Eclipse July 21

On July 21, India will experience the longest solar eclipse in our lifetime. Even though we do not see these amazing events with our physical eyes, we are affected mightily by the energy involved. Eclipses are usually considered “course corrections,” and this one is a powerful tool for liberating ourselves from old attitudes and beliefs that no longer serve us. We can look to the years of 2000-2002 and 1990-92 to see what energies we were personally working with, and bring that history to a completion. The next period of time will be empowering if we can take the time to look at where we have been, and decide what qualities of consciousness we want to bring forward into our lives. For me, it is fulfilling work, harmonious relationships, joy within my heart, and health and happiness in every area of my life. Even though these may seem to be broad in their outlook, these intentions allow the Universe to supply the forms which will most support my soul in the world.

New moons also provide a time for new beginnings. By using the energy provided on the first quarter of the moon, we will be in alignment with the natural flow which is available for our use. It is a good time to set new intentions for life, start new projects and begin again in any area of your life. It will definitely not feel like “rowing up stream” if we use the natural moon cycles to work in our world.

The Gabriel Messages offer practical and inspired wisdom for bringing more balance into daily life. Thank you for joining me in this journey of the soul. Shanta Gabriel

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