Shanta’s New Book in Progress

Hello Friends,

For many years people have been suggesting I include more of me in my posts. I have preferred to let the work speak for me, and allow the greater presence of Archangel Gabriel to shine through. But recently, there have been more times when I wanted to share experiences that seem to mirror what others are going through in these tumultuous times.

As I paid attention to these impulses I have found that my story touched people in a way that surprised me. I have decided to begin including these stories to be a part of the creation of a new book that will include some of my experiences over the 40-plus years on my active spiritual path.

I invite your comments on the writings, and encourage you to give me feedback on areas that need more clarity. If you have questions or suggestions on areas that may be of interest to a larger community, I will be happy to consider those in the process of creating a new book.

Thank you for including me in your spiritual life.

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