Dear Ones,

Your message today is that of Oneness. Impressed upon your DNA is the imprint of the Divine. All the cells in your being vibrate at a higher frequency when even the idea of Oneness is introduced.

It is your Birthright to exist in Oneness with All That Is, Was and Ever Shall Be. From that state of Being, you enter into the exalted realms of Possibility and Creative Solutions along with the Empowered Presence of Divine Love. When you allow Divine Love to flow through your being; when you invite Divine Love to act within your life, all of the forces of Heaven rejoice. You can feel the quickening within your heart when you empower this Light of Divine Love to sparkle and flame within you. Your flame becomes one with the Divine Flame and your life begins anew.

With the newness of your Divine Birth into the Light of Oneness, you have entered into the realm of selection for each area of your life. The question becomes, how do you most want to feel? Focus on that place of Divine Love within you, for it is your radiant connection to the feelings bubbling within your being that allows you to attract your reality.

Know that new realities appear daily, even hourly, and often by the minute. You must stay very present and know that you are making a choice for how you will dwell in your life. Choose consciously from among the opportunities presented and use the empowerment of your connection, your Oneness with Divine Love, to create new life where none was apparent. This is expanding consciousness into the realms of possibilities and empowering your physical, mental, and spiritual being to have a peek at inter-dimensional living where all is well.

And so it is.

Shanta Gabriel
for Archangel Gabriel

July 11, 2010

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