A message and invitation from Shanta Gabriel

It seems like we need to give ourselves credit just for the ability to continue walking around during this Tsunami of Change we are experiencing.

Shanta GabrielWe are in the midst of energy waves caused by an 11-year shift in the polarities of the Sun. Adding to that, there are solar flares and four comets (oh my). We also have Pluto stirring up our deep and dark inner resources. “Mining for buried treasure” is the way my astrologer friend, Kelly Beard (KarmicTools.com), describes this event. Kelly reminded me that the way diamonds are mined is by exploding the earth around them. I admit that at times it has felt as though I am being blown up from within my solar plexus.

At a very archetypal level, Pluto causes us to examine the underworld within our psyche to find the jewels that we can carry into the next phase of our lives. When I realized that we still have 2 months of this deep personal examination left to go through, I knew that even I could not keep up the critical judgment of my personal process for that long. It is really important to not take all this upheaval personally but to apply as much neutrality as possible to the energy we are all experiencing.

During this Year of the Snake of Chinese Astrology, we are shedding the skin that no longer fits our sense of self so that in February we can move into the empowerment of the Horse. The Universe is delightfully orchestrating all this so we can find the most true and valued essence of Self in order to fulfill our Soul’s Destiny in this lifetime.

Add in a Venus effect that is giving us similar experiences to those that affected us back in 1997. Most everyone I know talks about that time as heavy and dark where basic structures were blown apart. For me personally, 1997 was when my business started to collapse, which led to losing my home, marriage, appendix and deepest sense of self in one year.

In this momentous time, we are all moving up to a new level of Soul’s expression. Some of us have been given glimpses of our most exalted and treasured future self, making it all the more uncomfortable when we find our selves back in what feels like the “hell realms.” The fact is that we are in a cook pot for the next two months and our primal stew is not yet ready to eat. In this raw and uncooked state, it requires monumental intentionality for us to stay focused on the most beneficial and delicious outcome for our soup. For me, I have been looking to stay in the place of inner balance, where neutrality is the best I can achieve in the moment.

When faced with this deep level of upheaval, the most resourceful place I can go is back to my basics — the values instilled by 40 years of spiritual practice. The year 1997 was also when my first book, Angel Messages, was published along with a set of inspirational cards. The messages that I received at that time were all addressing the very same dynamics I am experiencing right now. I decided to go to the revised version of this book, The Gabriel Messages. There, I found that the insights still reflect the practical and compassionate wisdom that I most need. It seemed like a fitting place to begin my new offering — Inspiration for the Week.

Inspiration for the Week

On December 1, the Inspiration for the Day morphs into the Inspiration for the Week. If you are already signed up for the daily emails, you will now receive the new, more detailed level of wisdom and practical guidance from Archangel Gabriel and me. My intention is to provide a platform of inspiration that we can hold together for the entire week and create a network of love that will bless the world through our shared focus. I am also opening an invitation for you to support me to defray the time and cost of providing this offering.

To prepare the inaugural issue, the card I received is number #51 — a stunning reminder for my perfection-oriented ego self.

[quote]Acknowledge yourself for how far you have come instead of how far you think you have to go.[/quote]

[box]The full message from The Gabriel Messages book is the first of my offerings for Inspiration for the Week, which will begin December 1. If you would like to receive these valuable insights that reflect practical and compassionate wisdom for the times we are experiencing, please sign up here. Current subscribers to Inspiration for the Day will automatically receive the weekly issues.[/box]

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