Gabriel’s Message to X-Radio Listeners 7/14/10

Dear Ones,

There appears to be so much fear around the situations that are affecting many people in the world today. From disastrous occurrences to the economy, there is great change in people’s lives. Because it is unclear where these changes are leading, the natural response to the Unknown is one of fear. People respond with fear when facing an unknown future, when their livelihoods are affected, and their personal world changes. This is understood.

We are suggesting a different way. There are more Angels available than have ever been present on earth. Unprecedented times bring unprecedented action. The realms of Heaven respond to prayer. The forces of Nature respond to thought and attitude. This has been proven by the science of Physics. In many experiments it was shown that the focus of attention and pure thought could change the direction of the experiment.

Our way of seeing the vast experiment on the Earth at this time is to call on those who understand these principles to gain strength in numbers to create new responses throughout the world, thus bringing forth a Spontaneous Evolution. The intensity of any situation foremost in your news is a good place to start creation of new thought and the realization that each person can change their worldview with their thoughts and feelings, and change the actual situation as well.

Gain through prayer and meditation the same feeling of intensity that you see on the news by focusing on Divine Love, by focusing on Divine Light, by focusing on Peace. These are all attributes of the Presence of God – All that Is, Was, and Ever Shall Be. The expansiveness of this energy quickens the frequency of vibration within the body, mind, and emotional state, and these uplifted frequencies of energy then radiate to others.

Science has proven that the radiance of Divine Love and Peace can change the energy of not only one person but also the world near them. Consider what has been called The Butterfly Affect, showing the interconnection of all things, The Maharishi Affect proving how a group of meditators could bring down the crime rate for miles around them in more than one city, and the famous experiments of Dr. Emoto who showed that words could change the molecular structure of water. Imagine the waters of the Earth being blessed Peace and Love and the waters will change. These are demonstrations of the interconnectedness of your world and the importance of working with your own thoughts and feelings to change the reality you live in.

Optimism is a great attribute and happy people definitely live more pleasant lives. More than that, the Earth needs you to create change in your own being by knowing that positive change can come through what appears to be loss and chaos. The Unknown is a blank slate and each person can, by their intentional actions and feelings, create a better world for themselves and all others as they change their thoughts each moment. When you gather together with people of like mind to bring inspiring thoughts of Love, Peace, and Hopeful Possibilities, it changes not only your being, but the world around you as well.

You are not alone. There are many beautiful beings of Light available to help. The Heavenly Realms bring forth Light and this blesses all with more Divine Love and that is the key to change. High frequency interaction with your world allows Creative Solutions to appear where none were known before. Does it not seem as though there must be a creative solution to every situation facing you in your personal life and in the world? Does it not seem as though if you could see with a more expansive vision you would see the answer? That is absolutely true. You can ask for this Divine Assistance and it is available.

Start wherever you are but understand that bringing hope into despair, faith into suspicion and love into anger, has more power to create the positive change you require because those attributes of God vibrate at a higher frequency of energy. It is up to each person to create new life where none is obvious. Imagine that there is are amazing possibilities facing you in the wake of what appears so dire. Ask for Benevolent Outcomes and know that radical change opens doors to new opportunities. Nothing in Nature ever stays the same. Why would you expect that in your life and world?

Know that you have the power to create Beauty, Peace, and Harmony and this magnifies when you join with others who also believe this metaphysical truth. Remember the highest frequency of energies open the way to Creative Solutions, so keeping your energy vibrating at a high level magnetizes these energies to you. Einstein said a problem cannot be solved from the place of immersion in the problem.

As long as you keep your thoughts and emotions in alignment with these attributes, you can ask your Guardian Angel to show you new possibilities for a happy life and peace in your world, and so it shall be. You are not alone – ever. Know with every fiber of your being that Divine Energy exists within all things. Allow yourself to receive from this Light of Divine Grace and you are blessed.

And so it is.

Shanta Gabriel
For Archangel Gabriel

Copyright July 14, 2010

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