Free Meditation for Taurus New Moon

Taurus New Moon Meditation

Click on the link above for a 15 minute meditation that can assist in creating more connection to the energy of this new moon time. My friend, Kelly Beard, from has honored me by inviting me to lead meditations on special teleconferences, such as her Solstice and Equinox calls. The Taurus New Moon call on May 6 landed on Beltaine, the cross-quarter between the seasons. I wanted to share it for this new moon tomorrow.

On Thursday, May 13, at 9:04 pm EDT, we will be experiencing the Taurus New Moon.  Here is a summary of the information I  received in the call from Kelly. You can see a beautifully in depth look at the astrological information on her website.

I am delighted that Mercury went direct yesterday so we are not swimming up stream as much as we were. This new moon now offers some interesting possibilities.  We are being encouraged to commit to a life that reflects our true values. Though Taurus is interested in material comfort and security, the bigger question is “how do we define physical pleasure?”  What does true wealth really mean to you?

It is interesting to note the different aspects of the moon offers because it means that we would have support from the Universe if we were to explore those areas in life.  For instance, Taurus loves Beauty and Substance, so it is lovely to re-infuse our lives with those energies. Another aspect of this moon is stabilization of our foundations. We are creating strong roots to stabilize our lives in a way that brings us balance. At the same time we are giving a flow to this structure so it is not rigid. Like a bamboo, we want our inner structures to be able to bend but be strong.  This helps to bring us back into the present time, because it is beneficial to stop for a moment before taking action.

This new moon is about our fundamentals. We may be rebuilding our basic structures so we can be more self-sufficient and creative. We are aligning our inner and outer selves so we can feel more integrated. We are also being encouraged to try new things, and ground those new ideas that we are cultivating. Those things that don’t work we just need to compost. It is a good time to initiate new goals and visions, and have faith in our creative abilities.

Every new moon, I make a list of goals or intentions for the month. I believe it helps me to focus, and lets the Universe know what I am focused on. I place it on my altar and often read it if I start feeling to expanded, and need to ground my work. I ask for special help from the Angels for those areas where I feel a bit shaky. It is always interesting to see how those specific intentions have manifested as the month progresses.

I hope you are feeling a new inspiration for Spring.  Thank you for your support for my work and the good energy you are bringing into the world.

Many blessings, Shanta

Comments about the meditation:

Hi Shanta,

Just a quick note to say I just listened to your meditation. Wow.
Another amazing offering that needs to get out there 🙂

I actually cried while listening to the first few minutes. I have no
idea why, and that’s okay — I do that sometimes during a healing
release. Thank you!

from L.W. , 5/18

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  1. Shanta Gabriel on July 4, 2010 at 3:31 pm

    Do you mean Hard to imagine, Kelly Beard is seldom out of touch. Keep trying! Blessings, Shanta

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