Flowing Energy toward your Optimum Future

Dear One,

Inspiration is like tuning a radio to the Angelic frequency. Giving yourself time to receive while you sit in the flowing light, ask to be a clear channel for Divine Guidance. All of these actions are preparations for the attunement of spiritual awareness. The gift of consciousness is available to all who will allow this sense of communion to take place within them.

Becoming a vessel for Divine Light is a serious practice of creation and remembrance. Opening the heart and mind to give space within your being for Divine Light to enter, starts with the intention to become a clear channel for the anchoring of God’s light into the earth. It requires your commitment to doing the actions necessary so you can become a vessel to receive the sweetness of God’s Love, the active force within the Light. It takes the creation of sacred space within and without in order to make yourself available for receiving these gifts.

Why is it necessary to do this? Because your desire to live your Soul’s Purpose has brought you into this time and space. You have the awareness that something is required of you before you can bring Heaven to Earth. New Life without begins with the new life inside you, and that starts with intentionality.

We are in a time of Vast Increase and Change. The increasing energy frequencies will encourage more change within and around you. Guiding this change is important so that the flow of energy is moving toward your optimum future. You may not be able to make exact formatting for your goals but you can create a clear framework for how you will feel. Your life will then provide a structure for these intentions.

This is a way to become the Practical Mystic in your world. It is the face of the feminine presence, using spiritual wisdom, creative energies and then allowing higher frequencies to work in your life. These energies work with Earth wisdom and flow with the energy available for you when you look beyond the details to the greater flow of the Universe.

Your intentions and energetic focus create the world you live in. Choose well.

Shanta Gabriel for Archangel Gabriel
Copyright: June 6, 2010

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