Essences of Divine Light™

Would you like to experience more Peace of Mind?
Would you like to live your life with more Trust and Faith?
Do you want more access to the higher energy frequencies —
such as Love and Joy?

When a few drops are taken daily under the tongue, the Essences of Divine Light™ create an energy sequence within your being that resonates with your Higher Self. This allows you to access the more refined states of consciousness represented in each essence and help integrate that quality of consciousness into your cellular structure so it can become a more coherent part of your life. Because each essence stimulates the Divine Blueprint inherent in the qualities, you are able to access these states more easily.

People are most familiar with Flower Essences, such as Bach Flower Remedies, first introduced to the world by Dr. Edward Bach in the 1920’s. The Essences of Divine Light are similar in that they hold the vibration of a quality your soul needs to evolve. The Essences of Divine Light differ from the Flower Essences because they are etheric in nature and have no physical connection to a flower or plant.

Our first release, Heaven on Earth

The first essence we are introducing, Heaven on Earth, is specifically activated for the resonance of Divine Light that has been increasing on Earth since the year 2012 began. It was empowered during the Eclipse alignment of the Sun, Moon and Pleiades on May 20, and is now working at a high frequency to attune your physical, mental and emotional bodies to the Divine Light available for you now.

We have chosen Heaven on Earth to be the first of 20 essences to be released because we all need to be able to more gracefully ride the waves of higher energy frequencies we are experiencing at this time. Just as a flower essence will assist your electrical system to integrate new patterns of energy, the Essences of Divine Light will also facilitate new patterns for your energy system during this crucial time. This will allow you to stay more centered in your spirit and connect with your intuition as you access new qualities of consciousness and multi-dimensional frequencies.

There is a prophecy that the time lines will merge on December 21, 2012 enabling a 5th Dimensional Reality that includes Peace, Harmony and Divine Love as its core to be born. The Heaven on Earth essence assists in the integration and grounding of the higher frequencies of Light available at this time on the planet, and bridges the dimensions to bring Heaven on Earth through you. With this essence, you become a loving vessel to embody the new vibration this quality of consciousness brings into being. People have reported a more expanded sense of love for themselves and all of life, as well as increased access to their heart center and spirit.

How to Use Essences of Divine Light – Take 3 drops under the tongue 2 times per day

Where Did the Essences of Divine Light Come From?

The Essences of Divine Light™ are a co-creation from the Archangels and two receptive devotees, Shanta Gabriel and Fanny Whitman. The Essences of Divine Light carry the loving presence of Archangelic Energy, each one calling your spirit and heart home to the Light. The essences raise your vibrational frequency to embrace the quality of spiritual consciousness each essence embodies in order to assist your evolutionary process.

Both the creators of the Essences of Divine Light, Fanny and Shanta, have had long-time meditation practices and dedicated their lives to spiritual service in the 1970’s. Though they did not meet in person until 2000, they are the same age and both have very similar backgrounds. Each lived on a tropical island for 20 years, each one studied with a Shaktipat Guru for many years and both women studied and practice forms of Energy Healing. Their spiritual attunement, individually and together, inspired the Essences of Divine Light to enhance your life and bring greater Evolutionary Consciousness to the world.

As you become more conscious and aware of the subtle energy states that are working in the world for your evolution, with the assistance of the Archangelic frequencies, you will be able to access and thrive in the heightened energy of Divine Light being gifted to the Earth at this momentous time.

What others are saying about the Essences of Divine Light

Your essence has quite a high frequency to it. The essence has an energy that is harder to track because it is of this frequency–in the ethers, so to speak. What it feels like in my body is a full, viscous. energy-rich air that surely only bodhisattvas have experienced in the past. Now, brought to the minions through prayer and love. L.K.B., Hawaii

The Complete Set of Essences of Divine Light



To be used when a sense of contraction is present, this essence opens your being to the Boundless Love and the Expansiveness within the Vastness of Space. Your body is then filled with the spaciousness of your unlimited potential and you are restored to Sacred Balance.


This essence removes obstacles to the manifestation of that which is in alignment with your Soul’s Purpose and most Divine Self. The magnetism this essence awakens, draws to you people and situations in Grace-filled ways. It also aligns you with your highest intentions for life.


Like an angelic choir, this essence creates attunement to the Music of the Spheres, the most sacred sound of the Universe. It is an essence of etheric Inspiration and Harmony that blesses the song of your heart. When taken during any musical situation, a beautiful vibrational alignment occurs and joyous music that resonates deeply within is the result.


Empowered by Divine Love, this essence creates a Rainbow Bridge connecting you and your intentions to your most joy-filled, abundant future. Being clear about those qualities of Light and Consciousness you most want to experience in your future will assist you in aligning with the person you will manifest as your true self at that time. What is your optimal future? Does it include living in Harmony, Beauty, Peace, Health and Well-Being? A life of Grace-filled financial support, surrounded by people you love, who cherish you as well? Bless it and create it with the support of this essence.


This essence opens the doorways of the mind to the blessings that are your birthright as a spiritual being in a physical body. True Prosperity flows through a heart filled with gratitude, open to the unlimited ocean of God’s Abundance.

Remember this affirmation:

All my needs are met with Grace and Ease and I AM cared for eternally.


This is a soothing elixir to restore your center of Peace within. It assists you in maintaining your balance while integrating the higher frequencies that are present on our planet at this time.


Especially helpful during transitional times in life, this essence guides your choices to align you with your Soul’s purpose. It allows you to experience a sense of freedom and protection as you walk your path with greater courage and faith.


This essence restores the Divine Blueprint of Perfection existing within every person and every situation. It holds the core pattern of Unity Consciousness, which allows you to embody the Divine Order present on the planet at this time.


Especially nourishing during those times when the presence of the color green in Nature is not apparent, and your being longs for the comfort of Light-filled blessings from the angels of the natural world. This essence provides a deep subliminal response to the color of green in Nature as well as feeding your entire being with the vitality of life.


This essence encompasses the crystalline resonance of water present in the cells of all people, creatures and growing things on this beautiful planet. As all are linked energetically and spiritually within their hearts, so also is there a link to the waters of all the streams, lakes, rivers, and oceans of the world. All water is held in the soothing, flowing waves of the Ocean of Conscious Light. Through this essence you embrace Love  in your heart, and restore your link to the Divine Blueprint for Perfection in all the waters on the planet Earth.


This is a very grounding essence that allows your spinal column to become attuned to the alignment demonstrated by all the trees. This essence encourages the life force in your spinal column to mirror the alignment, strength and flexibility demonstrated by trees. It brings more Life Force into the physical body and allows you to open your mind and heart to the ancient wisdom of the trees.


This essence transports you to a sacred space filled with Harmony and Light. God’s Love is the nectar that uplifts your meditations and illuminates your heart. This essence gifts you with the highest connection to your most Divine Self and is a vastly powerful meditation tool.


This essence imbues the Crystal Chalice within your Sacred Heart with the elixir of God’s Love. The thymus area of your being holds the new turquoise High Heart Chakra.. A deeply resonant connection to the Christed Consciousness exists in this area. When you fill the Crystal Chalice within this sacred heart chakra with the golden light of the Christ, you radiate this frequency of Love within your being and into the world around you.


In order to thrive in the world, your inner being requires a time of Silence every day. In the sacred space between your in breath and your out breath, the Divine Presence dwells. When you use this essence and give yourself time to receive, a deep communion within your being is nourished, and a sacred space opens up within you. It creates a portal to access the information available in the new vibration of Divine Light.


There are times in life when synchronicity occurs, a moment when you perceive overwhelming beauty or pure sweetness. At these times the mind and heart open spontaneously to the exquisite perfection of the Divine Mystery and you experience Holy Awe and Wonder. This essence imbues you with that sacred feeling.


As the time lines merge, a 5th Dimensional Reality, that includes Peace, Harmony, and Divine Love as its basis of being is born. This essence assists the integration of grounding the higher frequency of Light available at this time on the planet and bridges the dimensions to bring Heaven to Earth through you. This will allow you to function in your 3D world within a lighter vibration. As the energy frequencies on the Earth shift, you will then be able to hold these higher vibrations more gracefully within your being.


As you use the essence, your creativity is inspired and enhanced for birthing new ideas and form into the world. Receiving this essence you are nourished to a cellular level, succored and held in the arms of the Mother of all Life.


Serving the union of male and female, the Divine Masculine provides Heart-Centered support. Like the sun that rises each morning, the Divine Masculine is trustworthy and reliable and holds the form created by the Divine Feminine with centered strength. This Essence will bring a sense of clear, anchored strength and power to your action in the world.


This Essence facilitates changes in the DNA structure of your physical form with the new, high frequencies of the 5th Dimension, giving you a Lightness of Being that you may experience as grace-filled expansiveness and ease in your everyday life. You shift out of the 3-D vibration that holds onto old patterns into the new light-filled frequency where you have the Freedom to manifest your highest loving aspirations, hopes and dreams


This essence holds the Spiritual Qualities inherent in the Seven Sisters, each star of the Pleiades Star Cluster. Each quality of consciousness holds a powerful vibrational frequency that you will be able to access more gracefully through the use of this essence. Each star offers individuals gifts to assist us.
The seven qualities of each star in the Pleiades Star Cluster are:
1. Graceful Evolution   2. Safety   3. Clarity  4. Hope  5. Harmony  6. Well Being  7. Connection

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