Equinox – September 2009

A Message from Archangel Gabriel

Equinox – September 2009

Dear Ones,

The Earth is hanging in Balance waiting to see how the people will show up for her.  A call is going out to those who care about the environment.  A way is being found to turn the tide toward healing and a wave of new energy is being sent to the planet to encourage people to step forward and make a difference.  This wave of unprecedented power is from the Angelic Dimensions and shines in rainbow colors.

The predictions are dire and movies, scientists, environmental action groups, and many regular people who truly care to have an earth that can sustain life for our children’s children, are expressing the drumbeat of this awareness.  There is a tangible need for people to take action now to change the course of the destruction of the environment.  It is not too late and there are many things even one person can do to make a difference.

Most importantly, there is even more we can do together to shift the energy to positive change.  All over the world groups are gathering now to create a powerful force of energy to empower the shift already under way.  This is being done with prayer and Light visualization, and it is activating the grids of healing which work with the earth at this time.

The visualization being offered by Archangel Gabriel resembles an 8-pointed star.  When broken into components it reveals itself as a beacon of light to connect deeply with the power of the earth and the power of the Angelic forces, which are working to literally save the planet from destruction. Imagine the lower portion of the star as a vast pyramid with an opening that sinks deeply into the earth. This gathers immense energy from the Mother to nourish all life, and holds a strong anchor.  If you were to make an X to begin the star, you can see the upper portion is a vast cone that invites Angelic energy and the Light from the Source of all Life into it.  When a line is drawn horizontally through the X, it represents the Balance, and the original first dimension of physics, where people are a dot on a line.  Draw a very tall vertical line from above reaching to the Highest Source of Light connecting the X deep into the Earth and you have the Heaven to Earth connection necessary to create a massive change in consciousness right now.  This star can be used as a visualization that will empower blessing energy.  It can be used on a specific place on earth that needs special energy, and it can be used over, under, and around the earth to shine more rainbow light.

We are being asked to withdraw attention from the enormous quantities of dark pictures we see on the TV and hear every day.  Light is more powerful than darkness, and we need to create visions that can empower a positive force. The eight-pointed star can assist this, as well as sending a prayer of blessing and a light to every dark scene we see in any form of media.  Our thoughts have tremendous power.  Science has proven that our brains do not know the difference between creative visualization and physical action.  Athletes have been using this for years.  We are being asked to make a greater effort at using these same techniques for the planet Earth.

We cannot send hateful thoughts to our government leaders in order to create positive change.  The only way we can make a positive difference is to raise our consciousness to a higher level of energy.  We need to radiate peace to create peace, and express healing energy to create healing of the earth.  We are the Light of the world.  When we remember this truth we provide the impetus for positive change.

How do we lift our vibrational frequency when things look so bad and our personal lives may feel like an ongoing struggle?  It is like changing the dial on a radio.  There are small ways that will make a big difference.  Just begin to pay attention to beauty in Nature.  Marvel at every flower, tree and rock formation that catches your attention.  Let the natural flow of water soothe you, even if it’s a fountain in your house.  Bring harmony to your home with fresh flowers, remove clutter and make it as clean as you can. Listen to soothing music, turn off the TV.  Watch uplifting movies and spend time with people who make you happy. Let the light shine in by washing your windows. Most importantly as you do these small things you begin to feel better, and as you feel better you begin to vibrate at a higher rate.  When you are vibrating at a higher frequency, solutions to challenges become more apparent and you are a magnet for outcomes that match your vibration.  Also, as your vibration raises you are radiating a higher frequency of energy, and the planet will be blessed.

As you gather together with those of like mind, you will be able to pray and visualize a healing on the planet from a place of positive energy not fear. Join together in imagining what is possible and how magnificent the beauty of the earth is.  Remember all the beautiful places you have seen and the wondrous animals you loved.  This will begin to lift your spirits and you will feel happier. Meditate and pray together to raise your vibrations and begin to bless the earth.  When you bless situations occurring on the planet, you confer positive energy.  This energy multiplies on itself and expands so more and more of the earth is blessed. We can do this together.  We can turn the tide now.  It is time.

Gather with those of like mind and bless the earth with Light.  Use the 8-pointed star if it resonates with you.  Most importantly, remember that the Earth is calling us together, and the Angelic Dimensions are raining an unprecedented flow of Rainbow Light energy onto the planet.  Use this time together and bring forth a new realm, one where we can live in harmony with the earth, and there is peace.

Shanta Gabriel for Archangel Gabriel

Copyright September 21, 2009

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