Equinox Message from Archangel Gabriel

Your Equinox Message from Archangel Gabriel

by Shanta Gabriel | Sep 22, 2016

Dear Ones,

At this moment in time, you are completing a year of Self Mastery. The discovery of who you are on a more deep and expansive level has been a revelation of consciousness. The awakenings that have occurred for you this year are only now coming into your conscious awareness.

You may doubt that truth of this idea as you have only noticed a blank state of expansiveness that feels like being spaced out in the void space or even stuck. What you are experiencing however is a level of Divine Neutrality that you have never witnessed. Even those who have relied on their emotional states to inspire and guide their lives are starting to recognize the wisdom coming from within their inner beings as a new system of Balance opening inside.

You who have taken stock of your creative offerings have felt the urging from within and the glimpse of the new gifts coming forward. The freedom this new expression offers is beyond comparison and is like nothing you have ever known in your lives to this point in time.

There are new realms of activated and illumined Truth coming forward to be nurtured and introduced into lives that are starving for alignment with your soul’s highest destiny. There are profound new frequencies and connections for you in this divine neutrality that is being offered. Enlightened wisdom is now available that springs from your true expansion into the Light of God Source energy and now you have the freedom to express it in a way you have never known.

When you look at your life the evidence of this freedom may not be clear. Your true evidence is in the Balance and Harmony you feel in yourself. The respect and love that you are beginning to perceive for who you are, is reaching a new level as you begin to access the gifts of your soul’s expression on the Earth.

It may not be what you think you see although if you allow yourself a peek at your life from a different level of awareness, you will notice how, in your state of new Balance, unimaginable Beauty is awakening in your world as well. The requirements for your new awakening into an illumined life have been acknowledged by your very soul’s presence – active and secure in your physical body for the first time ever! This is a profound statement.

You are embodying what you have been wanting to activate. You have been taking steps that have been focused, longing to express your creativity in the world and seeking confirmation that your reality is changing. Now you are beginning to see the evidence, maybe in small ways, but true examples of your ability to not only access the higher frequencies, but to bring them actively into your physical form and fully embody your soul’s gifts. All is within the Divine Neutrality of your soul working actively in your physical form.

Soak in this experience of Divine Neutrality in this Equinox portal and let it expand through your energy system so that every cell is firing with the codes of Balance. The awakening that so many are thirsting after is here, not with trumpets and fanfare, but in the quiet openings into Balance that are found within your breath.

The simplicity of this expansive state is misleading. You thought it would be louder, more explosive in nature with perhaps more visions, color and sound. And yet this quiet connection to the breath of life, this awareness of the Beauty unfolding within you and your immediate world, along with the simple emerging of your soul’s gifts is the what it means to awaken.

Within this awakening you simply are who you are meant to be. The revelation is that you have become your soul’s expression in the world, and it all comes to you from a divine sense of Balance. You simply become the blended being of divinity and human that happens naturally as you immerse into God’s Light within your breath. Your awakening focus then becomes that sense of expansive presence in whom you live, move and have your being.

The gift of Group Consciousness as we are working together in this Equinox conference is your ability to have a full experience of the Unified Field of Love and Balance. We are activating that field that exists within a direct divine connection as it fully expands your human envelope so that your energy system can transform and receive the Power of Divine Loving Intelligence.

When you immerse yourself in this Divine Intelligence it feels so whole and balanced that you think you are not actually in an altered state. It is so natural to who you are that you don’t feel you are experiencing anything special. This experience is your state of Pure Balance and Divine Neutrality that we are speaking of.

We of the Angelic Dimensions are opening this state of consciousness for you so you can continue to be fed by the higher frequencies of Light and let that energy do its work within you. You are here to simply relax and receive with an open mind and heart.

We are expanding the energy frequencies so you can fully experience Divinity working within you on the Earth. As you come into the experience of full immersion into Divine Awareness, you cannot go back to where you were. You are being transformed from the inside out in this moment in time, the Equinox of September 2016.

We the Archangels are with you and guiding the process of awakening into your own angelic form through this time. The Light Body empowerment we are offering you may include wings that expand with the Light of illumined consciousness as it anchors your new crystalline DNA structure. Do not limit the formation of new life awakening within you. As you bring this Light through your physical form, creativity knows no bounds.

What is being offered and is now working through your human body is more support and a more empowered creative flow than you have ever known. Quiet your action in the world, focus on your breath, and allow your heart’s intelligence to speak as you align with your Soul. This Alignment is your direct connection to the Divine and as such brings your gifts forward into daily life. Let Life fly free through you and know you are profoundly loved. I am Archangel Gabriel, you are blessed and so it is.

Shanta Gabriel for Archangel Gabriel

September 22, 2016




  1. LoveLea on November 24, 2016 at 7:03 am

    This is the beautiful resonance! Received at the perfect time as I continue to realise my Divine presence & have calm faith in the Divine Unfolding within and around me…as heavenly sign to keep moving forward with my Divine creativity, honour my vision and freely express my soul passions! I Am heart centered and Divinely balanced in all that I think, say and do…the Love and Light of God resides in my very being….I Am pure Oneness…And so it is! Thanks you Gabriel for the encouraging message of Love…

  2. Shanta Gabriel on November 25, 2016 at 12:46 pm

    Thank you for your message. Please know that I do a teleconference where the Archangels are channeled for every season.December 21 Solstice is the next one in that series, but 12:12 is also a powerful day when I offer a teleconference. More information is available on ShantaGabriel.com. Please sign up for my free newsletter and you will be able to know what dates to tune in. Many blessings, Shanta

  3. Rayna on February 21, 2017 at 11:51 am

    I Am Lucky and Truly Blessed having been brought here by My ArchAngelGabriel…in the nick of Time…just as my whole world tries to fall prey to the others who would help end my life…block my gifts and seed evil and hate…here is my prayer for me, mine, you n yours, …
    i wish that you see a wish of yours come true, and tho my time be at end, that i am standing next to you….that we might see it become the world…for all that He Who Has Made Me, had always planned for us to be and do… love and joy and trueself enspiring love to you ShantaGabriel…I look forward to giving you the hug id been holding for you all this time! jesmerayna…told ya we’d meetup on the day we agreed …back in heaven! you’ll see me …as we agreed! okay?!?! one day…hey, “it could happen…even to acoupla girls like thee n me!?!” (well…it could! i believe! ????????????????????1213121…remember?
    itsjesme!?you’ll see! love n joy my dear as AllWaysAre His Ways…in Jesus Holy Name, I Ask This…Believing. so let it be done and done .amen.

  4. Sarah McGreevy on October 25, 2018 at 12:13 pm

    That’s really cool. I was ‘awakened’ in 2016, and Gabriel ‘revealed’ himself to me about a year or two later. And he directed me here today. I know this message is to me (and of course the others who read it). FeelsGoodMan. I have had my fair share of struggle and am looking forward to the rainbow that comes after the storm! On Earth, of course. Anyways. Namaste and shalom!

  5. Shanta Gabriel on February 22, 2019 at 12:20 pm

    Dear Ones, I hope you did follow up on the requirement to shift over to the ShantaGabriel.com site. I was not able to know these messages were even here, so I apologize for the late response.

    Please know you are profoundly loved and well supported to fulfill your Soul’s highest destiny.

    Love and Respect to you, Shanta

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