“Embracing Your Optimum Future” Sessions

Everyone is talking about the soon-coming great shift of human and planetary consciousness. We’re in a period of Creative Chaos and the next four years have been pinpointed as critical for manifesting a healthy, vibrant earth that supports quality life.

What about your next four years? Do you know how your Optimum Future looks and feels?

Create and embrace your optimum future

Shanta Gabriel’s new “Embracing Your Optimum Future” sessions are for those who are:

  • Excited about a world of infinite possibilities
  • Wondering how to embrace the dynamic shifts to create your Optimum Self
  • Curious about how to stay anchored during massive change
  • Perhaps frustrated with how your life is going now

This new offering includes 3 insightful and empowering sessions to help you create and embrace your optimum future!

Here’s how it works:

Session 1: Private Phone Consultation

Your first phone session is a private 1-hour consultation with Shanta. Together you will explore the possibilities that exist for you and your Optimum Future Self. She will help you create an individualized practice that takes very little time, which you can use on a daily basis to help you align with your dreams.

Sessions 2 and 3: Group Teleconference

In the second part of the series, Shanta will lead two 60-minute group sessions in order to join with others to learn powerful techniques and create a supportive network, both spiritually and physically. These sessions will end with a guided meditation to help anchor the process within your being.

You will learn techniques to:

  • Promote balance in body, mind and spirit
  • Calm nervous energy
  • Create expansion of mental/emotional states to promote inner peace
  • Align with Higher Self
  • Create a daily practice for spiritual renewal
  • Feel more harmonious in every area of life
  • Create a resonance for your Optimum Future Life
  • Provide union between your physical and spiritual life

Embracing Your Optimum Future private sessions
start January 15.

Private sessions will be held January 15 through 31. The two group sessions will be held during the first two weeks of February. The date and time will be based on input from participants.

How to Sign Up

The fee for the three sessions is $195. To sign up and pay, click the PayPal button below. Upon payment, you will receive information for scheduling your first session. After your first session, you’ll receive the dates and times for the group sessions.

***Sessions are available only to those living in the U.S. and Canada at this time.

Sign up now and start creating sanctity on the Earth and in your life through your Optimum Future Self!


About Shanta

Shanta Gabriel began her spiritual quest and her studies of holistic health the same year, over 35 years ago. She studied herbal healing in the Sierra Mountains, a number of energy healing modalities and became a licensed massage therapist. She was a close disciple of an Indian master of the Science of Sound, learning meditation and other ancient healing techniques. She has been working with the Archangels since 1988, and has written several books and inspirational cards. Her new card set, The Gabriel Message Cards, will be available this month.

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