Creating a Matrix for Sacred Life


Crystal Chalice

Dear Ones,

Your soul volunteered to be here during this pivotal time to act as a bridge between Heaven and Earth. You are here to bring Spirit into matter, to be the Divine human that acts as a Light Bearer for awakening consciousness. It is incumbent upon you, therefore, to bring your spirituality into every area of your life in full unity and recognize that all is a part of God. When you do this, your presence becomes a blessing and all that you are brings more Harmony into the world.

In this time of new beginnings you have been given a great gift ~ a blank slate to work with so you can create your new life in 2014 and beyond. There is a magical quality to this place of the unseen, unknown future. Having released all that you were in the past, you might be feeling empty and uncertain. For some it is very uncomfortable, yet recognize that this is a very sacred place to be.

You stand at the apex of awakening consciousness, and blessings are being showered upon you from Source energy, enabling you to work very closely with your Soul’s guidance system. This is important to know because your intuition is becoming very clear and you can trust yourself in a new way. The Angelic Dimensions have seeded the consciousness of humanity with a powerful, loving force of intention to bring the highest frequencies into daily life in pure harmonic, cohesive balance.

A Sacred Vessel is a Gift ~ especially when it is empty

You can bring this powerful balancing aspect into every area of your life. Recognize that you are being offered this blank slate as a developing form to assist you in creating a new foundation for your life. You are being offered a Divine living substance that awaits your command. The form you are developing is like your sacred matrix for manifestation. It is in this vessel that you place your dreams, your intentions and your highest visions for your life and all life on Earth. The beauty of this gift from God is that it is actually empty. All patterns of the past have been released, and you are in the process of clearing the last vestiges of energies that do not serve you nor resonate with the new frequencies.

Imagine that this form is becoming a sacred chalice in which you will co-create everything that you are ready to receive. This matrix will hold the light frequencies you need for manifestation of your powerful intentions. You are filling this vessel now with each thought and emotion that you focus on. This may not be good news for some who are still focused on all that is not working and that which seems to be missing from life. Your attention to these low-frequency details are part of your creation mythology and will not bring to you the sense of Well-being and Happiness you desire.

When you look at your sacred vessel and complain because it is empty, you are missing the gift that is being offered to you from a Benevolent Universe who wants you to be happy. This is a Sacred Chalice to hold your unformed life, open and ready for you to bring your prayers for the fulfillment of your Soul’s Destiny.

The first months leading to Equinox are very important for you to remember all that you do want to receive; to focus on that which is Precious and Powerful and Beautiful. In this way you fill your Chalice with holiness, and the Universe assists you in bringing forth your deepest Soul’s longings. Remember that the focal point of your attention will fill the empty vessel and prepare your matrix to hold that focused power as the year progresses.

Increased Levels of Sensitivity

As you move into 2014, your sensitivity levels will increase. This could feel very uncomfortable depending upon the energies you are involved with. Your interaction with different types of people, electronics, and sounds could have you feeling very jumpy and brittle, perhaps stimulating new decisions on where and with whom you spend your time. The idea of becoming a hermit may seem ever more attractive, as you learn to feel more safe in a body that is vibrating at higher 5D frequencies.

On the other hand, you may find yourself being able to merge and be comfortable in Nature in a new way that allows you to feel fulfilled and happy. The activities of the lower chakras are going to demand that you become more attuned to their needs and requirements. Activities such as creation of a spiritual practice to help you focus on your breath and a consciously-grounded connection to Earth energy will assist you to be more present with your feelings, and the impulses of your heart’s guidance system.

You will feel a call to take better care of your physical body using higher-frequency food and exercise that increases your physical balance. Your emotional body is being encouraged to live in more neutrality and equilibrium so your nervous system can adjust to the new frequencies more readily. Your mental body is being inspired to true, authentic wisdom as your brain cells become activated with full-spectrum light. Do not make it more difficult by over-thinking the process. It has been set in motion by your soul’s response to the high frequencies now available, and your heart will provide the intelligence you need as you learn to thrive in 5D.

Bringing Spirit into Matter

You can become the Sacred Chalice, ready to receive the new patterns of Wholeness, Truth and Oneness. It does you no good to kick the vessel and complain that it is empty, just because you do not see the evidence of that which you want to manifest. This empty vessel is a Divine gift from God. It is your work now to fill this matrix and energize your life with the harmonic frequencies containing the magical substance offered by the Divine for manifesting your Soul’s Destiny on Earth.

You have this precious time between now and the March Equinox to prepare yourself and fill your vessel with the power of your intentions so full movement into manifestation can occur after the Equinox. When you are prepared, you can step into magic.

You have so much assistance and the prayers of your heart are being heard. Keep your prayers high to honor the gifts available to you in this pivotal time on Earth.

Divine Presence,

Thank you for blessing me with this holy vessel to fill with my deepest longings and heartfelt desires. Help me to recognize the gifts being offered to me and turn my attention to that which I want to see manifest in this time before Equinox. I ask that my Higher Self gently remind me of those dreams that are ready to come forward in my life at this time.

Please bring me the assistance I require to fill my life with more Beauty and a sense of accomplishment. Allow me to make friends with the Guidance System that inspires my Higher Self and brings fulfillment of my Soul’s purpose. Remind me to be attentive and alert to the inspiration that is pouring through me in every moment.

I ask that Divine Light fill my being and raise my vibrational frequencies so I may listen with a fuller awareness. Fill my heart with Divine Love so that I may regenerate this love throughout my human form and radiate love into the world through my being. I am so willing to fulfill the impulses of my heart and co-create with the Divine a new way of being that blesses the Earth with all that I am. Help me bring the fullness of my most authentic self forward into the present moment. Let me use my new-found freedom to create miracles in powerfully conscious ways that serve all of life on Earth at this time.

May all beings recognize the Divine Love filling our hearts in every moment, and may I be a radiant instrument of your Peace-filled Presence. Thank you God, and so it is.

Shanta Gabriel
For Archangel Gabriel
January 22, 2014


  1. Esra on January 26, 2014 at 7:01 am

    Shanta Gabriel, thank you for this great message.
    Right now I am going through some pressures at work and I must admit it leaves little joy in me. Obviously I want to create the life of my dreams, but it seems I have no time to daydream… Is it important that we focus on our dreams only. I hope that God already knows and responds to clarity of our hearts rather than stressful thoughts….

  2. Shanta Gabriel on January 26, 2014 at 7:32 pm

    Hello Esra, thank you for your message. Actually I do believe God responds to the clarity of our hearts, however if we have emotions which are magnetic around thoughts that are not what we want to experience, God will respond to that thru the Law of Attraction. It is all about which energy frequency we hold the most. I am sorry it is such a stressful time for you at work now. I am finding that even 5 minutes of focus on my intentions for the life I really want to live will have a powerful affect on my ability to manifest that. The new class, Timeless Practices, will keep in mind the very busy lives most of lead, and help to create more clear focus for our energies. 2014 is very different energetically than any other year. Blessings to you, Shanta

  3. Ajeet on January 27, 2014 at 12:57 pm

    Thank you Shanta Gabriel for this beautiful guidance and prayerful blessings!

    Gracefully received, in service to the divine and a sibling of destiny …

    Ajeet Khalsa

  4. Deb-Aurah on February 5, 2014 at 12:57 pm

    Thank you for your conformations !!! A sharing from my journal.
    An empty vessel filling with spirit, anchoring the highest vibrations to Gaia, shifting, transforming as the energies increase.
    A knowing that all is as it should be flows from the heart and the soul smiles. The mind at times feels challenged by the new understandings, wanting to fix and figure out what is happening. Relax and allow are the words from heard from spirit. Enjoy each moment as it evolves. Do what brings you greatest joy, happiness and passion…. yet feeling empty brings thoughts of “well what gives you greatest joy, happiness and passion?”
    Feelings, emotions seem to escape me….. what is next on this amazing journey?

    Much Love and Blessings Deb-Aurah

  5. Shanta Gabriel on February 5, 2014 at 1:58 pm

    Thank you Deb-Aurah, and the idea of what is next is why we have Next Step Readings to explore possibilities and see what’s being supported by the Earth and Universal energies. A lovely sharing from your journal, so attuned. Thank you, Shanta

  6. wayne on June 22, 2014 at 4:15 pm

    thank you all for helping me with all the difficulties that I am entercounting . please continue to to stand with me in the days ahead thank you thank you.

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