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  1. (in Hungarian family name and then the given name:D) Ferkai Gábor on December 24, 2018 at 8:47 pm

    Dear Shanta Gabriel!!!!!!!
    Thank You very much! Now in 25th december 2018 I read it, and yeeeeees!!!!!!! The powerful shining from inside to outside from every eternal energy source being, from every fire spring, and the LIFE!!!!!!! I’m light eater and lighten with high temperature, because this is my way, and I get my fight on, and I have to be ready!!!!!!! Because it’s midday, we’re getting ruff!!!!!! Anyway, next year (2019=12, 1 year before 13!!!!!!!, the number of my dear helping Amon Ré, Jehova) I will in spring start my music steppings up, concerts with dancing, moving, raving, jumping high wiht full shining energy of sun, and I want to make my first video clipp Look for the light, and then the second, You’ve got you life! I am FEGA 777, and I have got a little child, I become father from my Rubinek Anna, but she doesn’t accept me because I’m not just smiling friendly kind little boy, but full of ruff energy for light up the darkness and make that shine with the light, there is two equal sides, a good white and a bad black, my two wings and my gold from my red heart, from the happy pain of my heart, and from it from inside to outside shining gold shine, so Anna doesn’t know and believe me that we wasn’t together but in 2017 july (7th month of 2017= 8, my number of heart is 7, the believing in my heart, and her number is 8, the connecting of darkness and light, I’m a firy warrior for each power and beings and she is the beautiful kind little gift of my parent Aton-GOD), so she didn’t know this and she believe that I’m an idiot psichopata, and it’s very hard for me, I will get with each girls and each girls will have got children from me, but I’m waiting first for Anna because as I feel, she feel something about it. A very great thank to You and to You Alll who make this event for and to me and I help you and send my firy gold power from my heart, the 87% of it I send to you and you can use it!!!!!!! For only the Alpha, the morning, the beginning!!!!!!!The best LIFE and eternal energetic SHAPE to you all, and you friend, greetings: Gabriel-Phoenix (archangel)

  2. Amanda Coppa on July 1, 2019 at 6:15 am

    I have just purchased your book ‘The Gabriel Messages’ which I adore. I would also love to purchase the Gabriel Message cards. Your site is currently showing them as out of stock. Will they be available for purchase again anytime soon please?

  3. Shanta Gabriel on October 18, 2019 at 3:20 pm

    Thank you for this beautiful message. I did not receive notice of your message earlier as this is an old website. Everything current is now on I welcome your presence in that more up to date website. blessings, Shanta

  4. Shanta Gabriel on October 18, 2019 at 3:27 pm

    How lovely to hear from you Amanda. I am so glad you adore the Gabriel Messages book. The card sets are now being printed (as we speak) and will be ready in a few weeks. Please sign up for my free newsletter at

    I announce everything exciting and new on that newsletter. This website is outdated and my new website will be much more interesting with new messages from the archangels available there for you. I hope you will join us there and find the new card sets as wonderful as the book. Blessings to you, Shanta

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