Codes for New Life Awakening

The Codes for New Life Awakening on Earth

Dear Ones,

All of life is experiencing Year One of New Life Awakening on Earth. Throughout these past weeks you have been activated by the new codes for this awakening within the Sacred Geometry emblazoned across the starry realms. This Sacred Geometry acts as a Divine Matrix permeating the energy fields within and around the Earth and is coded with the Blueprint of Divine Perfection. As you align with this blueprint through the Sacred Geometry within your Light-body field, you may feel the pieces click together within you like an etheric Rubik’s Cube.

This Divine Matrix holds the shape of Tetrahedrons superimposed on each other to create the Merkaba, the Star Tetrahedron, the sacred geometry in which your Light-body ascends.This most amazing and beautiful shape actually rotates in perfect directions simultaneously creating Wholeness and Unity Consciousness as a field of being. These frequencies also activate the Torus regenerating field around your heart to unify the field of Divine Perfection within you. Multi-dimensionality has become your baseline.

This movement into the higher dimensional realms act on the timelines from 2013 to 2015, which will tend to be tumultuous from one aspect but are also a tremendously creative time. There are many ways you can allow it to be more graceful. New Life Awakening is a moment to moment choice. The encoded light particles embedded in the waves of Light moving like a Tsunami of Change over your planet, hold the most Divine Frequencies and are activating the codes of Awakening that you hold within your DNA. Your being is responding in ways you have never experienced as these new levels of Light-encoded energies move though you.

Your True Essence

The sloughing of the old patterns has taken you to the very essence of who you are and now you may feel raw and vulnerable. Have no fear! When you feel emptiness because it is uncomfortable, the tendency is to want to fill the void space. Be very alert to what you fill this space with. The awakening codes are inviting you to see from a higher perspective, to lift your eyes and your awareness to higher understandings. You invite this new level to you with your thoughts and emotions. It takes only a gentle focus for you to come into Divine Understanding.

Some days you must constantly monitor your thoughts, lest you sink into the abyss of negativity that floats on the ethers that surround you as mass consciousness. We call this the true discipline of Awakening: Be alert to the resonate frequency you hold within your being because now you totally KNOW that what vibrational frequency you hold within portends the outcome of your life experience. Once you have that clear awareness, you cannot go back to ordinary low resonance. If this idea seems stressful, consider the fact that if you let yourself sink into an irritable, low vibrational state, your nervous system will take the brunt of this experience and you will find yourself having to put even more effort into climbing back to Balance.

A 2-5 minute timeout is possible wherever you are. You can place your hands on your heart and breathe, no matter what is happening. This will create a resonant field of balance within your being which is instantly calming so you can feel more free. Relaxing in Nature, even if it is next to your favorite plant or better, an old tree, will help you soothe your nervous system. When you can breathe Divine Love into your heart as you hold your hands there, that radiant frequency will fill your being very quickly and the Light frequencies will illuminate your mind. Your task now is to use these accelerated frequencies to transmute and transform your energy system into New Life Awakening.

Your most Authentic Self is Awakening

Each person is receiving dimensional coding that may be integrated or rejected, resisted or welcomed. The waves of accelerated frequencies have been so different from those previously experienced that a newly formed being is emerging from within your core ~ your most authentic self ~ fully connected from Heaven to Earth. This is the integrated human, the HomoLuminus. As you begin to ground these new frequencies, you may feel the raw edges of vulnerability in your nervous system. These feelings can be misinterpreted as the more chaotic energies continue to swirl through lives that have already been disrupted. Many people are feeling internal energy moving like electrical charges igniting their internal frequencies as the DNA shifts align your energy fields in new and powerful ways. This is because the vibrational codes are held within your electrical system.

Learning to be a ground for these accelerated frequencies is not just an old story, the physical health of your body is dependent on your ability to literally connect with Sacred Earth. As an electrical outlet needs grounding in a dwelling so too does your physical being. Many diseases are caused by the inability to ground and recirculate energy. Take any opportunity to touch the earth with your feet and embrace the trees so you learn how it feels to be rooted into Sacred Earth.

The Earth’s fields are opening in a new way allowing you access to the elemental and devic realms. The power of this gift is one that you will value more and more as energy continues to accelerate. The Earth embraces the new frequencies of energy and extracts the vitality and empowerments to feed this New Life Awakening. As you harmonize yourself with Sacred Earth you are nourishing your own energy fields, most especially your emotional body. The Universal Presence of Nature has the capacity to calibrate your energy frequencies so they resonate in a more harmonious way, which then allows you to receive nurturing and sustenance from the Sacred Earth.

Using New Light Frequencies in Daily Life

Refining the frequencies of Light that you are working with one of your tasks at this time. In many ways you have erased your personal history and are using this time to find new ways of expressing the depth of your connection to Source Energy in a creative way. Your connecting channels are also being shifted. Heightened awareness is being inspired from the Beings of Light working with the awakening process that is occurring now. Since your Higher Self is so attuned to your inner shifts as well as your Soul connection to Source energy, that is where much of the work is being done. If you are reading this, you have been dedicated to Unity Consciousness, Oneness within your being, from the beginning of your Soul’s birth. Unity within you is what is being brought forward now into your awareness. You are beginning a new phase of work in harmony with this inspired assistance.

In this time of New Life Awakening there are moments of pure clarity, joy and connection. There are also moments of emptiness, dissatisfaction and inner upheaval. Allow it to be as it is and find respite from constant striving, for that is only another manifestation of ambition. Spiritual hunger can be a good thing, and at times is necessary on the path to Divine Union. However in this new time, you can open to new levels of consciousness only if you don’t fill up the space with your inner turmoil because you think your awakening or the manifestation of your goals is taking longer than you think it should.

With your breath, find the Stillpoint of Peace within you and allow it to expand and fill the empty spaces of your being. Open new doors in your mind and heart and let yourself receive our love for it is truly here for you, and you are never alone. We have heard your prayers and you can receive now what we are calling the Stillpoint of Peace; a new time of teaching has begun.

The Source of all life thrives within your being. You are eternally and powerfully loved. It is safe to open to your new life in a multidimensional world. As the veils part, the portals within you stand open, and the Archangels are there to receive you, as you walk through into New Life Awakening.

And so it is.

Shanta Gabriel for
Archangel Gabriel
Copyright: August 29, 2013


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    Thank you

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    I am a healer I want to more learn about angel thank u

  3. Shanta Gabriel on August 4, 2016 at 10:30 am

    Thank you for your message. I am teaching a class about the Archangels right now. You can join us and receive the earlier classes on mp3 and pdf if you want. I also do private sessions and would be very happy to work with you. More information is found on Blessings, Shanta

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    It is my honor to serve. Blessings, Shanta

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