Prayer to Activate Your Divine Blueprint of Perfection

In this very inspiring prayer, Divine Light from the Highest Source energy is brought through each of the main chakras to activate the Divine Blueprint of Perfection. Divine Love is also empowered in every cell and fiber of your being. Divine Light energy is allowed to flow through your body into the Earth to create true Balance on the planet.

The Vitality and Presence of Nature is brought through the body and an invitation is made to the Archangels and the Ascended Masters to work in your life. Used daily, a Light Activation is present within you that allows you to be more connected to your Soul’s Purpose.

This is the Alignment Exercise given to Shanta by Archangel Gabriel in 1990 and one she has used daily since that time. In this video, she also is demonstrating the importance of activating a Sacred Space in the areas where you work.

[box]Shanta’s prayer took place¬†August 10, 2013, at the Best of Mt. Shasta Festival, located at Headwaters Park where Sacramento River flows out of the mountain.[/box]