By Shanta Gabriel

In the coming years Divine Light will be the most graceful and powerful tool for Transformation. What better way to eliminate darkness in every corner of your life than to fill it with Light?

Divine Light carries the Intelligence of God as well as Divine Love. It knows where to go and what to do for your Highest Good. The first thing you can do in every challenging situation is to bring Light into it to create positive change.

Chakra AlignmentOne of the most transformative tools I have been given in my 40 years of spiritual practice is the Angelic Alignment. Archangel Gabriel gave it to me in 1990 to help me cultivate receptivity and to gain access to the practical, inspired wisdom he was offering me. I have been doing this exercise nearly every day for over 20 years, and it has become a powerful way to become centered and connected.

When you create an Alignment through your being with the Highest Source of Light there is, you positively affect each chakra. Every cell of your body and your energy field is filled and cleared with Divine Light. Your vibrational frequency is raised.

As you ground Divine Light into the Earth, you become a sacred bridge from Heaven to Earth. This activity blesses the planet with Divine Light and creates more respect and sanctity within and upon the Earth.

It takes very little time in your busy life to create this powerful Alignment within your being that brings so much positive, grace filled energy into your life. With the power of your intention and this sacred ritual you can bless the Earth with the transformative presence of Divine Light to bring Peace and Harmony to the planet.

“Ten years ago I took your class and learned the Angelic Alignment. Ever since then I have been doing this process every day before I get out of bed. It is one of the most powerful things I ever learned. Thank you.” –A yoga teacher in Michigan

Angelic Alignment Practice

In this video, I narrate the beautiful, powerful alignment from Archangel Gabriel.

If you would like to learn more about this simple, yet powerful spiritual practice along with other transformative tools to help you grow and thrive in 2012 and beyond, join with me for a seven-week teleconference January 25 – March 7, “Evolution of Consciousness for 2012.” In this teleconference I share a distillation of information from my teachers over the past 40 years of spiritual practice.

An mp3 recording of the Angelic Alignment, is available from our Resource Center here.

The Gabriel Message CardsBack by popular demand, I’m thrilled to announce that The Gabriel Message Cards are now available!

“Your Gabriel Message Cards arrived in my letterbox today. Thank you sooooooooooo much Shanta. They feel so nice to handle. I love them. The personal card is very touching. So many beautiful gifts, not to forget the Rainbow Light Meditation. I have used it two times already. I feel so good and uplifted and the colors are out of this world. Thank you Shanta. May you also be blessed with Divine Love always. Namaste.” –E, from Australia

“I absolutely LOVE the cards, Shanta, and they couldn’t have come at a better time…those Divinely inspired words are precisely what I need to hear each day. How wonderful they’re in print again…long overdue, yet perfect timing!!” –L.G., Louisiana

These messages come to you from the Angelic Dimensions to bring an enlightened perspective to your life’s experiences. You may choose a card to set an intention for the day, or to give guidance and clarity in times of indecision. The Gabriel Messages always speak to the greater Truth in every situation. The Gabriel Message Cards help to bring clarity, peace, focus, expansion, strength, faith, and insight. In addition to enjoying personal use, people love sharing the cards with friends and loved ones.

Music by Thaddeus

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Recent Review at Mystic Living Today

“I had a lot of fun reviewing this blessed deck of 56 cards each corresponding to the messages in the 138 page book by the same name. The cards are beautiful, sturdy and stunning and it was a real treat to just shuffle the deck and pick one. I read the message on the card and then went to the book and had no problems find the section on my specific message. It just blew me away how accurate and easy the whole process was.

“I do love Archangel Gabriel’s energy and deep calming words of wisdom. His message always touches my heart and helps me with what ever situation I find myself in. Sometimes I just like to pick a card to feel his energy. I would recommend these 56 perfect pearls to anyone wanting Celestial guidance, and this deck has handily made it’s way onto my bedside table to help release the midnight meanies. Thanks Shanta, for your selfless service to mankind. Love & Light, Riki Frahmann”

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