Join us for Fall Equinox 2015 Conference Call

Hello Dear Ones,

You are joyfully invited to join our special Equinox Teleconference on September 23.

Every season marks a quarterly activation that represents a powerful moment to celebrate the Earth and its natural timing. Each Equinox honors the time of equal day and night on the Earth and supports us to find that balance within ourselves.

The Equinox is a powerful time to support our own inner balance and hold that intention for the planet. It is a time to also set your personal intentions and get ready to complete your year. In the northern hemisphere this Equinox is associated with Autumn.


We are currently completing the 6-month harvest cycle from last March 20th Equinox-Eclipse, which triggered waves of change rippling through the collective field. This Equinox is just before the much-acclaimed final Full Moon total lunar eclipse on September 27. It is an especially good time for centered focus on what is most important for our lives.

In this special Equinox teleconference, Co-Heart and Shamanic Astrologer Kelly Beard joins me to create a sacred space where we can create Balance together in our lives and on the planet. We will be aligning with groups all over the world to create a Global Coherence of Balance. Kelly will assist us in navigating the eclipse frequencies and the energies that are increasing in intensity at this potent time. (She is currently offering a powerful Eclipse Reading for those needing extra support. More information is available at her website here.)

Through the transmissions from the Archangels, we will anchor a new level of Balance within our energy systems and honor our commitment to anchor the high frequencies of Light and the power of Divine Love on the Earth. So much Love is inherent in the unprecedented waves of Divine Light flowing to the planet in this potent month of September that the 5th Dimensional frequencies are more available than ever before.

Together with millions of others celebrating this day, we will activate the necessary quality of Balance for ourselves and all beings on the planet.

If you are unable to attend, note that this conference will be recorded and you can listen at your convenience.

Please join us to celebrate this wondrous time as the Light Bearers of Heart-Centered Consciousness that we are.

This powerful conference call is offered for only $12 to enable more people to join together in the power of Balance and Divine Love.

You can register here.

We would love to have you join the celebration!

Warm blessings,

Shanta Gabriel