An Invitation to the Immersion into Light Circle

Dear Ones,

September is developing into one of the most powerful months of the entire year. It is an especially important time to stay in Balance and keep focused on Harmony and Peace in your heart.

The wave of Accelerated Light that flows through us during the month of September will be a higher frequency than we have ever experienced in our lives. We will be seeing Super Full Moons beginning August 29, which means that the moon is nearer to the earth than usual, thus compounding the normal increase of energy around a full moon. These two super full moons are also called Blood Moons because of the red color. The September 28 Full Moon is the one we often refer to as the Harvest Moon because of its large golden-orange appearance, signifying the fruition and harvest of our gifts.

Adding to the excitement, there will also be a partial Solar Eclipse on September 13 at the New Moon and a total Lunar Eclipse on September 28 on that Super Full Moon. This is the last total Lunar Eclipse until 2018, so it is very special. Between those dates we will be feeling the intensity of the energy, so grounding and focus is essential.

Eclipses offer a break in the flow of normal life, and they often cause us to rethink our priorities so we can align with what is most essential for us. They can make a person feel a bit “squirrely” as the heightened energies work on our nervous systems. Being in Nature is best for your psyche, but if you cannot do that, consider creating a sacred space where you are or go to a place where you can be relaxed without attachment to accomplishment. These suggestions will assist your process through the eclipse energies.

The Equinox on September 23 offers a special gift to us. We are offered the opportunity to allow the totality of the Alignment with the Sun, Moon and Earth to impress upon our energy fields and create greater alignments within our beings. For this reason I will be holding an Equinox teleconference to help anchor the energy of Balance and Alignment within each of us and on the Earth.

These specific occurrences during the month of September only add to the influx of heightened energy we are already experiencing. September is a month when we need to stay balanced in our emotions, keep our focus positive, to meditate and have prayerful intentions that keep our lives in Balance and Harmony though the month. Because the energetics of September are based on an increase in Divine Light, they also carry the qualities of Love and Intelligence inherent in any energy from Source. As such, the Light is very malleable.

We are being offered this special time of empowerment so we can use the heightened energy in the fields of Light to create new life and complete old paradigms of consciousness. Archangel Gabriel calls the heightened energy flows we are experiencing the River of All Creation. When we use our spiritual tools and especially when we are working in a dedicated group, we can mold the Light Fields into supportive systems that create a new foundation for a happy life.

Many studies have been done over the years about the efficacy of prayer and meditation when applied through a focused group. The exponential leap that takes place in consciousness has been well documented by the Transcendental Meditation community. They found that the focused group meditation caused a drop in crime rate as well as lowering the incidence of other emergencies in the large area surrounding a relatively small group of people who were meditating together.

The Call for Soul Community

There is a call from many people I speak to in private sessions for a sense of Soul Community. Most are asking for a powerful support system with like-minded beings who can help to hold a greater vision for life. They have found that due to so many rapid changes in their lives, the friends and family support network they have counted on is no longer available. Highly energetically sensitive individuals have also found it necessary, because of the intensity of electromagnetic energies around the planet now, to spend more time in quiet solitude so they can stay in balance within themselves.

For many years for all these reasons, I have wanted to create a Circle of heart-centered people who believe that prayer and intention can make a difference in their own lives as well as on the planet right now. In my classes when I have offered the space for global intentions and prayers, so many people commented on the beauty and power in that process that I decided to bring together a dedicated group for this purpose.

Please accept my personal invitation to the Immersion into Light Circle. This is a monthly program drawing heart-centered people from all over the world who are interested in holding a vision and intention together to empower beautiful changes on the earth. The high frequency waves of energy will continue to increase, and this wondrous force of Light is highly malleable and can be used for good purpose. Divine Light carries the Love and Intelligence of God, so we are working with highly refined divine frequencies that have the capacity to bring Harmony into the world as well as our own lives.

Together we are creating a vision that each person can hold in their own lives as well as that for all of humanity during these potent times. We can use the powerful energies of September to be a catalyst to become the changes we want to see happen on Earth. Each month thereafter we will be focused on a new theme, with group prayers and intentions to hold as our spiritual practice. There will also be special gifts and offers for discounts on new classes.

Come Free to the Equinox Teleconference!

The Immersion Into Light Circle will also offer you a special opportunity to come free to my Equinox Teleconference on September 23. In this call we will each receive the balancing energies the Equinox presents us on that day and create global intentions for the world.

As a member of the Immersion into Light Circle, you will receive a special prayer focus and intention on the New Moon September 12, and each month thereafter, that will hold the group energy. By the Full Moon each month, you will also receive a special guided meditation. In this meditation we will join the Archangel who is supporting us that month in a mystical excursion into the realms of divinity, so you can have a visceral experience of Divine Light working in your body. This will assist you in becoming that blended being – Homo Luminus – bringing Light into human form, Bridging Heaven to Earth within you.

Please join me and other like-minded Souls in the Immersion into Light Circle so we may together create Heaven on Earth for each of us and all humanity!

See more about the Circle here.

Join by September 4 to become a Founding Member.

An introductory message from Shanta:

Most of you are aware that I have been working with Archangel Gabriel for more than 25 years. What has surprised me more recently are the beautiful gifts from the Angelic Dimensions that come forward for me to share when I teach Light Field Technology classes, where I bring forth the Communion with Angels available to all at this time.

The Archangels that are assisting the hearts of all humanity on Earth each hold a distinct Light Field that inspires a quality of consciousness within us. Archangel Uriel has been called the Angel of Light. He is available to work with us to illuminate our minds and inspire our lives with Beauty, Truth and new expansive insights. The following guided inspiration from Archangel Uriel, which came through a recent class, teaches us to recognize Divine Light as the gift our Soul’s have been longing to receive.


The Substance of Divine Light

Immersing Yourself in Liquid Love from the Source of all Life

Dear Ones,

Revel in the substance that is Divine Light. It is the Liquid Love from the Creative Force in whom you live, move and have your being. When you allow yourself to awaken to this truth in your heart, the power of Divine Love transmutes all that you have judged as unworthy within you. You are reawakening to the truth and majesty of who you truly are.

That is why the Archangels are working in the Earthly realms in such a profound way at this time. We are here to not only encourage but to empower, to not only inspire but to transform, to not only lift the veils of ignorance but to so illuminate your mental capacities that you are forever transformed by the Light. You are meant to be a blended being — one who is anchored in the Earth and attuned to the Divine Presence — aligned from Heaven to Earth within your physical body.

The Archangels have come to bring Light from the Source of all Life to the world. We are here to inspire and guide those who will listen and learn to free and be freed. There is no place we are not creating new life and offering it to those who are open to receive. Divine Guidance lives in the Intelligence of this Light. It is only withholding love from yourself that cuts you off from what you most want to receive. When you give love to yourself, you are healed at such a deep level that your heart is illuminated and your receptor channels are activated. This allows you to create new life from Divine Light in this new time awakening on the planet. You can begin now to create the structure you want to live in and the future aspects of yourself you want to become.

When you immerse yourself in Divine Light, new frequencies entrain the field around your body and you have access to the love and intelligence that lives within your heart. There is no power on Earth that can match the Divinity inherent in the Light of God. Reverence for your path is key to conscious immersion in this loving Presence. It is what your heart longs for. It is what your mind is drawn to experience. Your awakening into the Light of Divine Presence allows you to find the freedom to soar above the mundane and yet create in clear practical ways. Without working in multi-dimensional levels you cannot bring Heaven to Earth and receive the gifts your Soul has been longing to bring to life.

This longing of the Soul is under the pain and suffering of so many people. Divine Union is at the basis of all desire. When you commune deeply within your Soul’s longing, the essence of this truth becomes a reality. When people seek partnership, the union of the sacred masculine and feminine is at the heart. When people choose to buy the material things that they believe will make them happy, it is the desire for union within the self they are seeking. You are wanting to fill the empty places within you. Very often the acquiring of a physical object does not satisfy your longing for a substantial length of time.

Coming back to the depth of yourself again and again opens the doorways to your Soul, where the true gifts you long for live within you. There is an awakening to the love that is being provided for you, and your connection to this overflowing fountain of true love is available as a gift. This need to connect to Source of Divine Union within the depth of your being is paramount to creativity and will feed you when you honor it.

All Creation awaits you in this activity as you become pure Divinity walking the Earth and living the fullest radiance of your Soul within a human body. That is how the Light Body is created. From the acceptance of the brilliance of Divine Love awakening in your heart to the breadth of Divine Intelligence expanding through the channels of wisdom available to you, the radiance of this connection becomes full Divine Union.

Whether or not you suspect it, you are being groomed on the physical/emotional level for the Divine Union your Soul longs to experience. Your receptive channels are expanding and opening to the higher frequencies. We are asking you to be a receiver for the Divine Wisdom now available. The true beauty within your alignment with Source energy is transforming your structural integrity to be in harmony with the gifts of your Soul. As you hold more of this divine connection, a melding takes place that allows your cellular structure to radiate new life in crystalline form. This is your true inheritance as a child of God, because your original form was within the crystalline frequencies.

As you hold more Light within your being, all that cannot align with these frequencies drops away and you are free. The freedom that you seek in life is dependent on the power of the connection you feel to All That Is. Immersion in Divine Light allows connection to the Source of all life and brings to you the ultimate satisfaction of remaining free and in alignment with the truth of you moment to moment.

As you look within your deepest Truth, you find yourself on the Path of the Heart. Great strides are possible on this path if you can allow your heart to melt into Love. The Source of All Life requires nothing of you but your total allegiance to being in Unity within yourself. This essence of Divine Union is expanded into multidimensional realms to allow you to partake of the new structures being created in Light.

From that place, all will unfold as you allow yourself to sit in the purity of a field of Divine Love. Accessing this power comes from meeting it with the full force of your agreement to love — no matter what. Within every photon of Light is the creative aspects of Infinite Intelligence and Divine Love. Coming back to the depth of love within yourself again and again opens the doorways to your Soul and your awareness that love is being provided for you now and always.

Your connection to this overflowing Fountain of True Love is a gift. All you need to do is to align your being with the Substance of Divine Light, then open your heart and mind to receive. And so it is.

Archangel Uriel
from Shanta Gabriel
August 19, 2015


Immersion into Light Cirlce

Daniel B. Holman ~

Announcing the Immersion into Light Circle

Are you feeling the delicious pull to join with other like-minded Souls who are dedicated to the Evolution of Consciousness on Earth?

Do you feel alone in the wilderness of mundane life, wishing for a place to share your vision for a world of Peace and Harmony, where your prayers and good intentions can be expanded and radiated into awakening Light for the highest good of all beings?

Me too! I have long wanted to bring together a group of dedicated beings who desire to work from their hearts to offer Divine Light to the world and all humanity — and now that dream has manifested.

I am thrilled to announce my Immersion into Light Circle, an empowering monthly program designed by the Archangels, that enables us as a group to hold a vision for true Freedom, Peace and Harmony within all beings and for the Earth. This ongoing program will allow us to bring our focused, prayerful intentions into the world together so we can be the change we want to see happen in a proactive way.

Every month at the New Moon, I will bring a potent, timely and beautiful theme from the Angelic Dimensions in the form of a deeply inspired prayer and affirmative intention for us to share. These will not only embody our group intention and provide a supportive platform for our lives, all members of the group will be enfolded in a radiant field of dedicated Divine Light.

By the Full Moon, you will receive a guided meditation channeled and inspired by the Archangel holding frequencies for our lives during the month. This meditation will guide you through the process of empowered intention on an energetic level, providing the activations necessary for alignment with the qualities of consciousness we are focused on.

And that is not all! Join by September 4 to become a Founding Member. See details here at