Dear Ones,

The codes for Unity Consciousness are awakening on the Earth in greater magnitude than ever before. During the upcoming Solstice Full Moon, an alignment with your Soul’s Highest Destiny awaits your awareness.

Whenever a gathering of Light occurs, the Archangels are available to step through the divine portal that is created to bring Heaven to Earth. All those who ask to be in that powerful alignment with their Soul can experience the frequencies of Light that bring Divine Union into being.

This Solstice/Full Moon Activation on June 20 ushers a new season of awakening and creates a wave of empowerment for Unity Consciousness to awaken within all souls on the Earth.

What are the gifts you have brought to the planet to share? What is the divine expression your soul has promised to anchor on the Earth? You do not need to know the details to receive this offering from your Highest Self.

Divine Union is only one of the gifts that is being introduced during this Solstice Full Moon activation. With the Sun at its fullest point of the year and the Moon at its fullness as well, the Masculine and Feminine energy is at equal full power to allow Divine Union to be manifest.

For all those who have committed to anchoring Divine Love and Unity on the Earth, a portal of Light is opening on June 20 to anchor onto the Earth the soul gifts that you brought with you into this lifetime. You will now be given an opportunity to receive them in a new way. The grounding of these gifts through your human form is the empowerment being offered to you right now.

On Solstice, June 21, 2014, your Soul gifts were called into your life, but it took all of 2015 for them to be integrated. Now with this powerful Solstice Full Moon, you can anchor the gifts of your Soul through your physical body so you can fulfill your Soul’s Destiny in this lifetime.

The Archangels have committed themselves to assist the Light of Unity Consciousness to be awakened within all humanity. Ask to receive the gifts of your soul and consciously anchor them through your human form. Do this and you shall receive. Whenever the alignment with your Soul’s highest wisdom is invited to work within your being, new realities are brought forward into your conscious awareness. New Life in this fifth dimensional frequency includes a powerful alliance with the wisdom of your soul and a deep and nourishing connection to the Earth’s wisdom.

Let yourself be held by the Archangels and know that the power within these teachings of Light are with you no matter in what hemisphere you are located for Solstice. With this auspicious moment in creation of new life on Earth, those in the northern hemisphere are anchoring the greatest Light ever received. At the same time, those in the southern hemisphere are awakening new Light for all humanity.

The Archangels are assisting the process so you can anchor Divine Union within your body and bring Heaven to Earth during the Solstice on June 20. There will be an unprecedented Portal of Alignment that will assist you so you can anchor the divine attributes represented in the gifts of your Soul.

It is important that you join and celebrate with others so that the magnitude of receptivity and awakening can be multiplied exponentially. If you cannot be with other people physically, an intention to join the Web of Light throughout the Earth that is being activated by the Solstice empowerment will help you connect. These tremendous gifts from the Archangels will bring an outpouring of Love for all humanity on Earth during this precious time.

Invite your Soul to bring your gifts into this lifetime so that you can be the divine demonstration that you so desire to be. There is tremendous support for you to create the alignment that will allow you to manifest these gifts on the Earth now. You are not alone in this process.

Know you are blessed and being supported as you walk through this Solstice Portal. Imagine that there are Archangels on either side of the gateway. Walk in trust as you focus on Soul Alignment within the depths of your being and embrace the activation of Unity Consciousness within your physical body at this empowered time in history.

Remember that all is truly well. And so it is.

Shanta Gabriel for
Archangel Gabriel
June 17, 2016


Archangel Study Program Starts July 14!

I am so honored to be presenting my Archangel Study Program at this special time in history. Bringing Heaven to Earth through your chakra system is a gift the Archangels are offering to bring more Grace into your ascension process at this time. The Angels offer you their great assistance in order to create Alignment with your Soul’s gifts so you can have a conscious experience of the Divine working in and through your life.

When I was given these teachings in 1991, a new life with more meaning and creative opportunity opened for me. That same Divine Grace is available to you so you can fulfill the Highest Reality of your Soul in this lifetime. I want to share this gift with you.

Walking with Archangels Through Life is a transformative process that will touch each of us on an expansive soul level. Through this beautiful 7-class series, you will connect deeply with the quality of consciousness each Archangel brings. There is an Alignment created within you that allows these qualities, such as Wellbeing, Creativity, Protection and Inspiration to flood your energy system and pervade every area of your life.

This teleconference series will encourage a process of unfolding through the seven classes according to your intentions. It will also help you to stabilize a spiritual practice and create a beautiful place within yourself that allows you to find a deep sense of peaceful connection to the Divine, to your chakra system, and to the Archangels.

Together, we will awaken to the practical application and support the Archangels offer to help anchor Heaven on Earth within ourselves in a way that will transform and bless our lives.

Practical Awareness of the Chakras and Connection with the Archangels

Step by step, in each class an immersion will be initiated that provides practical awareness of the chakra being presented, as well as a deep experience and connection to the Archangel that resides in that chakra. This will clear discordant frequencies from your energy centers, and will jump-start new levels of consciousness in your life.

7 Conference Calls

Each week beginning July 14 and continuing through August 25, we will join by conference call, creating the powerful opportunity that will open your awareness to our chosen chakra and its qualities of consciousness. All calls will be recorded in case you cannot be there live. Through transmission that I receive from the Archangels, a clearing will transpire in each chakra and a personal energetic connection with the Archangel inherent in that energy center will be seeded within your heart.

What others are saying about our previous Archangel programs.

Wonderful and lovely

I want to thank you for the class last evening and tell you I’m so glad you are offering this series. It was every bit as wonderful and lovely as I’d expected and I look forward to the next weeks.

Amazing Course

I’m so sorry this course is coming to a close. For a group that I’ve never met face-to-face, I feel very bonded to each one through the wonderful meditations we have done together. You’ve offered an amazing, graceful, and intelligent course.

For more information, visit:

“Thank you for helping me strengthen my connection to angelic assistance and love. This has gradually become a BEYOND WORDS experience.”

“You have brought so much to my life in these short 7 weeks. Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!”


There are times when the Heavens open so the Angels come closer to the Earth to bless all of humanity with deeper communication and connection. This is one of those times.

The Archangels have a vested interest in the evolution of consciousness on the Earth. They want to help each and every one of us to find our way through the density of this time and create a life that works in more strategic and sustainable ways, enabling us to thrive in the new 5D frequencies of Light that are so available.

The following is from Archangel Gabriel.


Dear Ones,

In the expanse of all life, there are times when the messages of God’s Love come through the presence of Angels. These blessed beings of Light carry the powerful presence of the Divine to touch the hearts of all those who are open to receive.

Never before has there been a time when the gifts of Divinity are so available. You need no intermediary, as these gifts are a part of your Soul’s destiny. There are moments in life, however, when a personal loving touch from the Grace-filled Wings of Angels can act as a soothing balm to the soul who yearns for more Love, Peace and the pure joy of Divine Union.

And so there are Angels to bless, embrace, guide, protect, and love you into the eternal place of unity with God within you. The Archangels, as the leaders of the legions of winged beings of Light, hold a special place within the ascension of the Earth and all humanity. They are the architects of new life, and each one holds a special resonance that your soul recognizes as Truth.

There are even moments when the field of Light that holds this resonance coalesces to create a new life path, or to enhance the journey your soul has chosen. At those times, your most Divine Self has put out the call to receive a greater presence of guidance, empowerment and love into your life on Earth.

When you are ready for mastership  — living in your most Divine Self while in human form  — that is when your soul opens to receive a special quality of consciousness from the Archangel who is called. Your whole body responds to this essence in pure acceptance, and your energy system opens to the rewiring necessary for divinity to transform you from the inside out.

A new rainbow Light Body is being created within your energy system that has the capacity to hold higher frequencies and live in harmony with the Earth at the same time. The Archangels have been tapped by Divine Intelligence to work with those souls on the earth who are willing to walk with them on a new journey of Oneness. It is not that Angels are the only path to ascension, but these beings of Divine Light are offering to ease the way for you and bring forth a new level of freedom so you can express your highest divinity in fulfillment and alignment with your soul’s destiny.

We want to work with the creation of your light bodies. We want to refine your energy systems to contain more Light from God, more Grace, more Love. All that we do together will transform physical reality and uplift humanity. The world needs enlightened leaders. The more people who are accessing the light frequencies, the lighter the planet becomes.

As you embark on this new discovery path with the Angels of Light, it will affect all areas of your life in a way that brings new awareness and Soul Alignment. You will find correlation within you so all is in alignment with Divine Union. Because the Archangels are here to teach the principle of Unity Consciousness, you will see how skillfully it all fits together.

The call has gone out. Who will answer? Let your Soul respond. And so it is.

Archangel Gabriel


The Archangels work in systems of empowered light. When these frequencies provide links to the human energy system, what develops is a new level of interaction within you that sparks the codes in your Light Body field. This enables you to work more freely with the new frequencies, learning to sustain them so you live more comfortably in 5D life. Your way to this alignment is fully supported by the Archangels working with you.

During the Summer Solstice on Mt. Shasta, June 21, 2014, an activation occurred when the Stargate of the Heart was opened. Because of the refined frequencies of 5D on Mt. Shasta, this activation provided a deep opening connection to the Soul gifts of each person on the Earth. With awareness, you can bring forth a life pattern from another dimension into this life so your soul has the ability to use these gifts to bring Higher Consciousness to the Earth.

We spent all of 2015 integrating these new frequencies into our physical bodies. Now, on Solstice June 2016, we will again climb the sacred mountain, back to Gabriel’s Gateway on Mt. Shasta, to anchor the frequencies that will allow your Soul’s gifts to manifest on Earth. Come join us if you feel the call to work in person on the sacred mountain.

A Rainbow Ring around the Sun with Venus shining within the circle greeted us at Gabriel’s Gateway on the June Solstice, 2014.


Our amazing Solstice experience in 2014 brought the teachings of the Archangels into a new empowered level of teachings for me. I was given a deeper understanding of the qualities of consciousness the Archangels represent, so they could anchor in our physical bodies for the purpose of creating a new field of Divine Light within our bodies and in the world. This new Light Body enables you to access the Higher Dimensions and anchor them in your body so you become a bridge from Heaven and Earth. This focus is working in and through all that we do together.

Greater manifestation of your dreams and a deep inner place of peace develop as you have access to the new creative forces catalyzed by the teachings of the Archangels. Through intention and prayer, breath and connection, all aspects of life from human to Divine are activated and brought into union within the higher frequencies of Heaven.


Walking with Archangels through Life Program - Shanta Gabriel

New Archangel Study Program for 2016
Walking with Archangels through Life

I am excited to announce a new seven-class series called Walking with Archangels through Life. This is an Inspired Archangel Study Program that includes seven teleconferences in which I transmit the essence qualities from the Archangels to create new energy links within you. This provides a deeply personal connection to the Archangels that are represented in each of your seven main chakras.

The Archangels want to offer tools for personal and spiritual growth, and provide ways to live in the 5D frequency shifts with more grace and ease. When you walk with the Archangels through life, you experience a powerful force for Love shifting your awareness and refining your energy system so you create a more beautiful life experience. The Archangels offer key system linkups for this creation.

What You Can Expect

In each class, we will be working with the Archangel that holds a template from the human energy system for the higher dimensions of 5D living. The coding is within you that will provide you new access to a field of Light energy you have never experienced. Using the tools provided by the Archangels, new energy flows will open within you so more Faith and Ease is available for you to use. These practices also open channels of Light that act as electrical circuits, connecting you to a larger Source of energy for your daily life. As you create this alignment, you are able to sustain these higher frequencies in a more balanced way.

The technology of Light is a refined system the Archangels have brought into the world. Those who feel a resonance from their Soul can step into these refined fields with Grace. How do you know you are called? Are you curious how Light works? Do you want a personal relationship with the Archangels that will heighten your evolution, as well as the consciousness on the Earth? Do you want your chakra system to function in greater balance with the new frequencies of 5D on the Earth?

If so, I invite you to join me for this magical program. In each teleconference, I will channel the essence of the Archangel that is represented in the particular chakra we are studying. This will create an opening and a new level of balance in each chakra to provide you with a practical and foundational connection to the empowered presence of the Angelic Dimensions in your life. You will also receive a special meditations (mp3s) that will assist you to gain a deeper heart connection to each Archangel, as well as beautiful study materials to help you anchor the teachings into your daily life.

A sampling of what previous program participants have to say:

“This period of connecting to the angels is a beautiful, life changing experience. I feel so happy and blessed to be part of this. I want it to go on forever.”

“Thank you for helping me strengthen my connection to angelic assistance and love. This has gradually become a BEYOND WORDS experience.”

“You have brought so much to my life in these short 7 weeks. Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!”

Click here for more information and to register. Register by June 20 for Early-Bird Savings!