From Shanta Gabriel

On the March 20, 2013 Equinox, I was spontaneously given a meditation that I shared with my Living in Radiance class to create a new Core of Truth within our energy systems so we could manifest a new Blueprint for Sacred Union.

Aurora Angel March 20 2013It was explained to me that we were not wired originally for the radical evolutionary awakening that we are experiencing now as a species. In order to strengthen and become more resilient during this transformation, and with the powerful assistance of the Spiritual Dimensions, we can set a new frequency within our energy system. This allows us to take in more of the Illuminated Fields of Divine Light and use this energy to experience more spiritual focus within our daily life. This Light Force clears the way through the core of our bodies to anchor Light into the center of the Earth.

Recorded during the class, this meditation holds the powerful focus of an exceptional group of dedicated souls who have worked with me throughout this year. We were joined by Light Beings from Realms of Illumined Truth to provide activations that work on a very subtle level in the nadis along your spine.

The mp3 recording of this meditation is now available here.

[box]Be forewarned that the meditation is 42 minutes long and so energetically empowered that you may be transported into other dimensions. Please give yourself time away from distractions.[/box]

By Shanta Gabriel, Author of The Gabriel Messages

Archangel GabrielArchangel Gabriel has been featured more prominently throughout history than any other Archangel. Gabriel appeared to Mary to tell her about the birth of the Christ Child, came to Moses and opened the Red Sea for the Israelites’ safe passage from Egypt, and from his appearance to Mohammed a new religion was birthed. The theme for all these visitations seemed to be a message of hope.

Especially at Christmas, awareness of Archangel Gabriel is at a peak. The empowerment of Divine Love is more available and ideas of Peace, Harmony and Good Will are prevalent. These are all qualities of consciousness that Archangel Gabriel represents.

At this special time of year, I am delighted to offer the guided meditation I made for my Archangel Study Program that honors Archangel Gabriel. The meditation is designed to connect you to your second chakra and creates a personal experience of this amazing Angelic presence.

The 30-minute meditation is available to purchase here.

More about Archangel Gabriel

Archangel Gabriel is the master of communication, the inspiration behind the muse, the creative energy in the creative flow, and a most beloved partner. Some even see Gabriel as the Angel of Resurrection. With all of these attributes, joining in partnership with Archangel Gabriel allows balance to flow into our lives creating the spark of Divine Love in worldly partnerships, and a heaven-sent gift to open our hearts.

Archangel Gabriel is centered in the Second Chakra, which is our Creative Center. Calling on this powerful presence can definitely bring more Light into our beings. Since the second chakra is located below the navel at what is called the “Hara Center,” it is here at the center of our being that some cultures attribute the “breath of God.” When the breath flows through this center it can bring new balance and cooperation into all relationships.

When we join together in service of the Greater Good for all, it is a worthy goal for any partnership. This intention will have a ripple effect up-leveling all relationships on earth creating new loving respect for all beings. Assurance of a creative flow is part of the promise when one turns to a life of serving God. Honoring one another and seeing the powerful connection within all beings is the basis for respect and empowerment in personal relationships of all kinds.

The Dalai Lama speaks of this link with all beings when he says, “If you see yourself in others, then whom can you harm?”

The Second ChakraThe Second Chakra, or Svadisthana, is the center that is most well known as the Sexual Chakra, although it affects all creativity. It can reflect the desire to create children as well as bring our creative ideas into physical form. One of the strong qualities of consciousness in this center is “Honoring One Another” as this chakra resonates to our need for relationships on an emotional level. There is also an energetic connection to the physical body which affects all the organs in that region.

The primary strengths in this chakra are the ability to survive financially, the “fight or flight” instinct, and the resilience to recover from loss by re-establishing our life by making good decisions for ourselves. The primary fears are abandonment, betrayal and financial loss, among others. When we notice that we are making decisions from these fears, rather than from the faith that we are being cared for by a Greater Power, it is time for more trust knowing that we have powerful support to enable us to take care of ourselves. My favorite affirmation for this is:

“All my needs are met with grace and ease, and I am cared for eternally.”

All of our relationships, whether personal or business, have spiritual value as we learn to become more conscious through each interaction. We learn to form unions with people who support our development and release relationships that handicap our growth. In the second chakra, we can also balance our inner male and female, and come into harmony with ourselves.

When we focus on the qualities Archangel Gabriel brings into this center, we can choose to become more honoring and compassionate with ourselves. This will allow a healthy flow of energy through these very volatile areas, setting free the power of Creative Solutions in every area of our lives.

If we were only enlightened enough to have the greater perspective necessary to see our way through every challenge in the world, we know there would be a creative solution. This is what is available to us when healthy energy is flowing in the second chakra, and we are calling in the Light so that we may see more clearly. I believe it is an immutable law such as the Law of Attraction.

I have had many direct experiences with the amazing opportunity inherent in the Law of Creative Solutions that Archangel Gabriel brings into our lives. You might want to experiment with this idea. Do not expect that the solution will look anything like what you imagined. Praying for Creative Solutions will take it out of your intellectual process and turn it over to a Higher Power, saving you a lot of stress. You will feel the rightness of the decisions made from this creative place.

One of the last messages I received from Archangel Gabriel in November 1997 before my life moved into great upheaval was, “Just when did you THINK you would need Faith?” In other words, it is easy to maintain faith when things are going well, but in times when we are faced with tremendous challenge, that’s when we definitely need to have faith. It has been a powerful teaching for me and for all of us during this intense time of change on the planet. We allowed ourselves the assignment of anchoring Light as a Bridge from Heaven to Earth. Because we volunteered for this mission of service, we have a tremendous wellspring of Divine Assistance to call forth into our lives. It is up to us to call it in, and in that moment, we will be surrounded by Wings of Light.

My first visit from Archangel Gabriel

When I had a surprise visit from Archangel Gabriel in 1990, my first impression was one of Light — brilliant golden light. The next sensation was one of Love, and my heart melted. He began to teach me about the importance of alignment with my Source energy, and bringing Divine Light into my body to become a bridge from Heaven to Earth. Through his messages of Peace and Wisdom, there was a deepening sense of emotional balance in order to stay in that center of Love. Archangel Gabriel has been a beautiful connection to guidance that allows me to live on the Earth with Grace.

I believe that Archangel Gabriel offers that same teaching opportunity to all people who will take the time to connect to the Divine Light within and around them, and learn to listen within themselves to their inner guidance. During this Christmas season there are more opportunities to develop a deep connection to Divine Love, and find your center of Peace and Oneness.

Here is the message Archangel Gabriel gave me about the qualities of consciousness he represents:

Dear Ones,

The Creative Process is available to all who truly believe and open themselves to receive love from the deepest sources of their being. You are asking for Communion at this time. The second chakra is a focal point of Balance, a symphony of Joy and a gracious place to rest. Within this chakra, you have overcome eons of shame, torture, and imprisonment to come to this new place of Harmony.

Throughout all time the presence of Archangel Gabriel has spoken to those who are on earth to create change. Promoting change is a dangerous position, the challenges are great and the path is arduous, but through it all runs the vein of pure Golden Light to assist Transformation. When anyone seeks this fulfillment of Pure Light, you may go into areas you knew not in the past. Being ready for change is necessary, as entrenched belief systems begin to surface and changes run rampant in daily life. But through it all this Light creates great conviction and joy, if willingness is there. Was it not Gabriel who brought the Divine message to Mother Mary, created new life for Mohammed and parted the waters for Moses? These brilliant moments are also available to those who are willing to open their hearts and minds to this guidance, and let the challenges of their life path part like the waters of that ancient sea, allowing more light to pass through. It may not be of such dramatic proportion, and yet on an interior level, it feels profound. We are talking about Divine Union, the marriage of the self with the part of the Self most Sacred. United within creates Unity without.

Imagine a world living in Unity, in Harmony with the most sacred parts of Self. Imagine how the world would transform as people became so in Harmony with themselves that they lived in balance. As dear ones vibrate in balance, this energy permeates the atmosphere and planetary change is the result. At the second chakra is the desire for Union. Of course the highest level of Union is with the Divine, and the birth of the Creative Potential. This energy underlies the desire for sexual union and the hormonal urge for procreation. The energy in this center is a massive force for creative potential that can be used to serve God and one’s Highest Good on Earth. This requires balancing the male and female aspects within each person. Once the balance occurs, there is a new sense of harmony within the being, and new energy for creating good in your life.

Do you take your self to be your Dearly Beloved to have and to hold, to love and to cherish, to honor for all the days of your life? The Almighty God Force, All that is, waits for your answer. So be it.

Archangel Gabriel works on the orange ray, so it is good to surround yourself with this color. I always look for orange flowers, candles and food. Perhaps you might like to change the cloth on your altar to reflect the orange ray. All these ideas will anchor and help balance the energy in your second chakra.

Holiday BlessingsAt this blessed time, may you be blessed with Creative Solutions, and the Grace and Equanimity you need to stay in Harmony with your most Divine Self. Thank you for your presence on this transformational journey that we all share during this time of planetary evolution. I know you are blessing the planet as well as yourself.

With love and respect,
Shanta Gabriel
Copyright: November 29, 2011