Dear Ones,

The Heavenly Realms are showing their support through this Equinox-Full Moon time of Awakening. Many people have noticed the Angelic forms in rainbows, clouds and especially the recent formations of the Aurora Borealis. Divine Light is getting stronger, and Spiritual Presence is making itself known to reassure you that you are definitely not alone. These formations of Light act as open doorways to new awakening consciousness. The Angels are reminding you that they are here during these times of great power, grief, transition, and the present radical transformation that is in process.

Aurora Angel Equinox 2013When you can ground the intensity of the energies you are experiencing, you will notice a new heightened intuition. Your sensitivity levels are increasing. Your perceptions are expanding, and within the core of your being, new Truth is awakening. Take this time as the Grand Experiment it is and know that the more open and curious your mind can be now, the easier the transition through dimensional shifting will be for you. 

In this time of ascending consciousness, the massive downloads of high frequencies of energy are relentless. Surrendering to this Mighty Flow will simplify the process for you. There is no place you can hide when you have already stepped into the elevator to the Higher Dimensions. Enjoying the ride will be easier if you can take some steps to use the energy more resourcefully. Resisting the flow will only make the experience more uncomfortable. Those having the most difficulties during these times of transition are those who are contracting into their old limiting perceptions.

Your hearts are breaking free to receive the God-permeated presence of Divine Love. Surrendering to this flow of love means to be open to the gifts being offered in this new time. Allow the radiant presence of Empowered Light to clear old patterns from your energy field as if you were standing in a golden shower of Divine Love. In this way you will be ready when the elevator doors open to your new life.

The Light is traveling from the Illuminated Realms of Truth directly into your High Heart. Your job as a Lightworker is to ground these new frequencies for the planet. The power of exalted energies can feel brilliantly expansive and uplifting. They only become wobbly when you try to force them into the old frameworks of your world. You are being strengthened and rewired with a new core of Truth that can take the charge of Light and with your intention, send it down through your base chakra into the planet for grounding. The Earth can hold the new frequencies and keep your energy systems in alignment so your nervous system can work more easily.

The power of Divine Love moves from above your crown into the receptive vessel of your high Heart chakra which then feeds your physical heart with healing frequencies. There is a new wholeness in this energy that can strengthen the lower chakras when you allow the energy to flow through you down into the Earth. With your awareness and your intention, let this exalted Golden Light energy drop like a weight from the base of your spine. Feel it connecting with the core of the Earth and let an expansive root system form that aligns you with the vitality of Nature. This provides a grounding system that will nourish you and allow you to run the higher frequencies through your physical body. This grounding is required in order for you to become Homo Luminus, a connected being of Light from Heaven to Earth, the blended being you were meant to be. It feels unusual, awkward, new and familiar at the same time. Your soul has longed for this moment. Know that as you expand, there are Angelic Wings at your back that you can relax into.

From the Realms of Illuminated Truth, you are being gifted that which you have been praying for, the presence of Unity Consciousness. All of Heaven is rejoicing in your awakening. Know that the Gateway of Power is open for you to receive this gift.  And it is now. ~ Archangel Gabriel

Through the Wormhole to Radical Transformation

Most of us are familiar with the idea of a Wormhole from the movie “Contact” or from years of watching Star Trek episodes. In that genre, people were propelled instantly lightyears into another galaxy. The Gateway of Power we are experiencing is very similar. We were given a powerful download of Sacred Feminine and Masculine Balance during the Equinox-Full Moon period, accompanied by once-in-a-lifetime astrological occurrences. Take a breath because on April 25 we begin an 8-week series of Eclipses, which is being called the Wormhole, that will end near the Solstice on June 21.

To add to the intensity of our Alchemical Transformation of Consciousness there are comets, astroids and unprecedented numbers of solar flares. And let’s not forget to include the Chinese Year of the Snake that started in February. That means that our spiritual energy — the Kundalini, has been activated and is rising. There is a centered core of Divine Light moving up through our chakra systems awakening all that is in its path. If there is anything we need to clear out of the way, it is becoming really obvious. (I am asking for Grace and Ease in this process!)

So in this auspicious time with all these milestone events, it appears that through this empowerment by the higher energy frequencies, we are literally being flung into Radical Transformation!

It feels as if we walked through the portals of 12:12:12 and 12/21/12 and stepped onto a magic carpet that is zooming us into a massive evolutionary shift. There is no escape from this awakening, and we don’t even need to go into a sheltered environment to experience it. (Although surely many of us long for the peace it could offer.)

We are being asked to stay in the world, using our spiritual gifts, tools and awareness to evolve into the Illuminated Souls we were meant to be, which may even happen by Solstice. My Guidance blithely said that this activity does not take any more time from our busy lives, we merely need to include planetary transformation in our intentions and awareness (easy for Them to say!).

Angel Aurora March 2013It sounds huge and it is, but we are SO not alone in this process. Not only are we working together with millions of other Lightworkers, we also have Ascended Masters, Beings of Light and Angelic Ones here to guide, nurture and direct us. These Illumined Beings are powerfully focused on our awakening into Unity Consciousness. (A peek at the site will reveal amazing Angel Auroras radiating light around the time of Equinox. I consider this a demonstration of the support we have from the spiritual hierarchy.) With all this assistance we cannot fail.

We did our work brilliantly and fulfilled our mission to hold the light of Awakening for the great shift of the Ages that occurred December 21, 2012. Now we have the potent three-year period facing us as the new world comes into form. We are the ones creating the foundations and structures that hold the great potential for Spontaneous Evolution. Most of us have worked diligently with spiritual practices over the years to become familiar with that centered place within that shelters us in the thick of the storms of duality. This helps a lot but while we are in the midst of the biggest change of consciousness the world has ever known, for me it is also very resourceful to keep my focus on the Big Picture as a more expansive evolutionary viewpoint. This helps me to emotionally detach from the 3D drama and not take things so personally.

My Spiritual Guidance System has been working with me over the past few years to create less separation between my daily activities and my spiritual life so I can experience a more blended way of living in the worldI have noticed that staying in my center and grounding the powerful energy frequencies feels like a full-time job right now. (I offer you the mantras I was given: Change is necessary. Change is safe. Change brings benevolent outcomes. Change is good.) As I create the new foundations for a very flexible, dynamic structure within me as my new Core of Truth, I am using these mantras to stay balanced.

Core of Truth Meditation 

On Equinox I was spontaneously given a meditation for my Living in Radiance class that rewired our central core to receive and ground the higher frequencies and assist our nervous system to function more freely in these times. This empowering meditation has been made available for you now also.

Mt. Shasta~Equinox-March 20, 2013

Mt. Shasta ~ Equinox-March 20, 2013


Opening to the Wisdom of Mt. Shasta

During this Season of Awakening, I am giving myself a break from teaching to open into the evolving wisdom that Mt. Shasta is offering. I want to open myself to receive from this magnificent presence that dominates the skyline where I live, and I plan to do regular blog posts through this process on My plan is to experiment with 40 years of spiritual tools and see which ones actually work in these very different energy frequencies. And as I gain more awareness about the new Spiritual Presence at the periphery of my awareness, I will blog about that also. In the meantime I continue to be available as a spiritual coach and mentor, as well as a sacred site guide if you come to Mt. Shasta.

Throughout this Season of Awakening until June 21, to be as supportive as possible, I’m offering a $20 discount on all private sessions. For more information, visit my Resource Center and look for Sessions and Readings on the navigation bar.

By Shanta Gabriel

Hello from Mt. Shasta,

We have all taken a turn in the tides since 12/21/12, the Winter Solstice that impacted the world so greatly. It has been fascinating to watch the changes as the world unfolds for 2013. 

The most obvious change was my move to Mt. Shasta of course, which has been highlighted by what I am calling my “Knock your Sox off Moments of Exalted Beauty.” Clearly my senses have been heightened by the shift in consciousness we have all made since 12/21, and I am grateful to have moved to the smaller town of Mt. Shasta which has a very high vibration. This has allowed my molecules to rearrange themselves in the new 2013 frequencies.

Two days after I moved in there was a winter storm bringing 4 feet of snow, followed by weeks of sunny dry weather. Mt. Shasta came out from behind the clouds in all her glory, impressed upon the deep blue sky in miraculous relief, crowned in peaks of white, white snow that sparkled and glowed in the clear sunlight. I found I could walk into town to get a video or visit the local market when driving was too icy. My treks out onto the snow-covered fields have felt exalted, and happiness has been bubbling from my heart from the experience of this immense beauty.

At the same time there has been an obvious deepening in my awareness of the sacred grounds I walk upon, and the sanctity of the waters that pour in great abundance from the Earth around Mt. Shasta. One day while visiting the headwaters of the Sacramento River to fill my daily drinking water bottles, my consciousness was transformed by the presence of 4 Native men. One man had a drum and was chanting to the waters and the earth, then offering tobacco before loading his jugs with pure water. This impressed me so much that I have made my prayers before I fill my water bottles more exuberant and made sure I consciously offer my gratitude to the Earth Mother for the abundant flow of her pure waters. I also pray for all the waters of the earth to be purified at the same time. Observing the Native man’s prayers that day also affected me more acutely because on that day I was feeling tense from some work I was doing, and was having difficulty grounding the excess energy. While he chanted I sat in the snow and just received the energy of his prayers and gratitude to the Divine. The transformation I experienced in my consciousness that day has stayed with me for weeks, and allowed me to bring higher frequencies into my work just as I have intended. The Earth seems to be calling us to offer her our gratitude and blessings in this new time. I know that this makes a difference by lifting the vibrational frequencies within and around us.

Spiritualizing my Life

Since 12/21/12, it has become abundantly clear that I am learning how to spiritualize my daily life so there is no separation. This has been a goal of mine for many years, and though it has been mostly successful, clearly 2013 has brought the manifestation of this intention to a new level of opportunity. Intuition is more available so life has become more seamless in many ways, and the heartfelt connection I have experienced to myself and my work has been magical. I have wanted my work to be my spiritual practice, and my home to reflect the spiritual qualities that most inspire me. Now in my new Temple Home in Mt. Shasta, it is clearly unfolding in just that way as I am bringing my spiritual tools into my daily life. We are being gifted with Heart Centered Action this year, according to Archangel Gabriel, and each of us is learning what that means to us.

Because I moved into a new space I wanted to incorporate lifetime’s of spiritual tools into creation of a home/office that was also a Temple holding the power of the Spiritual Practice I have adopted over 40 years. It has become a reflection of Matrix Technology using Light Fields to anchor the spiritual principles I believe in. Consciously choosing each thing I kept in my space became a powerful discipline as the altars slowly took over the entire apartment. I anchored Love in each of the corners with rocks and large uncut stones. I anchored the entire building I live in with powerful intentions. (Since it is in the shape of an H, I anchored Health, Harmony, Humor and Happiness into each corner). Wanting to charge up my apartment with high vibrational energy, I have been playing Sanskrit chants from the day I moved in. I anchored the sacred geometric shape of an octahedron in the center of my living space, pulling in all the corners of the apartment so it is all one dedicated space. My home/temple/work space is not only dedicated to manifestation of Unity and Oneness in all things, it is also dedicated to Beauty. I used Light Fields of Beauty, so that everywhere I look is beautiful. This uplifts me in such an amazing way that it adds to my “happiness quotient.” (I have been inspired by the stories about the government of Butan measuring the happiness of the people in that country as a measure of its success. It seems like we should all have that as a measurement for our lives.)

All of these intentions for my new home in Mt. Shasta are not really new in my life, as I have made the effort to create this sort of life for many years. What is magical about the time since 12/12/12 is that it is unfolding with Grace and Ease, and my HIgher Self is bringing me intuitive ideas on what my next heart-centered action will be. I have been able to float in a relatively, a surprisingly peaceful, spacious state of being as I am doing what needs to be done next. I am loving the way this feels so much that it sets the boundaries very clearly for what I am available to experience in my life. There is a sense of the fullness of Divine Presence within and around me that I want to have as my natural state of being, all the time. When I am not in alignment with this integral state, it is very clear. And it is also clear what I need to do to shift the state. The answer is always to raise my vibrational frequency. How I do that varies tremendously, which comes back to using the spiritual tools I have received over the years.

The fact that I have been amassing so much information, techniques, practices, and experiences in my spiritual toolkit has made it clearly obvious that I have to use it every day in order to create a life that works for me on many levels. What if I were really awake and I did not have to wait until I felt more like I was “finished” before I just live in the way I know is best for me. My life encompasses all that I enjoy and integrates all the parts of me that will need work perhaps as long as I have a body. I want to feel grounded and earthy as well as intensely pure and exalted in consciousness. In 2013 it is time to have it all. The caveat is that our intentions must be very clear to live in the realms of Divine Presence while we have our feet on the ground and connect to the core vitality of the Earth that sustains us.

Another demonstration of 2013 is the ability to experience lower frequencies of 3D awareness without being affected emotionally, as in the past. I can notice the difference between my 5D reality and 3D and seem to be able to live in both. This allows me to maintain strength in my boundaries as well as my ability to maintain Observer Mode without sinking into whatever is transpiring. Because it has been so organic,I am imagining that it has something to do with the Light Field of Safety and Grace that I have intended to live in. While I know intellectually that God keeps me safe and the Angels watch over me, my body still carries some old fear no matter how much work I have done. Living in a field of Safety has been a tremendous advantage. Adding Grace to my Light Field makes everything easier for me as well.

Early in the wee hours of the morning of 2013, I was awakened with the words, Welcome to 2013, a year so malleable that you are literally creating it as you live. It will be Equinox before this year can morph more clearly into what it will reveal. At the same time this means that your thoughts, prayers and intentions have immense power. As the energy of 2013 solidifies from its previous state of “warm jello,” I am using the power of my intentions to create a life that allows me to thrive in 2013.  We are participating in the most important shift in consciousness in human history. Part of the evolutionary movement is our own conscious dedication to bringing forth all the gifts, talents, skills and tools we have into the world. Through this powerful presentation together we are communicating a new reality.

Many Blessings, Shanta

Copyright: February 1, 2013