Awakening the Heart of Devotion

Awakening your heart of devotion

A Message from Shanta Gabriel and Archangel Gabriel

Happy post-Eclipse cleanup!

Anyone else notice that the energies stirred up by the March eclipses have sent many of us into areas that feel like the proverbial wailing and gnashing of teeth? It has become more than obvious what we are releasing in the areas of outdated relationships, old emotional triggers, thought patterns, and work issues. It has taken a tremendous focus of energy for me not to be dragged down into the morass that definitely feels like compost!

The powerful eclipses that intensified life in March precipitated a game of Pick-up Sticks, where my life felt thrown up into the air. Now I am in the cleanup process to put it all back together in a whole new way. We are all being called to rise up to a new level of consciousness, even if we can’t see any evidence of what is being promised for our new lives.

I have been hearing the words, “stoke the fires of your resurrection.” This seems a purely lower chakra, visceral experience, requiring me to connect deeply with those centers of vitality and nourishment to create a new reality for my life. The Full Moon eclipse stirred up all my oldest fears — just the small stuff — like death, abundance and relationships.

The recognition that I cannot take any of that old baggage into my new life has been spurring me to transcend the emotional reactions with as much love and clarity as possible, which is not easy when life feels like living in warm Jello without a mold.

I have been assured by the Angelic Dimensions that this is a time when we are learning Mastership by taking off the shackles that have bound us to the old ways — and being confronted with our core wounds before we can explore the new opportunities it has been decreed will be surfacing into our awareness.

We are being scoured, so we can come into our new lives with all the innocence of our pure Divine Essence. We are releasing the old 3D timelines, so we can meld our most Divine selves with our most human — the unification of Heaven and Earth through our bodies.

Because we are the ones that have been responsible for the lifting of consciousness on the Earth, we are not alone in this process. There are legions of Angels, Masters and Beings of Light who await our request for assistance. We are definitely not being abandoned to go through this transformational process that will change the Earth for all time.

Here is some of the inspiration Archangel Gabriel has been promising:


Dear Ones,

Integration of all your hard-earned work on yourself is the name of the day. Extract that which serves you and release to the Earth that which no longer provides nourishment. Transmutation of the dross literally becomes a Grace-filled moment. When the dust settles and you look at yourself again, you will know to the core of your being that you are different  very different from the one who started this year.

Regain your self-acknowledgment. There is new inspiration awaiting download from your soul. Remember that you cannot force the experience. Overcome the need to think you are not ready. The same lack of confidence you have seen throughout your life needs to be catapulted out of your way of thinking. New life is providing ways to open doorways of consciousness to realms of experience that you have been unaware of before now.

When you can remember that you are profoundly loved and guided, you can allow a level of relaxation to occur within. You do not have to fight the flow of Divine Creation. Just surrender.

There is a rising up in consciousness that delivers new-found clarity and freedom from expectation. Your old carbon body base has dissolved in the reformatting of the crystalline light frequencies. Numerous opportunities are arising for healthy choices and Creative Solutions.

Are you ready to step foot on a rocket ship to Love?

Know that you are opening a door to a level of connection that you were not even aware existed. Formally grant yourself permission to be happy and then see what happens.

You are feeling the fire of the Creative Force that burns through all that holds you back. This is a very delicate time. Use your clear intentions so that all action is aligned with Divine Right Action and all that you desire is empowered with Pure Love.

The Light of Pure Love is a reality you can step into that recreates a space your soul recognizes as Alignment with Source energy. As you allow the unfolding of your divine nature to develop in your daily life, there is a new sense of Ease within your being. Allowing this freedom and expansion within you is a key component to living with more Grace in your life.

Every time you find yourself striving and pushing, it is a sign that your ego is involved in doingness again. Nose to the grindstone and forging ahead is not the answer to Inner Peace. Instead, it is a time for pulling back and relaxing into the space inside your heart that awaits the focus of your attention.

When you can rest in this heart space, you have found a centering mechanism that soothes your over-stimulated nervous system and allows you to breathe more freely. This becomes a practice that you can do many times a day.

The Earth has ascended, so it is not a necessity to try to make things happen. The pure love in your heart and the focus of your attention on Alignment will allow your life to unfold in magical ways.

You are coming into new levels of love and the acceptance of all aspects of yourself. As you recreate yourself as a Blended Being, trust in your Higher Power and learn to work with spiritual forces in your daily life in a whole new way.

Receiving the nourishment of inspiration every day supports your expansion into the new levels of energy necessary. When you fill the sacred vessel of your heart with Divine Love, new life is birthed within you.

It is this inspiration-filled substance working through you as Divine Light that sustains your world in Illumined Consciousness. Now is the time to truly awaken to the new frequencies of Love active and available to you.


The question for me became, how can I raise my consciousness enough to even be aware of the Love that is here for me in this challenging time? Clearly, I need to receive these new frequencies that would best support me now. After flailing a bit and gnashing my teeth, I surrendered to the larger spiritual practice that has supported me for 40 years. And this has awakened my heart of Devotion.

Here is what Archangel Gabriel has to say about that:


Dear Ones,

Within every human heart is a place that desires Love. For some people, it is so strong that they feel they are starving with the need. Perhaps there is not even a conscious awareness of what that need actually is that feels so powerful. This place inside seeks from all around the outside world to bring more Love into the heart. It is like a gnawing hunger that needs to be satisfied. One may have never known the experience that their heart desires. For such souls there is the Heart of Devotion.

Devotional Love for God is an all-encompassing experience of Wholeness. For some, it offers a sense of fulfillment that fills their being with the power of Love Divine. Providing the means to receive this all-encompassing presence of Love is what the heart expresses through Devotion to the Highest Source of Love active in the Universe. This desire within the human heart to be filled with love is craving a personal experience with the Divine Presence in a way that was never possible before this lifetime.

For many, your heart remembers a state of union with the Divine that you may have not been able to experience through life on Earth. When you fill your heart through devotional practices, it can offer alignment with the core spiritual energy within you.

When you want to know God through direct experience of Divine Love within the core of your being, this is the heart of Devotion. When your heart melts with love of the Supreme Presence, this is your soul responding to the realm of remembering Union with the Divine. All is well.


It is obvious that only a true change in human consciousness can transform the world. As we expand our spirits into realms of Light that can feed and sustain us, we are doing our part to create a better world.

Just as coaches put athletes through the basics when they need to improve their game, for me coming back to the timeless practices I have used for 40 years never fails to inspire me and provide a real connection to God that sustains me.

The Ancient Wisdom from India created systems that have been used for thousands of years to transform lives and introduce ways to connect more deeply with the sacred heart of God within your being. These scientifically-designed devotional practices allow us to feel more aligned within our bodies to that which nourishes us and provides a sense of purpose.

I have designed a new program based on this Ancient Wisdom, called Awakening the Heart of Devotion, a Course in Practical Spirituality.

I have not been so inspired about teaching a class series like this in years. It feels as though my life has conspired to share with you my spiritual practice in a deeper way than ever before. It feels important to remember in this changing time that Life IS our spiritual practice now, and let each breath and every step we take be connected as a direct experience with the Divine that can uplift and empower us in new ways.

I invite you to experience Awakening the Heart of Devotion, a teleconference series starting May 5.

Please see all the details here.

With Love,
Shanta Gabriel

April 9, 2016

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