Beacon of Light

Dear Ones,

A theme has been developing through the messages we have transmitted over recent times. The purpose behind this theme is to provide maximum inner stability during times of outward instability. It is obvious that the prevailing awareness of many people is on the tremendous change occurring in myriad situations and places all over the planet. Many are focused on the date of December 21, 2012 as an action point that is dually seen as the end of the world as you know it, as well as a new world of Peace, Harmony and Cooperation.

In order to create this miraculous new world, it requires inner shifts of consciousness and healing of all that is not in harmony with this higher energy frequency. The need for a shift can be seen in every area of the world around you as the old ways destabilize, crumble and fall away. This can create great fear on a personal level, as change is wont to do. When facing a clearly unknown future, the first emotion a human feels is fear. This fear is contagious and can create even more disharmony in the midst of chaos.

Those reading these messages from the Angelic Dimensions have for many years known they are here to hold the Light for a new way of being on this earthly plane. This requires an inner stability and above all, emotional balance. Not only will you feel happier, you are then able to reassure others with a smile and your peaceful presence. As you radiate your clear faith in a more harmonious future, people around you are affected in positive ways. More importantly, the Earth itself will sense your energy and can use it to create a higher, more harmonious, energy frequency.  The human emotional state is a key element in the upheaval that is so apparent in the earth’s changes. More than ever before, it is essential for you to remember, “Be at peace, Little Lambs.” Take the steps necessary for your inner healing so you can be a blessing to others as well as to the earth.

The Violet Light of Transmutation

Scientists use violet rays to kill bacteria.  You can use this same spectrum of light energy for your healing as well. So much has been written about the ancient use of the Violet Light of Transmutation. The reason there is a vast awareness of this information is because it is a powerful, effective tool that has been used for centuries. This Violet Ray is a viable, clear and simple option to use as a healing energy in this time you now live. The frequency of Violet Light can clear away the rampant fear within a human body, as well as the fear involved in any situation or area of turmoil on earth.

Consider working with others to see the Violet Ray transmuting the fear filled upheaval in places such as the Middle East, the Gulf of Mexico, your government headquarters, as well as in hearts that see no alternative to violence. The power of your beautiful actions will focus this intense energy and channel it in positive directions. This is what transmutation does. It can take any situation that appears hopeless and create a new place of balance by uplifting the energy frequencies. There are so many people who believe in this scenario of peaceful evolution that the spark of their combined intentions will bring about great change, inside and out.

What is a Light Worker?

Nothing can be healed while one is embroiled in the problematic energy that appears to be prevalent in your personal life. Only by creating higher frequencies of energy will positive change occur. The action of increasing the frequencies of light energy is what is meant by the term “Light Worker.” That is what is being asked of you now, and is why you volunteered to be present at this time in history. A peaceful heart can quench the tide of violence and create widespread change, as your great teacher, Gandhi, demonstrated so beautifully.

When you use this peace filled heart with your faith in the abundant, healthy, harmonious evolution of the earth, you become a Beacon of Light that radiates great distances. You become a part of the great cosmic magnet that is attracting Divine energy to the planet, while you create a positive future for yourself and others. This inner activity can also become outer positive action as well. You are so powerful that you can work what may seem like magic, using all the tools you know. Your education has been lengthy. The information available is vast. It is time for groups of people to work together in the action of Joined Vision, in order to bring about the harmonious evolution within your beings and within the earth.

A Calm Heart is like a Light House on a Stormy Night

When your emotions are calm and balanced, you are much happier. It is your inner turmoil that causes the illusion that you cannot see your way. When the emotions are calmer, you will see synchronicities that allow you to know that you are on the right path. You will hear your own inner guidance and know what actions to take as you move into the unknown. With a peaceful heart, a step will be revealed each moment. Before you know it, you will be across that yawning chasm you faced in your life; the same one that scared you so thoroughly before.

Transmute any unhealed areas within yourself using the Violet Ray coupled with the power of loving forgiveness. See how beautiful are the lessons you learned from those experiences. Feel your heart being uplifted as this healing energy clears your emotional fields. Remember that this same process of healing light can uplift all areas of unhealed energy on a global level when you join with others to do this work.

You are the Way Showers. Please notice the many miracles unfolding in this amazing time. Let your inner peace heal others and bless the planet. A calm heart can be like a Light House standing on a rocky point in the turbulent winds of a stormy night. Your balanced emotional fields can offer this Beacon of Light the world needs now.

Breathe in the Violet Light and let it spark every cell of your being to a higher frequency. As you become the calm peaceful spirit you know you are within, you will be a shining light united with other Beacons of Divine Light to radiate Peace into the world, and all is well.

So it is.

Shanta Gabriel
For Archangel Gabriel
Copyright: May 21, 2010

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