Archangel Study Program

Join Shanta Gabriel in the Archangel Study Program. This is a seven-month course to deepen your ability to experience the presence of the Angels of Light. Beginning a new moon and continuing each month, there is an intensive focus on a different Archangel and its relationship to your chakra system. This process creates a protective cocoon of Light around you, enhancing your growth while as a group we develop a deeper communion with the Angelic Dimensions.

The Archangel Study Program will encourage a beautiful unfolding over a seven month period according to your intentions. It will also help you to stabilize a spiritual practice and create a beautiful place within yourself that allows you to find your sense of peace and connection to your Divine Source, your energy centers and the Archangels.You will have the support of flower essences each month that will help you to manifest your soul’s purpose.

This Archangel Study Program is a transformative process that will touch each of us on an expansive soul level. Through this work together we will be able to connect more deeply with the quality of consciousness each Archangel brings to our lives. Together, we will bring the Light and Love of the Archangels to the planet and bless the earth with Divine Light, Peace and Harmony.

Program Format

Each month on the New Moon you will open a packet containing a written explanation of the resonance embodied in the Archangel we are studying and its connection to an energy center in the subtle body. As we study each of the seven chakras in the major chakra system, you may notice how the energies in those chakras impact your life as you clear away old patterns that have held back your evolution.

You will also receive an original meditation CD that you can listen to that will give you an experience of the essence of each Archangel.

In addition, Shanta will make you a personalized flower essence and CD with an explanation of the flowers you received that month. The flower essence will be sent to you to assist the process of clearing old patterns of energy imbalance and promote integration of our work together.

The results of the program are individual but most of the participants have felt a deepening in their awareness of the inner process, as well as the empowerments the Archangels offer in our lives. We have all benefited from the daily spiritual practice this study program offers, and as we are blessed, we serve the evolution of the earth.

***Contact Shanta to be notified when the next program begins.***

Program Fee

The cost of the program is $350, which can be paid by check or by credit card. To pay by credit card, click the PayPal button below.


If paying by check, send to:

Angelic Dimensions
PO Box 335
Petaluma, CA 94954

Monthly Subscription Option

A monthly subscription plan is available for $57 per month for 7 months for a total of $399, billed automatically through PayPal.  (A PayPal account is required.) To subscribe, click the button below.


Send Your Intentions for the Program

After you have joined the program, please send an email to with your name, address, phone number and email address along with your intentions for the program. When forming your intentions, it is good to focus on how you will feel when they are manifested, rather than the exact form of a goal.

Your intentions will be dedicated to your soul’s purpose and are an important step to receive the most benefit you can from our spiritual work together. Your intentions for this program will be held on a special altar dedicated to the Archangels and prayed over daily. It is this energy signature that is used to choose a flower essence for you every month.

You will be held in Wings of Pure Light throughout our time together so you will feel like you are in a beautiful light cocoon the keeps you safe and supported while you integrate this transformative work.

What others have said about this program:

“Thank you for the incredible experience you provided (as well as much healing and clearing).  I really enjoyed getting to know each of the Archangels in a deeper manner, and loved the way you brought the vibrations into this reality to make it possible.”

Brenda C., Oregon

“I found Shanta’s Archangel Course to be, in a word, transformative. A gifted channel, Shanta presents the Archangels’ powerful teachings, meditations and personal flower essences for each chakra for seven months. Her course has profoundly shifted my individual relationships, my healing sessions with my clients and my personal growth on every level. Each month held gemlike lessons and challenges that required me to expand my vision and to go deeply into contemplations and journaling for new insights and understandings. This inspiring course has illumined and blessed my life.”

F. Whitman, Plymouth, N.H.

For more information or questions about the program, please contact Shanta at