With Shanta Gabriel

When we join with the Angelic Dimensions to focus on our Life Path, we are able to open doors to new growth, empowerment and intentionality. Shanta Gabriel has been doing Life Path readings for over 20 years. She has assisted many people to have more clarity about their present situations and begin to create the lives they want to live.

With the addition of a Flower Essence, one has the energetic support to lift old patterns within the auric fields that have been holding back forward movement in life.

The Gabriel Message Cards

Shanta’s Life Path Readings include the use of her Gabriel Message Cards, and non-traditional tarot cards to enhance her intuition, along with powerful prayers of connection to the Angels. Together we explore:

  • Where are you now?
  • What influences are affecting your present life?
  • What possible obstacles are in the way of the future you most desire?
  • What outcome is possible when you clear the situations you face?
  • How to create the powerful intentions you need to bring a creative future into your life?

We pray together to enlist Angelic support for the creative solutions and benevolent outcomes you desire.

A recent response from a person in Canada to a Life Path Reading:

I received the reading in .mp3 and it is working. I am listening to it now, and it is very clear. I really enjoyed our reading. It was definitely in tune with where I am in my life now. It confirmed what I know I need to do to move forward and receive the things I want in my life.  M.C.

Flower Essences Readings

Flower Essences were discovered by Dr. Edward Bach in the 1920’s. Bach Flower Remedies have been well researched and used by millions of people with amazing results since that time. Many new forms of flower essences have now been made using Dr. Bach’s methodology over the years. Shanta has been a Certified Flower Essence Counselor since 1981 and has over 300 different flower essences which she tests to find the individual flower combination that best supports your life.

Flower Essences are made using the solarized energy of each flower with brandy as a preservative and pure water to make a remedy that is purely vibrational in nature, and works on the energy fields that affect the personality and mental/emotional state.  Flower Essence remedies may be taken with any pharmaceutical and will enhance, not interfere with other health modalities.

A Flower Essences reading comes with an explanatory CD or mp3. After the reading and selection of flower essences, Shanta creates a personalized audio recording that explains each flower essence from the reading. The CD recording will be mailed to you with your essence or you can receive an mp3. These Flower Essence Readings are available separately from a Life Path Reading for $45. The Flower Essences seem especially powerful during these often tumultuous times.

Listen to a sample explanatory recording:


Pricing and Scheduling

To schedule your private life path reading, call Shanta at (707) 765-2433. Payments are securely processed through PayPal. (Please note that you do not need a PayPal account to use a credit card or debit card — simply click the Don’t Have a PayPal link below the login panel. See screenshot here.)

  • A 30-minute reading is $75. Add a Flower Essence reading for $25 plus $5 shipping (essence reading includes recording)
  • A 60-minute reading is $125. Add a Flower Essence reading for $25 plus $5 shipping (essence reading includes recording)


About Shanta

Shanta Gabriel began her communion with the Angelic Dimensions in 1988 with a surprise appearance of Archangel Michael in her healing room. Archangel Gabriel began his communication with her in 1990, and the timeless wisdom of this beloved and wise being has been documented in her new book, The Gabriel Messages. Her original, successful Angel Messages Cards were published in 1994 and the Angel Messages Book and Card Set published in 1997. All of the work Archangel Gabriel inspires features the same inspired, compassionate, practical words of healing to ignite the spark of hope in each soul for the 21st century. Learn more about The Gabriel Message Cards.

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