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Shanta Gabriel - Angel Communicator

New Sweet Message from Archangel Raphael
and New Guided Meditation

As we move into the new eclipse season, we are being empowered by the Codes of Mastery that were anchored on the Earth during the Harmonic Convergence August 16 and 17, 1987. Many of you active Light Bearers of a Heart-Centered Consciousness hadn’t been born yet, but many Starseeds were awakened during that momentous time in the 20th century that began our ascension process leading up to the shift of the Ages in 2012. For those of us who were empowered for new life at that time, the activations of this eclipse season leading to the Equinox may be felt deeply as the hidden codes from that time are reactivated.

For all of us, Love is still the paramount reality that resonates with our Soul’s Purpose on the planet. We have tremendous support for the process of opening our hearts and allowing a new opening for Divine Love to work in and through our lives.

Through my class series Walking with the Archangels Through Life, currently in progress, I have been blessed by new messages that carry the transmissions of the Archangels whose resonance is within the seven main chakras of our subtle bodies. The message from Archangel Raphael was so sweet and empowering, I wanted to share it with you.


Message from Archangel Raphael

Dear One,

Every time you purposely offer your breath into the heart, it is a divine opening to Archangel Raphael and the legions of healing angels. Simply breathing purposefully is an action that awakens this connection.

Whenever you are touched by sweetness or beauty in your world, it is an opening into the realm of Archangel Raphael. Whenever your heart is in pain from the suffering of the world, it is an opening into the realms of Archangel Raphael.

Whenever you touch your heart and breathe into this center, you are connected to the realms of Archangel Raphael.

Call on this blessing to help you see new levels of Truth. Open to Love in all that you do and say. Allow yourself to soften so you can just BE love. Be the Breath. Be the Hope. Be the connection. Be the Love.

With these simple truths, let a new level of opening come to you that exposes your vulnerable heart, and allows the strength of Divine Love to empower you. There is no more powerful force in the Universe than Divine Love. As you strengthen your connection to your Heart Chakra, the Anahata acts as a radiant self-generating force that gets stronger with use.

Remember the area behind your heart as well. Let this part of your body also feel the force of Divine Love empowering your life. The area behind your heart has developed an armor to protect you from the fearful imaginings of your most innocent child-self. The part of you that acts as a guardian for your soul’s essence has covered this area with a field that was intended to protect your heart from attacks on many levels. As you take down the armor and let the Breath of God bring healing into that area, more of life can support you. It allows an opening for the attraction of the people and energetic flow that activates Divine Grace. Imagine this armor behind your heart and allow it to soften into a magical cape that you can wrap around you to bring comfort. The realization that you are truly not alone works in your consciousness, further softening your heart. As you take down this armor, it will empower your life in surprising ways. You will know truly deep within your heart that you are always wrapped in Wings of Pure Love.

When you allow yourself to soften, you can bring an open heart into every situation. This changes the frequencies so much that you can literally transform the situation into a greater opportunity for your soul to work in and through every area of your life. This brings you the deeper awareness that you need in order to thrive in the world. On your breath and with your focus, you have access to God’s Intelligence working in your heart.

As you expand your chest through yoga or other physical activity, an opening can occur so you have access to the greater teachings available through your heart.

We are creating new light structures to stabilize your life. These begin in the heart and radiate through your world. All that is ordinary becomes a gift that offers extraordinary beauty and an opportunity for more love in action within your life. This is because to see the exquisite beauty in the ordinary requires you to slow down and see from a deeper place that allows the truth of your heart to surface.

Reclaim your innocence. Let your radiant trusting heart be the way you walk in the world. Let your heart lead your interaction with all people. Allow your heart’s wisdom to inspire you as you create more alignment with your soul in every moment.

The sacred geometry of an octahedron creates a powerful matrix for your Light Body at this time. You can use this field to protect your innocent growing being and magnetize the new aspects of life that you want to experience. Your octahedron supports your vulnerable heart by creating the field of opportunity around your body. The ecstasy of feeling safe to open your heart in every situation is there for you in this field of intentionality. It supports you to bring your soul gifts into a world that needs your sacred offerings.

Know that times have changed, and though you may not be aware of it, you are now able to sustain the strength of your alignment by the sharing of who you are.

Within all that you are is God working in and through you. Within your heart’s wisdom are the teachings of the ages. Within all of life, the field of intention sets forth the awakening energy for what you want to create in your life and the experiences you need to feel safe to bring forth your gifts into the world.

Align yourself with your Soul Purpose with every breath you take. Even if you do not know specifics, you know that you are here to open your heart and allow it to guide your way. Take the bold step to lead with your heart in every action in the world, and all will transform. The new loveliness you experience will empower your life to new levels of happiness.

And so it is.

Shanta Gabriel for
Archangel Raphael
August 4, 2016


Archangel Raphael speaks about the power of the Platonic Solid called an octahedron. To facilitate your understanding of this powerful matrix field, I am offering a free mp3 meditation called Creating Balance within the Sacred Matrix. Listen to get a sense of the Light Field surrounding you with the empowered geometric matrix of Light that holds your Light Body and creates more balance in your personal world.

Creating Balance Within the Sacred Matrix – mp3


sacred-matrixThis meditation is deeply peaceful and reassuring. Gently, you are guided into a place of Balance so that Nature can nourish you, allowing the new high-frequency Light energies to work with you and empower your life.

As you create a Sacred Matrix in the form of an octahedron within and around your body, it allows you to have appropriate boundaries to live your life in more effective ways. With the addition of Infinite Love in that space, you can trust that you are being cared for in very supportive ways and Creative Solutions abound at all times.

Available at here.


Experience a Light Activation Session

Light Activation Session
The testimonials from those who have experienced a personal Light Activation Session have been powerful, positive, and profound. I am so grateful that the work Archangel Michael introduced to me in 1988 has grown and developed to enable people to experience the light of divine love and healing long distance.

After the session yesterday I felt so much more confident and trust in myself is increasing tremendously.

It has become a profound experience for me as well to watch the chakra system light up in each person I am working with during a session. The occlusions that may block the flow of energy through one’s energy system are transmuted into Light and then rerouted into a pure positive flow of Divine Energy that can permanently transform your being.

Once our energetic envelope is stretched to expand into the divine blueprint of perfection our soul instated, we can never go back to the same person we were. And your most divine connections to Source energy and your guidance is more powerful than ever as you get a true sense of Alignment within your being through a Light activation Session.

Last weekend I was privileged to experience a LIGHT ACTIVATION session from author, angel communicator, and visionary healer, Shanta Gabriel. Wow! I could not have imagined such healing could take place — especially when it was done remotely as Shanta was in Mt. Shasta California, and I was in Scottsdale, Arizona. Shanta’s session was designed to clear way old patterns and accelerate my connection to my Higher Self and Soul’s Purpose. Words can’t describe my experience accurately, but all I can say is that if you are seeking any form of healing in your life, I believe you will benefit from this very extraordinary experience. –Nancy Hartline

When you purchase a session,  you will also receive my new Light Activation Meditation mp3, featured below.

Featured Meditation of the Month

Light Activation Meditation


EarlieThe Seven Chakrasr this year, I presented my The Secrets of Light Field Technology program. The energy of the last class in the series had built to an amazing crescendo of Light. It was a perfect time to lead the group through a long-distance Light Activation Session. A recording of this empowering session is now available! And it carries an encoding from the Archangels that allows it to gain in strength every time it is played.

Listen as I guide you through the chakra system of your body, inviting the Archangel that is active in each chakra, and activating Divine Light, color and frequencies in each of the seven major chakras of your body. You will be aligned from Heaven to Earth, from your Soul Star to your Earth Star.

As the power of Love and Intelligence active in the Light frequencies is flushed through the chakra system, it transmutes all old patterns within your energy system that are not a vibrational match for the new frequencies embedded in your chakras.

Listen to this meditation over and over to create a greater level of Alignment, Harmony and Balance within your body, mind and emotional system. The additional blessings from the Archangelic Realms will fill your heart with Divine Love.

Please note that this new meditation is included as my gift when you purchase a Light Activation Session.

The new Light Activation Meditation is available at here.


Comments from Readers Sent by Email

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for sharing this. It made me cry — and even before I read the words, I found myself holding my hand over my heart and breathing through the tears. So grateful.

Thank you so much for your gift of meditation. It comes just at the right time.



  1. Nariman Mirza on December 9, 2016 at 10:55 pm

    what about people who can’t effort $25. Cant you give it for free in the bigger interest for ALL. I feel deprived.

  2. Nariman Mirza on December 9, 2016 at 10:57 pm

    Is the Light Activation Session’s only for the rich?

  3. Shanta Gabriel on December 10, 2016 at 10:41 am

    No indeed Dear One. In fact this session is now available at a special price. You are welcome to interact with me through email, and we can discuss other options for you if this is too much.

    I am sorry you feel deprived. One of the reasons I do not offer free sessions anymore is that I have observed over the years that people do not receive the support being offered when there is no energy exchange of any form. There are many free offerings such as the Heaven to Earth Alignment and meditations on my website that can be powerful tools for your spiritual growth, and open new doorways for you to receive the help you need. May you be blessed with all that you require to expand into new levels of Love, Abundance and Wisdom. Namaste, Shanta

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