A Vessel of Peace

Dear Ones,

The past two weeks have been a powerful period of awakening. In the process you have been instrumental in creating a new template for Divine Love on the planet as well as assisting in bringing an immense download of this love and powerful light to create positive change on the Earth. Because Love will literally bring up all that is unlike itself within you, many are experiencing upheaval in their emotional states. In fact you may be noticing increased turmoil in many areas of your life.

There is a rewiring occurring in your nervous system. The evolved consciousness coming into manifestation on the Earth now is creating waves of emotional clearing. This can lead to volatility in those not adept at working on their emotional states with peaceful intentions. When you are feeling inner turmoil, consider the waves this creates around you in your energy field, like ripples on a pond. It is important that you deal with your emotions so you become a peaceful presence. This is part of your soul purpose at this time. You may be noticing how turmoil has escalated in more volatile arenas in the world. When you become aware of these situations, it is important that you take the time to send the power of your loving awareness into those areas. There are extensive networks of connection between minds and hearts everywhere. The web of existence is becoming more fortified. Your soul agreement requires you to anchor the light of peace for the Earth now. This does not take much time or energy, but does require your focus of intention to become a vessel for peace.

There are many ways you can create sacred actions that are in alignment with your soul purpose and with the promptings of your heart. There are light beings seeding creative solutions for a peace-filled world and offering spiritual practices that can assist the process of awakening. Incense and the burning of sacred herbs have been used for centuries to purify and cleanse energy fields. This ritual practice has been observed by indigenous peoples all over the world and was adopted by organized religion. Consider using variations of this process in a way that will remove any stubborn obstacles so more harmony exists in your relationships and those situations that have captured your focus of attention.

Imagine a beautiful vessel of crystal, shell, pottery or any attractive metal that inspires you. Your vessel holds the incense of pure love. Through your prayers you ignite this essence so it can open doorways and clear all energy fields of disharmony. Your vessel of peace is in keeping with the ancient tradition of burning sacred herbs for purification. This incense of new life, peace and harmony holds Divinity. Your clear intent can send it where it is most needed.

Imagination is a key component in the activation process inherent in the awakening of consciousness on Earth. Whatever you hold as clear vision can have a powerful affect on the focal point of your thoughts. As you hold your vessel containing the purifying smoke of peaceful awareness, first use it to clear your energy field of any disharmonious thoughts and feelings. You begin by creating a pure heart and mind in yourself before you continue with any outer work. As you light the sacred herbs in fact or symbolically,  you ask that the smoke clear away all obstacles to peaceful co-existence within you. After you feel clear in your mind, heart and solar plexus, you can send this powerful purifying smoke across the web of space and time to clear the energy between you and another person or you and those living in an area that causes unrest in your thoughts and feelings. When you send this cleansing energy on the sacred smoke so it will remove all obstacles that interfere with Peace and Harmony.

Sacred herbs have been burned in shells, sacred vessels, on rocks and in many forms. The smoke from these herbs is beheld as sacred and has been used for cleansing and purification for centuries. When you carry on this tradition of clearing fields of energy, you are bringing more peace into your personal world and on to the planet. You can literally burn sage, cedar, sandalwood and other plants that are held in a sacred manner. You can use pure aromatherapy in a spray or a burner with intention for the purpose of clearing and purification of energy fields. Some feel they cannot use smoke or actual scents in their ritual for whatever reason. If this is true you can become adept at sending energy with your prayers and intention to clear obstacles in the way of harmony within a space or relationship. This ritual can become a powerful symbolic act that will bring you the blessing you seek and will strengthen the template of Divine Love on the planet.

Be the one who carries out the sacred acts and bring blessings into the world. Much can be learned in the new times when we honor the sacred ways from ancient traditions seeking to bring more harmony and sanctity to life. When we add our prayers and connection with the Archangels and masters from the earth and the stars, true power and awakening is the result.

Here is a prayer that may assist you:

Divine Presence,

Into the sacred vessel of my heart, I create an offering for the purification and clearing of the energy and web-like existence within and around me. I clear any disharmony from my energy field, from my thoughts, and from my heart. As I hold a relationship or situation in my awareness, I ask that I be free of any negativity, and bring an open heart and mind into this moment. In that way I know I will be open to harmony, new ideas and creative solutions. I ask for Divine Light to open the way to new life, more love, and peace within me as well as on the Earth.

For all these blessings, I am grateful and so it is.

May all your actions be inspired by the sacred vessel within your heart and inspire Love and Peace in your world.

Shanta Gabriel
For Archangel Gabriel
August 21, 2012

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