A Prayer for Haiti

Divine Presence,

We call on your Grace and Divine Light to bless those in Haiti at this time. We ask that the power of your Loving Presence be felt deeply within the heart of each person there. Let each one know they are not alone and that the Light of the Angels is there with them right now. Open their hearts and minds to the presence of God and allow them to receive Divine Love and Healing in a greater way than ever before. May shelter, water, food, and all the basic necessities of life be provided in abundant and graceful ways. May the power of Divine Order be present and Peace prevail within all beings.

Empower the aid workers and the healers that they have all they require to give assistance to those in need. Bless those who are helping to rebuild Haiti with an abundant flow of all that is necessary to create Divine Order, quickly and gracefully. Bless those who are giving assistance with a continuous flow of resources, and bless their generosity that they may also receive abundance in their lives.

Bring Divine Love and Peace to those who mourn. Bless each soul who has crossed over to be bathed in Light so they may be led to their place in the Heavenly realms. May the Angels guide and care for them.

We pray for the land. May Divine Light bless the land of Haiti with healing. Restore the Divine Blueprint of Perfection so that the land can be filled with harmony and grace. May Vitality and Peace be present within the Earth.

We thank you for blessing Haiti with the Divine Presence of Light and the peaceful flow of Abundance, and we know that all needs are met within the power of the Divine Love of God.  Grant that it be so for all beings in need.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

And so it is. Amen.

Shanta Gabriel

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