12:12 – The Light of Divine Union

Dear Ones,

This is a month of incredible power.  There are doorways opening to communion with Source energy all month. The awakenings occurring this month and the opportunities for more Divine Love on earth are unprecedented.

December 12, 12:12 is a day of intense awakening. The energy of 12:12 represents Union with the Divine, and signals an awakening of Divine Love on the planet.  This empowered energy can be called the Light of the Christ or Christ Consciousness. It does not matter if one is Christian in religious beliefs, the consciousness holding Divine Love is not a person from history, it is an energy frequency of Golden Light and awakens the heart to unconditional love.  It will be as though the heavens are downloading golden light.  Many people are genetically encoded to respond to this gold light energy and it will signal a mass awakening.

On December 12, preferably at 12:12, take the time to sit in a visual bath of golden light, ask to awaken into the consciousness of the Christ energy, and pray for the enlightenment of all peoples.  See hearts connecting in golden light, and know miracles happen when, together, we seek benevolent outcomes and peace on earth.

All through the season give your love away to others and see this loving gold light spreading around the world.  Whenever a digital clock shows 12:12, it is a minute of power.  You can visualize the golden light awakening love in the hearts of each person on the planet.  Send your love to all in need.  It is a good time to ask for the mass awakening of the Christ Consciousness.  This is the power of Divine Light, Divine Love and Union with all that is good. And so it is.

Shanta Gabriel for Archangel Gabriel

December 1, 2009

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