Timely Message for September 27

The Waves of Awakening Light
and Your Emergence from the Chrysalis

Butterflies emergence

Dear Ones,

You came into this life with a longing for Home. Because of this inner longing of your soul, you may have spent all your life trying to fill the missing pieces. You hold an inner knowing deep within that there was something more, something more meaningful, a deeper connection with a part of your soul.

This activity of your inner spirit is evidence of the awakening at this time. Regardless of where you are on your journey, prepare yourself for a quickening. The energy coming with the eclipse and wave of Light is immense and a true blessing, although so much has been hyped about September 27 that you may be feeling frightened.

The Wave of Divine Love that will be pouring through the hearts of all humanity with the Full Moon Eclipse is the elixir that your soul has longed for, the spark that ignites the awakening consciousness of all those on the cusp of the first wave of ascension.

This is not the Mother Ship taking you away to somewhere else, but a divine experience in your physical form that awakens the deep codes of divinity within your DNA acting as a catalyst for change, new life, and awakening of your higher consciousness.

Stage fright may be the new normal

The most significant aspect of this timing is the large numbers of people that are ready for this powerful shift in consciousness that will occur with the full moon eclipse. Recognize that the feelings in your inner being that some label as fear and anxiety are actually the imaginal cells awakening perfect Divine timing, like the butterfly emerging from the chrysalis.

It is as if stage fright, that feeling of butterflies in your stomach, suddenly became the new normal.

Nothing is assured in this wave of awakening light. There will be some who may not notice the difference in their lives immediately. There will be others who can track the changes they are experiencing within. There may be some who have a radical spiritual experience of tremendous power as the wave of Divine Love permeates their being. No matter what your experience is, the illumination of your soul will be able to jump-start your life when you create your intention to work with this energy.

As you use the energy to create your highest good and bless all of humanity, it will calm the over-emotional responses that some are experiencing. Acting from neutrality and non-attachment to outcomes is the name of the game. What God has planned for all humanity is much grander than what can be imagined on a purely human level.

But imagine it anyway. Call forth the highest possible Joy, Love, Wisdom, Success and Abundance. Fill your life with Beauty. Offer your dreams to the forces of the Universe that await your direction, then come into the still point of centered awareness within your heart and let yourself become a vessel for awakening consciousness on Earth.

This activity is what your soul has longed for, for this activity of awakening consciousness you came to Earth in this incarnation. You are here as the bridge between Heaven and Earth. Your presence provides the fertile ground for those not yet aware of the Beauty and Potential of this time.

For those who have been called the first wave of ascension, the shift you will experience in your life will allow a realization that you are indeed a part of something momentous. As you let go of preconceived ideas, the 5th Dimensional energies will bring more magical occurrences into your life.

It is a time of simplicity and gentleness for yourself and all others. The love that is awakening in the hearts of humanity during this wave of Divine Light is unprecedented and will change the consciousness of those on the planet forever.

Along with the master teachers awakening in this new age, more life will be revealed and established as your cellular structure continues to evolve. Never before has the density been so fluid and changeable. You are being blessed in all you do.

As new points of Light are established by Light Bearers all over the world, new levels of being awaken in the hearts of those anchoring new consciousness on Earth. Joining the hearts of all humanity in a circle of Divine Light is not only relevant but potent with potential for new life.

The creation of new levels of consciousness is a process of divinity working in the density of physical reality. Making inroads for new pathways of Light requires Faith in the consciousness of God working in and through all humanity. Whenever one is changed by the Light, hundreds and thousands follow suit until a revelation of mass awakening occurs.

This is the situation breaking open on September 27.

The rewards are imminent. New Focus is revealed. The expansiveness of Divinity working in and through all that you have known is breaking down the walls erected from eons of old power structures. When these walls collapse, the ripple effect across the world will be felt by all humanity. A collective sigh of relief in the heart will be experienced once one has distanced oneself from the emotional upheaval of change.

When you can make friends with change, welcoming new experiences and opportunity, ever more joyous outcomes will prevail. Opening to the Light becomes the tool for transformation. Freedom is at hand. All life awaits the human experiment that is creating divinity in physical earth bodies. As you have moved deeper into the new life in 5D on Earth, profound change has taken place within the DNA of the human form. The so-called junk aspect of the DNA has reformed into the crystalline structures originally intended for people to experience their divinity.

The more we can relax into the flow of the energy of Divine Light, the easier it becomes to know what to do. Please remember that you are exactly where you are supposed to be at this holy moment. Allow yourself to be inspired and blessed and know you are profoundly guided through this process by a Love that never ends. And so it is.

Archangel Gabriel from
Shanta Gabriel
September 23, 2015

The energy contained in the message just lifted me another level.


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The Equinox is a powerful time to support our own inner balance and hold that intention for the planet. It is a time to also set your personal intentions and get ready to complete your year. In the northern hemisphere this Equinox is associated with Autumn.


We are currently completing the 6-month harvest cycle from last March 20th Equinox-Eclipse, which triggered waves of change rippling through the collective field. This Equinox is just before the much-acclaimed final Full Moon total lunar eclipse on September 27. It is an especially good time for centered focus on what is most important for our lives.

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Warm blessings,

Shanta Gabriel